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  1. Glad to see DAYS overtake GH in viewers
  2. I stopped watching DAYS for a few months because of how boring the show became. I watched two episodes last week and saw it is still all about Sarah-Rex-Eric... nothing changed. I don't plan on picking up again until I know big changes have been made with the show.
  3. DAYS has been unwatchable since December. The writers cycle Nicole, Xander, and Kristen on and off TV every few months, and write awful stories for everyone else. No wonder the viewership is so low. They have a huge cast, a pile of writers, and they aren't capable of putting out anything good?
  4. The only soap I follow is DAYS, and I haven't watched it in months. All year they haven't been able to come up with one storyline I've been interested in. It's unfortunate they've taped through the rest of 2019 and can't pull the plug any sooner on the current writing team.
  5. Unless DAYS completely turns their creative around, they will continue to drop. The +13,000 that week is nothing. The writing has been complete garbage since January. The whole "Gabby" storyline was farfetched, but I actually enjoyed it for the 8-9 months it lasted. Nothing since then has had my interest.
  6. I'm really pulling for DAYS, but it is getting that much harder when the writing is this bad.
  7. Agreed. I can't speak for GH, but DAYS deserves it. The show has been horrible since January.
  8. DAYS has been unwatchable the last few months. Reading the spoilers and other comments alone makes my head hurt.
  9. I can see DAYS audience dropping the next couple weeks. They've been in coast-mode since the "Gabby" story finished in early January. The show has been complete fluff since.
  10. Regarding DAYS: Sara, Eric, and Rex are extremely boring. I wish they'd get rid of them. As much as everyone seems to love Jack (I couldn't care less about him), he's done nothing notable since his return except bore the audience to death with his acting. With the size of their cast and the ability to tell farfetched stories without losing their audience, there should always be something big and interesting happening.
  11. Kyle Lowder is just weird looking altogether. His eyes are too close together, he's got a crooked nose, and his bottom teeth are a mess.
  12. DAYS will drop next week and GH will overtake it again. Always happens, has for years. It's unfortunate because I'd love to see DAYS stay out of last place...
  13. I agree about Billy Flynn. He's been doing the mumbling/stuttering for a while now in all of his scenes, and overdoing it completely ruined it as a technique for realism. Camila Banus has been on fire this year. Excellent acting throughout the whole "Gabby" storyline. I loved her scenes with Abby at Bayview and Julie at the mansion. She was in full bitch mode and it made for great TV.
  14. The only thing that's been keeping me interested in DAYS is the Gabi/Abigail storyline. I couldn't care less about Holly's custody, Leo and Sonny, or Hope and Rafe.
  15. GH will rebound Nov 5-9 and bounce back ahead of DAYS. Always happens.
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