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  1. I have the same issue on Mac with Quicktime Player and Windows with Windows Media Player. Thanks, I’ll check out VLC
  2. Does anyone know details of what tempted JoannaJ to return in ‘91? I’m a little surprised she would come back to the show. I remember the interviews she gave in 2012 when she came back again. It was really sad how she described being miserable as a closeted lesbian actress of the 80s/90s
  3. Anyone else having issues accessing the Vault? This link https://futurpln-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/garciab_futurpln_onmicrosoft_com/EuuCalqErn1CsKB7RyQu7EAB0egnxmnuT1dzzDzPgJ39qw?e=NaLsB0&fbclid=IwAR1QZz-dQFnF6WNRGHu9aVrQk3Y_jhuUQkwSqKh98FoW8uvlM2oxruCJz08 Has always worked for me, but not today
  4. agreed and I would add the entire late 2014 "Maya has a secret" arc through the summer 2015 Rick/Maya wedding was really well done, and felt like the writers did have a long-term story that they'd thought out ahead of time. I also enjoyed TK's Ridge paired with Caroline during this time, and like you said, Aly's story (before she was abruptly killed!) Once Rick and Maya were married and Aly dead, the wheels started coming off the car again...
  5. Maybe Manhattan Lives was set in Manhattan Kansas!
  6. Thank you so much @BoldRestlessfor uploading the Keesha Jan ’96 clips! I have finally reached 1996 in my chronological viewings, and I had never seen these before. I have to say that overall this is not a great timeframe of the show, from my perspective… lots of stories I’m not a fan of. But these scenes are really incredible! What great acting and writing. The plotting was set up so well, because when Liv tells Keesha she’s positive, there are so many layers, and so many things racing through Keesha’s mind. I was totally engrossed. The only thing about this story that is not working for me, is that Nathan as played by Nathan Purdee would have never cheated on Liv in such a way! The only way my brain can process it, is that I am pretending that Nathan as played as Nathan Purdee passed away, and then Liv married some other lesser dude who then cheated on her with Keesha.
  7. Sorry to hear about your difficult time @rsclassicfanforever - hope things improve soon
  8. Interesting- Paul Tulley returned in ‘81 to play Crazy Edward
  9. I am dying to see Sheila's first summer in Los Angeles! I will savor every moment.
  10. Just looked at the cast credits for 6/26/95 in the vault and was surprised to see Kimberlin Brown no longer listed. I know that Sheila was institutionalized after she drank the poison, but I always assumed that Sheila stayed on-screen. Anyone know around how long Sheila was offscreen? Also - everyone probably already noticed this, but in the first scene of 5/19/95, Maeve Quinlan appears... can't tell if she's playing Megan or a different character.
  11. In honor of all the Deborah Adair talk from December 1982, I've updated my avatar to my favorite Jill December 1982 moment - her return to the Chancellor mansion the day after the disastrous dinner party. I love how she triumphantly strides in to savor her victory... caressing her new fur coat gifted to her from John... sticking the dagger into Katherine... "I'm rich now! Nothing can hurt me!"
  12. Scenes with my favorite Jill and Patty… I’m in heaven
  13. I have to say this episode was actually quite well done…incredible set design and production value. The scenes were horrifying and well-acted. The poorly written part was Nikki not having any trauma afterwards, and jumping right back on the stripper stage.
  14. Yes! That ep is at Museum of TV Radio and I’ve seen it. This is the finale episode where she meets “Mother” and Edward blows himself up. Week of 9/25/81. Nikki is miraculously recovered a week later, stripping at the Bayou, where she meets Victor.
  15. Thanks as always!! PS do you have the original 2/3/95, with the audio not muted in Matt and Amy's scene, that you could upload to the Vault? It looks like a juicy scene, plus I'm curious what song you had to mute in order to not get a Youtube strike
  16. Speaking of mis-dated episodes... I am currently watching Feb 3 '95 on @YRfan23 's playlist: but in the vault is also a ep labeled 2-3-95, and it's a different ep, with only 16 minutes. I'm guessing the vault version is a later ep than Feb 3. Anyone know the actual date? ETA: Ah, in comparing YRFan23's version of 2-13-95, I think the vault version labeled 2-3-95 is actually 2-13-95. Can someone who has access update the date?
  17. What?? How have I never heard of this? Details please
  18. It’s got to be sometime btw Nov ‘81 - Feb ‘82, before the pregnancy story started, and Victor and Nikki were in their “My Fair Lady” phase
  19. Thanks as always @BoldRestless ! it was cool on 3/4/97 to see Kevin Spirtas as the sleazy guy trying to pick up Nina. He went on later in '97 to begin his role on Days as Dr. Craig Wesley. Was the bar supposed to be the same bar from Jan '88 that Nina and Esther went to? Looked similar...
  20. Kim, played by Helen Funai, went on to play cult leader Sumiko during summer ‘80 on YR
  21. Cool, thanks! Who’s the guy that got zapped in a hot tub? I know that happened to Megan Hathaway...
  22. As you know, I’m not a fan of any of these characters but that was a really well-done fight scene! SharonC and JulianneM’s acting, meanwhile, was atrocious
  23. Matt and Nick's bloody fight was 8/3/94 and here it is! https://youtu.be/xGoUnkb4o-A Don't know the date of Olivia confronting Nathan, but yes I do think the show villainized him, and really cheapened his character from the noble Nathan we saw in the 80s and early 90s
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