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  1. Hi, for the most recent ep uploaded to the Vault, 1090, does anyone know the original 1991 airdate? I am wondering how close we are to the May '92 arrival of Sheila!
  2. The biggest problem for me is that TL oozed sex appeal while PB possessed none. Just watch the beginning of this ep, and how the camera lingers over TL's torso...https://youtu.be/BRb0tDDcCgE
  3. Hmmm... for Christine not to be aware of Patty seems like a retcon... in spring/early summer '84, Danny was dating Andrea Evans' Patty before his shotgun wedding to Traci... while Cricket was also hanging around/crushing on Danny. Don't know if Cricket and Patty ever shared a scene but surely she knew of Patty as "competition" Such a retcon wouldn't be unusual for YR... I'm watching fall '93 now, where all of Eve's sins from the 80s were completely erased... '93 Nikki says she's never met Eve but has heard good things
  4. Trying to think of something positive to say about Cricket's "dance performance" on 8/15/90...
  5. Wow - new eps from '90 are very rare, thank you so much!! Ugh sorry to hear about those dupes... I actually had noticed that you had uploaded 3/12/90 to the Vault and removed it... now it makes sense. Just watched 1/12/90 and every story was on point.
  6. This time frame seems slightly more compelling, picturing Janice Lynde in the role of Leslie instead of Victoria Mallory. Though I think I’ve read comments from Janice that these types of stories are what motivated her to quit the show... Loved this sentence! “Lorie realized Vanessa is in love with her son” whaaaa
  7. Seems like PFS had plans in ‘82 right before she fired, for Linda and Phyllis? I think they each had like 10 appearances before PFS was gone, and the new writers didn’t keep them on. Would have loved to see Linda and Phyllis’ stories continued.
  8. Wow, thank you!! 2000 is a year where there’s not many eps or clips available
  9. I shudder to recall the awkward couch lovemaking that led to this character's conception
  10. Love it! Except it pains me that Ingo is grouped with the 3 other superior Thornes... Ingo was so underwhelming and forgettable... they should have stuck with Winsor
  11. She posted on her social media in November to announce TriciaC’s return, so maybe she’s motivated to appear if she has scenes with Nina?
  12. Since we're talking about Christine, here's a delightful new interview with LLB... I always find her very engaging and down-to-earth https://www.tvinsider.com/991665/young-and-restless-christine-lauralee-bell-vc-andrews-lifetime-movies/
  13. Another factor was LLB was about to exit for her 2nd extended maternity leave and the writers were struggling to come up with another reason for Christine to go away again. Poor LLB! Having to film that scene while many months pregnant... I can't imagine Bill Bell writing that scene for his daughter if he was still in charge.
  14. I love Diane Sommerfield as Val and wish the show had kept her kong-term! Felt like the 1st time Val and Trish met...? They didn’t meet in the 70s? Who is Evan sitting with? Last question, can the soap gods please gift us with every episode from Pat Falken-Smith’s run?
  15. Wow, you are in for a major treat! 1991 isn't perfect... there's Leanna's IVF antics, which is so silly and annoying to me, and Traci and Brad's attempt at a remarriage, which just makes me sad. But there's SO much good stuff... Sheila, Drunk Nikki, Neil!, Ryan!, Flo!, Dru's ballet debut, David's "killer' new face, the list goes on and on... Thanks for the upload tip! (I think you mean 1998, not 1988) I'm excited to watch 9/1/98, which has a rare-for-the-time group scene with Nina, Katherine and Jill. Thank you so much Anonymous Angel!
  16. YRFan23 and I contend that 1991 might be the best year of YR ever! Do you agree? If not, what is your "best year of YR"?
  17. Interesting thought that they would “fake” Leo! I’m inclined to agree with you since they didn’t do a close-up of Parros’ face.
  18. Thanks for the heads-up. Yes it was enjoyable. I liked the history of the soap genre leading up to YR's creation. There's a nice group cast pic I hadn't seen before at 24:05, I'd guess from summer '82 Yea there were a few chronology mistakes, like they said the Katherine and Joanne story was early 80s when it was '77, and they said LLB joined in '80, not '83. They interviewed multiple YR history experts - they should have had the experts review the chronology, haha I thought the Phil Morris interview was a bit unclear - I didn't understand why he had a breakdown o
  19. Wow! I see 12/10/92 - isn’t that where Jill announces to the Jabot board that she and Victor are getting married (but they actually aren’t?) Always wanted to see that. Also 11/15/88 and partial 12/1/88 were added - timing couldn’t be more perfect as I am making my way through Nov ‘88. Thank you YR Anonymous Angel!
  20. Thank you! 10/10/97 is quite rare
  21. Encino, yes! That is a middle income area. Doesn’t match what’s on the map but that’s ok
  22. Agreed that Spectra and Forrester are too close, but I'd say the Logan house looks appropriately located in "The Valley" (San Fernando Valley), north of the 134 freeway. The nicer part of the Valley, like Studio City, is south of the 134, so it's accurate that a more middle-income home like the Logans is north of the 134. Did the show ever give an address for the Logan home or say which exact city/suburb it was supposed to be? The house on the map could possibly be Burbank.
  23. I draw the line specifically the week of June 20, 1994 - golden age legacy characters April and Heather depart, and JM’s Nick (blech) debuts
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