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  1. I did like her with Greg Vaughan though. Sexy AF!
  2. Does anyone know who the Head Writers were when Genie Francis debuted on the show? The dates for 1977 are too broad looking it up. Ditto that for Kin Shriner and Leslie Charleson.
  3. The weird thing about Casey Moss is that he can be great with dramatic material, but he rarely has chemistry with any of his love interests. Still, it'll be a shame to lose him as an actor and as a Horton, but I'm surprised he's stuck around as long as he has. That's so rare for DAYS. Thia Megia was DOA so no loss. However, it is unfortunate they couldn't cast a better actress to be their next Asian character in too white Salem. They did so well with Paul. Kassie DePaiva has always been horribly miscast. She is way too damn old to be Eve. A recast of the character could have worked otherwise. I will say her work during Paige's death was outstanding. Losing Brandon Barash is a shame. Despite the character's stupid name, and luckily not having to deal with the stupid alter story, he's been a welcome addition.
  4. I do remember seeing Nina Laemmle's name in the credits for Peyton Place when I watched on YouTube. It surprised me because I remember thinking if she could write for a show that I enjoyed so much, why was she so terrible on DAYS. It really shows you there are good writers who can write based on an already created outline while failing when given more responsibilty, and great ones who can truly create and spin and weave stories effortlessly.
  5. I don't remember exactly what she said. It was some written interview and I think she was specifically asked, prompting the answer.
  6. And he's the only actor (that I know of) that Deidre Hall admitted she didn't like working with.
  7. Yes, she was. She was in one scene, but it was substantial. I saw this post before I watched so I knew to look out for her. She did look great.
  8. He was one of the worst things about the last few years of AMC. He'll only add to the awfulness of GH. Sorry Khan.
  9. I didn't see his name on the first page, so in honour of his 50th birthday, I request Christian Slater.
  10. Anyone else stoked that the new Mortal Kombat movie actually seems to be happening? New casting announcements were made today. I'll be there in March 2021 for sure!



  11. I didn't know much about him but, this means an Easy Rider rewatch is imminent. RIP
  12. Sarah Paulson will have a limited role.
  13. She's playing Vivian. This has always been known, just not officially. Louise Sorel recently admitted in some interview the show only gave her a week's notice so she had to turn them down, hence the recast.
  14. In my experience when a guy has a nipple piercing ... 😎
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