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  1. Bright Eyes

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Am I dumb for thinking the listing price is really low by today's standards?
  2. Bright Eyes

    Film Awards Thread

    Props to you for putting Kirsten Dunst. Her performances in All Good Things and Meloncholia should've been nominated. Thandie Newton being snubbed for Crash was inexcusable. And some of those names, Donald Sutherland, Robin Wright, Steve Buscemi, Michael Sheen, Ewan McGregor are names I naturally assume have been nominated for something because they do have accolades elsewhere. I'm never good at these games myself. My mind always goes blank as if no knowledge has ever been occupied.
  3. Bright Eyes

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    I wish I could post some great clips from the underrated Shortland Street. I watched form 2012-17, but didn't have time anymore once I went back to school. Plus, it can be hard to find episodes sometimes so I walked away. The show isn't always a master class, but when I watched I generally enjoyed most of what was going on. The show's young stars have been breaking out recently, too. Frankie Adams, Beulah Koale, Thomasin McKenzie, and of course, KJ Apa, are all rising stars. Here's the death of Pixie Hannah (Thomasin McKenzie) from cancer. The actress who plays the mother, Margaret, was truly outstanding during her short time on the show. The character went through a strange trajectory of going to prison after embezzling money from the hospital, but never becoming villainous. I'd love to see her get more opportunities to shine elsewhere.
  4. Bright Eyes

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    It was until the reveal. The aftermath ruined so many characters that still haven't recovered.
  5. Bright Eyes

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    A big problem for Neighbours was its prior G rating. I'm sure there are great moments/storylines etc, but it was basically a kid show. Soap Operas should be allowed to be daring and provocative, NB hasn't been allowed that. Also, it comes off way too saccharine, so when a character actually shows they have a personality in the confines of the show it seems ground breaking. Home and Away has been running through the motions for years. There's no heart in the show. Nothing that really makes you feel connected. It died when Sally left, IMO. They also are so ass backwards with social issues. The show is white on white on white. Even when they cast actors that aren't, they tell us that the characters are. (i.e., Andy Barrett) NB, at least, is one of the most diverse soaps around.
  6. Bright Eyes

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera, has had some great promos. High production values, makes you want more, and with these two examples, the stories told didn't disappoint either.
  7. Bright Eyes

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    Hollyoaks: Clare Devine's exit in 2007, starts at 3:04. None of her appearances after this ever happened as far as I'm concerned. Whoever came up with the idea of her spiking the camera is a genius.
  8. Bright Eyes

    Days: February 18-22, Weekly Preview

    The problem for me isn't that they had Claire set the fire, it's that they're writing her off when this should be the beginning of a character arc for her that could lead to great things for her, Hope, Shawn/Belle, etc ... Writers these days are constantly cutting themselves at the knees.
  9. Bright Eyes

    Film Awards Thread

    Oh that's awesome. It makes things so much more interesting.
  10. Bright Eyes

    GH: Actor returning

    Coby is, Elizabeth is not.
  11. Bright Eyes

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    The death of sweet Damon Grant - Brookside -- Who would have ever guessed the other half of this cute couple would turn out to be such a wonderful nightmare in the Dales a couple of decades later.
  12. Bright Eyes

    What are you currently reading?

    Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis. I love being in this f*cked up world Ellis has created. Victor is such a duplicitous little sh*tstain, but so entertaining and grossly charming. And, of course, the memories of the 90's that come with all the mentions of the celebrities of the time, some I had forgotten, is a treat
  13. Bright Eyes

    Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    When it comes to music, I rarely ever "know" who these artists I listen to are, being I usually stick to the indie scene. I've listened to Death Cab for Cutie since 2004/5, but if you showed me a picture of the lead singer, whose name I don't even know without looking it up, I'd have no idea who he is. So with Ryan Adams, whose music can be beautiful and transcendent, I had no idea whatsoever of the person he is, or what people thought of him. This is an eye opener. Albert Hammond, Jr. is another favourite mine and to read their ugly history together is unsettling. Good on Mandy Moore for stepping up and backing up the claims. It goes to show that this is barely the beginning of the work that needs to be done.
  14. Bright Eyes

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Was Mamie from Dru/Olivia's mom or dad side of the family?
  15. Bright Eyes

    Days: Leo's Mom

    The light at the end of this mess is that if GR is gone, I would hopefully assume she is too. The sooner we can pretend this never happened, the better.