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  1. There was also Amy Kositchek on DAYS, sister to Chris and Jake.
  2. GH has a trans character, Dr. Terry Randolph. She's just recurring and is used sparingly.
  3. She was so effortlessly lovable. Variety mentioned she was a Christian Scientist, so that probably had something to do with the suddenness of her death. Good to know she was working as long as she could.
  4. Does anyone know when in 1977 Leslie Charleson debuted as Monica?
  5. Any bets as to who the first major death of the season will be? It's not looking good for Euron.
  6. I've always wanted Cathy Moriarty on a soap. Her and Catherine Zeta-Jones, with those appealing seductive voices, would be a sure fire win.
  7. What if James E. Reilly had never done double duty and stayed solely with writing Passions, never returning to DAYS? What if Lorraine Broderick was given a real chance at DAYS? What if CJ Roberts was ever brought back to OLTL? Maybe the show just needed a handful more years. DAYS has brought back Sarah Horton finally, after all. What if Ryan and Greenlee were killed off on AMC and not Gillian and Leo?
  8. Edge of Night co-star, Pamela Donnelly, responds: https://toofab.com/2019/04/12/lori-loughlin-costar-college-admissions-expert-exclusive/
  9. More age appropriate than even Charlotte Ross.
  10. Travis Schuldt (Ethan Crane, Passions) as a Grindr hookup on The OA. He looks amazing, and we get to see quite a bit of him.
  11. At least it wasn't Margaret Mason so it's easy to believe that character assassination never happened. In my head, anyway.
  12. Does anyone remember Andrew Keegan? Guess what he's up to now. https://k945.com/remember-andrew-keegan-he-started-a-cult/
  13. Literally, the only real story Lexie ever got.
  14. And he alluded on Chelsea Lately that Lindsay was ... well he smartly said very little at all. At 2:30:
  15. Random post alert! The actor who played Luke Snyder as a baby, Spencer Goodnow, has an easily found Instagram. He doesn't post much, but I know it's him because he posted a SOW cover with him on it back in the day. Here's what he looks like now:
  16. Haha, oops. I don't know how I made that mistake. Fixed!
  17. This was before he was famous, but I learned tonight (or more likely was reminded because I forgot) that Leonardo DiCaprio was on Santa Barbara briefly. If @Paul Raven gives the go ahead, may I ask people to also post about actors that became known after their soaps stints? I know of obvious ones like Sarah Michelle Geller and Julianne Moore etc, but just to have a comprehensive list, list the more discussed ones as well as the actors people might not remember or even actors that became known for a time but have since seemed to have left the spotlight.
  18. Thank you for sharing that info. Unsurprisingly, this means Wiki is wrong with the '74 date. I wish we could see the original Laura and Amy and how they differed from Genie and Shell.
  19. Does anyone have any idea what month the character of Laura debuted in 1974?
  20. She hasn't passed away on screen yet, but Peggy McCay died in October. However, Caroline last aired in 2016.
  21. If it comes back, I hope it does so slowly. For one, OLTL should not be a package deal. Let AMC build it's audience with a couple half hours a week. Let it work through the crooks and crannies and then if it becomes successful, an potential expansion and revival of OLTL can be discussed. Doing too much too fast would lead to failure.
  22. I can’t listen to her for too long because she makes me forget to breathe.
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