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  1. God Bless Hollyoaks for not wasting much time in getting Nate in nothing but his underwear! Not watching that trailer full of spoilers. The show is so much more enjoyable without having any idea what is going to happen next. If Zara doesn't stay long-term, I wouldn't be upset if she took Oli with her when Luke dies since Gabriel Clark will never match up to the greatness of Aedan Duckworth for me. I kind of miss Leela, though I completely understand why Kirsty Leigh-Porter would want to take a long maternity leave after everything she's been through. For those that were paying closer attention before the COVID hiatus, is Romeo the only person Celeste has been with since being in the village?
  2. At the debut screening of the film, I saw Mark Wystrach (ex-Fox Crane, Passions) in The Eyes of Tammy Faye as Gary Paxton, whom Tammy Faye cheats on her husband Jim Bakker with.
  3. The guy that plays Timmy, Peri's stalker, is so adorable, it's a shame he's a pervert. Plus, he won the Laurence Olivier award for Best Actor for playing Evan Hansen on the West End last year so you know he's wickedly talented. Still enjoying the story though and all the Fergus strands. I forget if I posted my theory here, but I think Donna-Marie will somehow find out about his dirty dealings, blackmail him, and in return he'll kill her and make it look like an overdose so no one suspects any wrongdoing. I really hope they're building towards Fergus framing Warren for all his crimes. The guy is a serial killer (5 times), so he more than deserves it. The only part of the story that doesn't really work for me is the reunion of Maxine and Warren, who have no chemistry. It reminds me of how much they tried to force her and Dodger to be a great love, when him and Texas were one of the best couples this show ever had (yes, I still stan them and yes I'm still bitter!). I wonder if Maxine's crush on Sami will come back into play now that they stupidly had Verity cheat on him with Shaq, with the flimsiest of reasons. Affair storylines are so slip-shod and lame. I can't remember the last time one was written on any show that seemed earned. I realized watching today's episode that Juliet is kind of like the female version of Ste, except I love her and every time she furrows her brow and yells at everyone, and Ste is older and still acts like that with an added dose of hypocrisy. I can't believe it's been well over a year since Toby murdered Lisa. It's great that they have subtle mentions of her and what he did, but it'll never not be stupid that Simone and Zack apparently couldn't care less that she never contacts them. However, I want Martine to slap Celeste to hell and back for her part as well. Still, seeing both of them with the constant fashion is just so aesthetically pleasing. Same for Theresa still being a sex bomb. Sorry for the ramble, but HO is the only soap I watch so I had some thoughts I wanted to get out of my head. And no one has slipped so thank you very much, but just in case, NO SPOILERS (including casting) PLEASE!
  4. Carrie and Jonah Carver are what was always meant to be, but we never got it. They were like an earlier Theo/Ciara.
  5. For some reason, this doesn't make any sense in my head at all. I think because Jacquie has passed and she came to prominence on soaps a decade or so earlier.
  6. Melissa Reeves recently admitted in a Facebook video that she is returning for the Christmas episode.
  7. I just meant a passing reference from where Philip picked up a guitar from since Justin did the same thing before Wally Kurth was ever Ned.
  8. When they had Philip sing and play the guitar they should have said he learned from cousin Justin ... who did the same damn thing.
  9. I'm excited to see what Lucy Allan will do with the show as well. I won't watch the promo because I've gone completely spoiler free. I don't even want to know casting decisions. I only know that Zara and Prince are returning and that's it. Since she's the one who wrote it, I would die if she referenced the time Theresa was infatuated with Ste. It's certainly possible to come up with Leah and Myra-P being rivals at Trish's dance school. Speaking of references, a few weeks back when Mercedes was berating Tony, it was such a missed opportunity for the writers not to bring up Mercedes aborting their baby. And I have to get this off my chest, Gabriel Clark has been serviceable as Oli, but he's nowhere near the talent of Aedan Duckworth. The show was between a rock and a hard place because I do believe Oli had to be recast, but I'll never not miss Aedan in the role. As for Kirkwood, I'll look back at his time positively at the end of day. Despite his issues, you could tell he genuinely loved the show. It's so easy to hate him for his mistakes, and as many years as he's had that's quite the list, but I still think his triumphs outweigh them.
  10. So, I've never watched a RH episode in my life, but I do see the infamous clips on social media and read through this thread and I have to ask, this Sutton lady ... does she do anything but cry? I have no idea if she's a favourite or not, but I do know that I hate her.
  11. I wish Dena Higley's "idea" for Nicole to seduce Philip when she first returned in 2008 had come to fruition.
  12. It just came to my attention that Renée Dorléac (Simonot professionally), the mother of Catherine Deneuve, passed away on July 11, aged 109. She was the oldest living actor in the world. That distinction was then briefly attributed to Australian actress, Mary Ward, who passed away today, July 19, aged 106. The distinction of the oldest living actor in the world is now American actress Marsha Hunt.
  13. James E. Reilly would hate Todd Manning, and we already know he loved Andrea Evans' Tina.
  14. The 2021 Cannes Film Festival Awards were revealed tonight. Spike Lee gave the game away right at the beginning. https://awardswatch.com/cannes-2021-winners-ties-history-and-a-huge-spike-lee-flub-highlight-closing-ceremony/ The Winners are as follows: In Competition The following awards were presented for films shown In Competition: Palme d'Or: Titane by Julia Ducournau Grand Prix: A Hero by Asghar Farhadi Compartment No. 6 by Juho Kuosmanen Jury Prize: Ahed's Knee by Nadav Lapid Memoria by Apichatpong Weerasethakul Best Director: Leos Carax for Annette Best Actress: Renate Reinsve for The Worst Person in the World Best Actor: Caleb Landry Jones for Nitram Best Screenplay: Ryusuke Hamaguchi & Takamasa Oe for Drive My Car Un Certain Regard Un Certain Regard Award: Unclenching the Fists by Kira Kovalenko Un Certain Regard Jury Prize: Great Freedom by Sebastian Meise Un Certain Regard Ensemble Prize: Bonne mère by Hafsia Herzi Un Certain Regard Prize of Courage: La Civil by Teodora Mihai Un Certain Regard Prize of Originality: Lamb by Valdimar Jóhannsson Un Certain Regard Special Mention: Prayers for the Stolen by Tatiana Huezo Golden Camera Caméra d'Or: Murina by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović Short Films Short Film Palme d'Or: All the Crows in the World by Tang Yi Special Mention: August Sky by Jasmin Tenucci Cinéfondation First Prize: The Salamander Child by Théo Degen Second Prize: Cicada by Yoon Daewoen Third Prize: Love Stories on the Move by Carina-Gabriela Daşoveanu Cantareira by Rodrigo Ribeyro Honorary Palme d'Or Honorary Palme d'Or: Jodie Foster and Marco Bellocchio Independent awards FIPRESCI Prizes In Competition: Drive My Car by Ryusuke Hamaguchi Un Certain Regard: Playground by Laura Wandel Parallel section: Feathers by Omar El Zohairy (International Critics' Week) Ecumenical Prize Prize of the Ecumenical Jury: Drive My Car by Ryusuke Hamaguchi Special Mention: Compartment No. 6 by Juho Kuosmanen International Critics' Week Nespresso Grand Prize: Feathers by Omar El Zohairy Leitz Cine Discovery Prize for Short Film: Lili Alone by Zou Jing Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award: Sandra Melissa Torres for Amparo Directors' Fortnight Europa Cinemas Label Award for Best European Film: A Chiara by Jonas Carpignano SACD Award for Best French-language Film: Magnetic Beats by Vincent Maël Cardona Carrosse d'Or: Frederick Wiseman L'Œil d'or L'Œil d'or: A Night of Knowing Nothing by Payal Kapadia Queer Palm Queer Palm Award: The Divide by Catherine Corsini Prix François Chalais François Chalais Prize: A Hero by Asghar Farhadi Special Mention: Freda by Gessica Généus Cannes Soundtrack Award Cannes Soundtrack Award: Ron Mael & Russell Mael for Annette Rone for Paris, 13th District Palm Dog Palm Dog Award: Rosie, Dora and Snowbear for The Souvenir Part II Trophée Chopard Chopard Trophy: Jessie Buckley and Kingsley Ben-Adir
  15. For someone who originally had their second dose scheduled all the way on Sept. 20, it is a huge relief that I was able to re-schedule it today for the much shorter wait of tomorrow afternoon.
  16. Finally started watching Schitt's Creek (about to begin Season 5) and I knew it would be funny, but I'm happily surprised to see how much heart the show has as well. Though David dancing for Patrick at the end of season 4 was so cringe-worthy it made me uncomfortable.
  17. If him and Casey Moss are ever on the show together, it's going to be really strange that their characters aren't related.
  18. What a great find! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  19. Please add DAYS to the topic title since Renee was her definitive soap role. Nelson Aspen (how cool that they were friends) wrote a great tribute to her. She has left us far too early. The first (and best) DiMera to come to Salem, it is a crying shame she was never brought back to head the family. Rest in peace Philece Sampler and thank you for Renee Dumonde.
  20. H - Hem of her Dress, First Aid Kit
  21. Alex Marshall burned Anderson down in '87 and his exit story was being arrested for it. I think.
  22. For the longest time I only knew him as the boss in Just Shoot Me!, and then I finally saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (happily purchased the DVD for a bargain), and was able to see the full gamut of his talents. Great actor, R.I.P!
  23. She's definitely a Republican, but I don't think she's done anything to reveal herself to be that far gone. If she had, with all the Lucci fans on this board, wouldn't we have heard about it?
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