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  1. I didn't see his name on the first page, so in honour of his 50th birthday, I request Christian Slater.
  2. Anyone else stoked that the new Mortal Kombat movie actually seems to be happening? New casting announcements were made today. I'll be there in March 2021 for sure!



  3. I didn't know much about him but, this means an Easy Rider rewatch is imminent. RIP
  4. Sarah Paulson will have a limited role.
  5. She's playing Vivian. This has always been known, just not officially. Louise Sorel recently admitted in some interview the show only gave her a week's notice so she had to turn them down, hence the recast.
  6. In my experience when a guy has a nipple piercing ... 😎
  7. This isn't really a spoiler and definitely not worth its own thread, but in a rare bit of positivity for this asinine program, I do think it's pretty cool that famed drag queen excellence, MANILA LUZON, will be guesting on the show in a few weeks. https://soaps.sheknows.com/general-hospital/comings-and-goings/547036/manila-luzon-to-general-hospital/
  8. So Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were on to something then?
  9. They could've scrapped the whole award show, period.
  10. I don't watch, but I am truly baffled at how they turned a cult storyline involving rape and abuse into a ridiculous memory transfusion story. A true low moment.
  11. Both Shaun Benson (ex-Steven Webber, GH) and Brittany Allen (ex-Marisa Tasker, AMC) can both be seen in the new Amazon show THE BOYS.
  12. It's fantastic that a black out gay man holds this record, and I hope he does for a long time. As to the quality of the song ... 😎
  13. Maybe this is there way of softly moving the show onto the app once it potentially gets cancelled from NBC? I may tune in if they're short enough.
  14. Darin Brooks' first episode on Days had a scene that implied Chelsea gave him a blowjob, too. They let the ice cream melt.
  15. And they're currently shooting February 2020. Choices.
  16. Lexie Carver with Brandon was steamy and sexy as hell. I think when I watched it years later it wasn't as scandalous as I had remembered it, but as a pre-teen I was all about it. Continuing on with Renee Jones showing us how happy she was to have a story; Her love scene with Tek in the backseat of a car was almost soft core-ish. I miss her on my screen so much.
  17. Off his recent Emmy nomination, a request for Michael Angarano, whose soap credits that I know of (Another World / ATWT) are not listed on his IMDb page.
  18. Binge watched the new season of Veronica Mars today. It was great to return to Neptune!

  19. God damn it! I was a fan of his work. Especially as I love the world of the Bret Easton Ellis novels and him in particular as Victor Johnson/Ward in The Rules of Attraction. He took a minor role of the film and made it one of the best parts of a great movie. I'd still jump at the chance to be able to see the unreleased Glitterati, though that film will never see the light of day, and probably never should considering its seediness. Reading the article, the most disgusting thing to me was how Kip Pardue and his lawyer blamed the accuser by stating that she once scrolled past a picture of her breastfeeding when showing him her Instragram. And his nonsense about being "doe eyed, embarrassed, and not sure what to do" was utter bs of the highest order. He is still a regular on the Marvel show, but his IMDb doesn't list any upcoming projects so I'm unsure if these allegations have affected his career as of yet. I'm sure it at least ruins, rightfully so, his reputation for many.
  20. I'd be interested in knowing if any of Bell's major story ideas from DAYS/YR/BB, had their first incarnations told when he was head writing ATWT.
  21. Off the top of my head: GH: Dillon and Georgie DAYS: Rex and Mimi (before the abortion), Eric and Nicole OLTL: Jared and Natalie (probably the best), Brody and Jessica, Fish and Kyle (probably the only gay couple on a soap that I've liked), Markko and Langston GH: Sam and Lucky
  22. Do you know, roughly, how old the character was supposed to be when he first debuted in 1965?
  23. Underrated British comedy Lovesick was originally titled Scrotal Recall.
  24. That show also has Lincoln Younes, who played Casey Braxton on Home and Away from 2011-2014.
  25. I liked him on AMC because it was a short term gig so he actually tried. He was never Billy to me, that will always be David Tom, so I hope this news is true. The best thing that ever came of his GH stint was the Constance Towers anecdote he told about his mumbling.
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