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  1. I did not vote for him, but I, too, have been very impressed with his handling of the pandemic. I believe he was the first one to shut down schools. He announced on Thursday and everyone was done by Tuesday. He has gradually been shutting other things down as well. His daily 2:00 briefing has become my new "soap."
  2. One of the funniest lines I remember from AMC is from when Edmund "fake-kidnapped" Erica and they had just completed a frantic phone call where Erica pleaded with Dimitri (?) to come save her. After the hang-up, Edmund says to Erica, "With a performance like that, you deserve an Oscar." La Lucci replies, "I'd settle for an Emmy." 😆😆
  3. I read about this, and they said he had been suffering with a long illness. Does anyone know what illness? So young.
  4. This is interesting, because another actress very briefly played Maria prior to Eva LaRue. She was Trevor's doctor.
  5. +1 For his next trick, he's going to close his eyes and proclaim, "You can't see me," so the press and his base will question, "Where'd he go?" Eyes are wider open than you think in this sadistic game of peek-a-boo. You all are trying to "logic" a game of feelings. (sic)
  6. I was headed home from work, thinking I might catch the last 15 minutes of the ceremony. While waiting at a traffic light, something inside me said, "This is her night. You better get home." Sure enough. A very emotional moment; this is what awards shows are supposed to do. And I agree, Daytime Emmys started racing downhill after that.
  7. I would hardly say Bianca's custody trial on AMC had little historical impact. It freed Erica up as a character to pursue Dimitri and gad about town with little repercussion. And if they needed Mama Erica, they brought Bianca in from Seattle right on cue.
  8. I think that was one of Lucci's problems in trying to get that Emmy. She always had her "scene." I could even smell it coming. He**, I probably smelled it when I saw WOTY too. But she never got the storyline to see it through to a win. Until she did...and even though I had a feeling that year; it was more about competition than Lucci's actual work.
  9. So Much can be said about this scene. AMC at its finest and in probably its last good era. The beauty of the scene is how layered it is. Not only are we watching the interweaving of several "current" storylines in her speech, but you are also watching some deep cracks in the history of the character of Erica Kane emerge and be exposed to the light. Lucci is laying it bare; all of the subtext, the nuance. And on top of it...she's high as a kite. "Hold my hand...I'll catch you." So much more than Dmitri and the scaffolding there. Why Lucci didn't win the Emmy for this scene alone is beyond me...it spoke volumes about her ability to inhabit this character. And the whole gang is there, even Enid Nelson and Marian Colby, because Broderick was attempt to reinstate the "community" of Pine Valley. Broderick was head writing the show then, but do we know who actually wrote this wonderful "scene?"
  10. Why do they wanna "go hard" on guest stars? I know the original run had guest stars but this isn't Will and Grace. (and for that matter, they can quit over there too; that's why their original run JTSed.)
  11. This is all so random. I love it. 😛
  12. TBH, Star's SATC was boring. I remember watching the first few episodes of the first season and thinking, "Meh." Sometimes I think SATC is overrated. We liked it, because they were talking about things on TV no one else on TV was talking about like "funky spunk" and "vibrators." I was all in on Heroes through the first season. I should've known after that weak-ass finale, but I hung in another two years. I was one of those, "it's about to get better" people. I was so burned I couldn't hang for the reboot. Such a shame. I think another one that saddened me was Designing Women. It just never recovered from losing Delta and Jean. Even though Delta's zaniness was fun, Charlene was really the "heart" of the show, and I really enjoyed Jan Hook's Carlene, but we just didn't have that investment. I'll always be interested to see how the show might have fared if we had jumped right into BJ (Judith Ivey) instead of Julia Duffy's Allison. I did like BJ, even if they had a hard time differentiating her from Julia.
  13. If this doesn't follow the original, we will hate it. If it does follow the original, why?
  14. Just got back from seeing this. Anyone else seen it yet?
  15. I think it was more likely that Broderick would have refused to stay around with McTavish.
  16. DD, I think you mean Avery, not Bailey. I think Faith Ford is being wasted. Updating her character is probably the biggest challenge, given that Corky was brought on as the ingenue with the shallower outlook and stories; the Deborah Norville to Murphy's Jane Pauley. That's harder to write for and play when you're in your early fifties (??) and you're now Jane Pauley.
  17. Soaps started to gain a different type of reputation in the nineties. First, was the perception these were "grandma's stories." They were stodgy and I could "not watch for six months/two years, and still be able to know what's going on." The second was they were outlandish. Evil Twins. Back-from-the-dead. And eventually...possession. Unfortunately, new people coming on board tried to play down the first while amping up the second. The value in the first was having the opportunity to play every beat of a story. Producers or writers or whomever really held the reins decided to fast-forward stories, and in the 2000s, even having key scenes playing out off camera. The value in the second was to ret-con poor decision-making or giving an opportunity to an actor to return or "show off" their skills. Once we no longer believed you were really dead or saw that your evil twin was only the "good twin who dressed differently," it became more gimmicky, so we had to delve into voodoo, psychics, bad dolls, and...possession. The general public wasn't having any of it after a while, if they even dipped in to begin with. Only the hardcore stayed. In the meantime, that hardcore audience (my grandmother's generation) began dying off, my mother's generation began working and rolling their eyes at the ridiculousness of the "new soaps." Gen X and the millennials may have dipped in on occasion, but didn't stay for long. There were enticing new shows on cable or Netflix to watch. I think the biggest thing soaps failed to do was court a new audience in the nineties. These shows were typically passed on from generation to generation. OR maybe someone caught an episode when they were home sick from school and got hooked. But once we stopped "passing on" and had Judge Judy and old L&O reruns to watch when home in the daytime, the soaps had no new audience. We also saw elements of soaps creeping into primetime, explicitly with Dallas and Dynasty, and then later implicitly with Roseanne, ER and Friends. We could get enough of a "fix" there without having to cavort with outlandish storylines and slow-moving stories.
  18. I couldn't agree more. This episode was miles away better than last week. Although it is fun to have different combinations of the Fab Four in storylines, the season should've kicked off with everyone on the same page...hunting for Karen. Love Karen's insta-bond with Linda. And I always appreciate appearances by Smitty and Anastasia! Nice nod with the belly touch on the shower door.
  19. Nobody had any thoughts on the season premiere?
  20. I forgot Darnell had come to Loving as Jacob! What a horrible ending for that character. Yeah, not exactly quick and painless. I do remember catching commercials regarding Gilbert. She did play that hand a bit too often (Kitty/Kelly, Adam/Stuart, Jeremy/Gilbert, Natalie/Janet, Tad/Ted, Anna/Alex, Erica/Jane...)
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