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  1. I think that's what happens to me. I don't intentionally drop a show, so much as I forget to rejoin and then just never catch up. I "lost" a lot of shows when I "cut the cord" a few years back, and never picked them back up. Although not the "hot" thing after a while, I watched ER all the way through; you just had to get the idea that the show was a revolving door and make peace with it. I think some of the things that rejuvenated the show for me was Sally Field's arc as Tierney's mother and Parminder Nigra's character. Same with Grey's, as I'm still watching it. Every time, I think it's dying on the vine, it does something to bring it right back, and it is not usually the stunts (of which the show does make fun of itself doing at times), it's the relationships. I stuck with Nashville, but never rejoined after it left network TV (esp. after I heard of the development of one of the characters). I've been more pleased with Empire since Phylicia Rashad initiated the "family feud," but I haven't caught back up with it since the midseason finale...nor Grey's...I suppose I will later. So grateful we have these ways of watching television these days rather than turning on a network at a specific time on a specific day.
  2. This was a show I had unknowingly checked out of. Years later, I caught the reruns in syndication and hadn't realized the show went on after Allie married Bob! What was funny, to me, was that Bob showed up numerous times in the series before that as other people. Also, for AMC fans, Jill Larson (Opal) showed up in various guises in the episode where Emma has to do a project on women in history.
  3. I'm going to offer some time in the mid-90s when the coffee house Julia worked at briefly came along (a la Starbucks). There was also McKay's. And then everyone needed to go eat at Holidays (Hayley and Mateo's place) before it was destroyed for SOS. What was the name of the place Krystal took over towards the end of the series' run? Was it BJ's or am I just being ironic?
  4. First of all, the new season looks good. This show really grew on me the first season. One thing irritates me though. The original show took place in Indianapolis. They went to great pains to mimic the original set, so for the first episodes, I assumed we were looking at Ann Romano's old apartment with new tenants in Indianapolis. But somewhere along the way, (I forget where), we learn they are actually in LA (and this trailer has shots of LA). Why? I haven't found a purpose for setting the show in LA vs. Indy. It's not as if there aren't or can't be Cubans in Indianapolis. And I probably wouldn't think twice if they hadn't made the apartment similar. Does this bother anyone else? Thoughts?
  5. For me, the most touching moment was with Schneider, when he refers to her as "Annie" for the first time. I can certainly understand where the character was coming from regarding "I should've done better." As parents, we often feel responsible in some way for the failings of our children, even if not truly our fault. There's always a "What if I...?" in there somewhere; certainly this would have been the case for Ann Romano, who cared enough for her children to get them out of a poor situation and divorcing their father.
  6. And the seriously underappreciated Laura Branigan...what a voice...gone too soon. So we have a post-TC Suzanne Somers, post-H2H Stefanie Powers and a post-Dallas Mary Crosby with a pre-Silence Anthony Hopkins, pre-Unsolved Mysteries Stack and a pre-Murphy Brown Candice Bergen. What an odd moment in all of their careers! And I can't get over how LONG this is. You would never find a theme song running this long nowadays.
  7. I liked this one too, although I don't remember that being the opening sequence. Remember when they changed the actress playing the daughter towards the end of the season? On another note, these are the same creators who went on to do Modern Family, so it all worked out in the end.
  8. At first, this started like a sketch from SNL, but the read at the end is priceless. Thank you, Congressman Jeffries, for bringing us back on track from Moore, trips to Asia, and other diversions.
  9. Those last moments? Megan Mulally, come collect your Emmy.
  10. I think the last half of Season 3 through the beginning of this Season 4 has been the best it's been in a long time. It's not got the whiplash inducing cliffhangers each episode had in its first season, but it's more solid all the way around. Everyone has their own storyline, and everyone is more integrated than ever before.
  11. Ya gotta love that plug at the beginning for their show, "Two of a Kind." "Friday night, right?"
  12. Another showpiece for Sean Hayes. The guy has always turned in some great comedic work, but he's showing some very touching work in this season as well. Snootch. lol
  13. I cannot believe we aren't talking about this...
  14. +1 The physical comedy all around on the second episode was aces, but Hayes may have just earned another Emmy nom. Also Ben Platt. Guest Emmy Nom.
  15. I would hardly call 2 Broke Girls a flop. It lasted for six seasons and had decent ratings the first few years.
  16. I enjoyed Trevor. He was different than most men in soaps period. He did tend to be self-righteous once he became a lawyer. Of course, Collins and Kiberd couldn't stand one another.
  17. How oddly specific! Maaaarrrry.
  18. Because OLTL#1 Fan wanted to know... http://www.npr.org/2017/06/29/534916080/ohio-town-struggles-to-afford-life-saving-drug-for-opioid-overdoses This is the town I grew up next to and lived in for 22 years so my children could attend a progressive school there. This is also the town JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, grew up in and writes about in that book. This is the town and surrounding area where a Democrat has not won the Presidential election since Kennedy. This is the town where I walked the streets for Obama in '08, and we came 137 votes shy of securing victory. There are many many good people there who outweigh the "bad;" so many struggling. So many just looking for ways to turn it around. The problem is very real...from all sides...
  19. Aliki Prince was recast, because he was "too comedic" and they wanted to go in a more serious direction. I don't think he was around for much longer after this episode. Interestingly enough, both he and Dondre Whitfield were on Cosby. Of course, Dondre was recurring as Vanessa's Robert. I do not remember when Irene Ng left, but I did like her quite a bit. Obviously green, but not in a 'bad" way. I liked first Brian too, (Greg Gordon?) but given the direction that character went, I can see why they went with Borlenghi. The first actor had a more clean-cut look, and it made more sense for Borlenghi to be Trask's brother, Brian. This all takes me back.
  20. OMG. First Terrence and First An LI...almost forgot they weren't originally portrayed by Dondre Whitfield and Lindsay Price. Thx
  21. trump-wrestling-video-cnn-twitter.html never-ending...
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