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  1. I always think of AMC and the Crystal Ball still this time of year. Ms. Lucci sure is getting mileage from this role in Joy. Very happy for her. And that green looks fabulous on her. I am not surprised Agnes Nixon is into that type of thing.
  2. IMHO, it's fairly generic. The metaphors are a little too on-the-nose. Gosh, darn, it sure is pretty though. My favorite parts are the epitaphs and the "spiky ice fingers." I do truly like the Idea of the song.
  3. Well, I spoke too soon. Just finished watching the winter finale. They have barely touched all the interesting possibilities in the canvas. And, honestly, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that was the finale of the show. The four "young'n's" were toasting at the bar; Deacon proposes to Rayna. And who was the blond that showed up out of no where and offered to write with Maddie? When does the show come back? Will Juliette be back by then? What about "Jem?"
  4. At one time, AMC was the most-taped show on VCRs. Not sure when it lost this distinction, but I seem to remember this fact from the early nineties.
  5. In honor of World Aids Day today... AMC was always cognizant when this day came around, even after the AIDS epidemic was not as prominent in the media.
  6. Says she played Francesca, but I'm having a hard time recalling that character.
  7. I honestly didn't find Ceara that bad...but I never found her that good either.
  8. I am loving this outpouring...but who is Meredith Patterson? And Amber Skye? Loved the one from Jess Walton.
  9. I am not sure what I could say on this topic to truly express the (odd) feelings I have regarding DC's passing. Odd, because I never knew him, truly. I only knew the characters he portrayed, Adam and Stuart Chandler. Odd, yet, here I sit, heart heavy, eyes misty. Because he was one of my "family." My grandmother and mother watched All My Children as I grew up. After I had become a serious watcher, it took me a few months, but I realized I was watching for Adam; a feeling I so keenly noticed when he was gone that final network year. He not only gave us two vastly different characters in Adam and Stuart, but he also constantly found new layers inside each of them. He was AMC's "JR Ewing," but he was so much more as Adam. "Blast it, woman!" He was AMC's naive innocent, but he found the depths of Stuart as more than just a simpleton. He was a constant presence on the show, if not front and center, ranting and raving in the background; pleading with Brooke, arguing with Hayley, sparring with Palmer, flirting with Erica. Like one of the family. Like soaps are meant to be. Family. This is what current soap-makers do not get. We aren't passing down the soaps, as from my grandmother to my mother to me. Odd, because when AMC left, part of my "family" left too. These actors/characters in this genre have such a peculiar role they play in our lives. Seemingly a friend, but oddly, no. Mr. Canary had a sense of this, as he so eloquently said in that first Emmy video above. Such a master as an actor. Such a class act as a human being. He will be missed, yes, but it is the passing of our "family" that I equally miss.
  10. cct


    She is spittin' it here! Videos are always on point.
  11. Is anyone even watching anymore? Cannot believe Jeff...really gave some energy to the show. I'm liking the possibilities in the canvas right now.
  12. One of the things I love about Alanis is her ability to not take herself too seriously.
  13. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/10/02/445271614/army-veteran-praised-as-a-hero-in-oregon-college-shooting So is this what Ben Carson would have done? This guy is lucky and courageous, and perhaps he saved a person or two...but I don't see how rushing someone WITH A GUN is the answer here. The shooters don't CARE if they DIE; therefore, how many shooters will be deterred by thinking, "Hmmm...the last guy was killed when a dozen of them rushed him and brought him down...maybe I better not stockpile all of these weapons and make elaborate plans to open fire at school....hmmm..." (scroll down for the answer) zero
  14. She was just in town for me over the past weekend. Sadly, too rich for my blood. Hate that. My first concert was Ms. Janet.
  15. Although I preferred Mattson's Janet overall, this was back when Collins still played the character as a character and not as a caricature. Collins was on fire from the well on until she left as "Nattie"/Janet, and should have been recognized for her efforts.
  16. Sounds like it DOES have interludes after all. (I love the interludes) I think this is a good album opener, but not a single...
  17. Location, location, location. This is a simple, modest home that has no business going for a million dollars. Do not get me wrong; I like it, but in my neck of the woods (Midwest), it might fetch half that.
  18. This video is "That's The Way Love Goes II" The song IS growing on me.
  19. Not to mention, nineties talk show host Jenny Jones as the contestant in the Match Game commercial.
  20. "Only fo' mo' dolla', good for you..." "(bettah fo me)"
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