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  1. http://www.buzzfeed.com/davidkushner/my-handyman-my-soap-star#.cmnrpnvbL
  2. OMG...this is so eighties! And I forgot about them!! I always thought she had a great voice. Makes me wanna dance in front of shards of mirror in a furnished warehouse loft.
  3. I listened, and as a huge fan of Ms. Jackson..... meh This is NOT the single to come back with. It sounds like an album cut from janet. It does grow a bit on me, though.
  4. After Michael Knight left, Dixie went to Craig (Who Shot Will?) and somehow wound up with Brian (bypassing Dr. Andrew along the way). I never really bought her with Brian; it seemed forced, and of course, Brian should've been with Haley, who was already mixing with Charlie and Alec at this time. I wasn't crazy about Brian Greene as Bodine, and he didn't last long. Along with high-waisted pants, here is where Cady McClain's flirtation with awful hairstyles would soon take off.
  5. Thank you, applcin, that article really did help explain. Personally, I'm glad that these shows are airing somewhere. I know a lot of people enjoy watching them. It does hearken back to a time when programming was for everyone.
  6. Can I ask a question...how do stations like this make money? I mean GSN started as the Game Show Network, and claimed it couldn't make enough money off these old shows, what makes Buzzr think it can? I don't understand how some of these cable stations stay alive?
  7. THANK YOU, Slick. I sort've liked Lysistrata, and I liked her with Tad. At the time, the actress also had a few commercials that ran while she recurred in that role. And I adored Nurse Zora, loved how she always called Greenlee on her s***. But hated how it was in defense of bland Laura. Part of a minor storyline, but do any AMC fans recall Mr. U?
  8. Not sure what to think of this craze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkJnY87IVxU But THIS cracks me up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSGOOCxLGuQ Leave it to Lil' Mama...
  9. I've been trying to rack my brain to think of their names ever since y'all started this thread: The marriage counselor for Liza and Adam that briefly went out with Tad (Epiphany?). She was lost in a writing regime change I think (Culliton to Rayfield/Cascio?) The nurse for Laura when Leo was married to her that called her Bambi all the time? Does it count as remembering them when you can't recall their names?
  10. My favorites are when Janet rocks out like "Black Cat" and "If," or "What About." I do like the vibe of TTWLG.
  11. "An office that looks efficient is efficient...as Mr. Hart says." "As best as I could tell....my notes were a little fuzzy." Thanks, Roz, I know just where to stick it. Funny stuff. RIP
  12. It doesn't puzzle me at all. Ratings still weren't up, and it was Gloria-Freakin-Monty, who had brought the show back from the brink of cancellation in 78. They thought she could do it again. Unfortunately, as you say, it only got worse.
  13. All of these came around the time of Culliton and Rayfield/Cascio in the early aughts....nothing from that time period really affected the show. Hell, half the people in that time period were gone by the time McTavish was well into the baby switch. It certainly wasn't a story, per se, but one thing I always found fascinating was how quickly the Merrick saga was forgotten. They were introduced in the early nineties, spread all over the canvas and by 2005 were barely thought of. The final blow came from Edmund's unnecessary turn and sudden death. (Or was it when Julia turned it into Myrtle's boarding house?) I was happy Nader came back for the reboot.
  14. I sat here forever wondering if Eden Riegel and Cornelius Smith Jr. even shared scenes, let alone had a romance, until I read this post. Then it clicked. And THAT'S how inconsequential that story was.
  15. I do not know why I'm going hard for "Bitch, I'm Madonna," at this moment. Na-na-nuh-na-na!!
  16. OMG, this is just north of me. (I love the old man right behind her, rubbing his temples and forehead at the end and looking at her, like, "Are you through yet?")
  17. Miss Janet has always been one of my favorite artists. Rhythm Nation 1814 spoke to me at the time, and yes, it is dated and earnest, but at the time, it was influential. I remember one review likening it to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" in it's exploration of the day. It's also the album, IMHO, where the interludes worked the best. (I think the interludes are the only shot we ever have of seeing the "real janet," as there is always a high level of artifice surrounding the Jackson family). I was also into janet.; it always felt as if we were both exploring similar issues at similar times during the Control/RhythmNation/janet. days. She hasn't put out anything since 2008's Discipline, other than greatest hits lp's. Damita Jo happened around the time of the Super Bowl fiasco (and yes, JT left her high and dry), and ever since, she's been away from the airwaves, a victim of the double standard for flaunting sexuality. (Is this NOT a few years AFTER Diana Ross fondled lil Kim's pasty at the MTV awards?) Although a huge fan, I'm not immune to the criticism. Her voice is thin. Her albums can get samey, especially with the ballads, and in later albums, her voice is lost in all the production. The sexuality bit has worn tired, and it is particularly weary on Discipline, although there are several songs I enjoy on that album, as I do on all her albums. Unfortunately, after a big splash with the first single, nothing else was heard since. I also enjoy Janet's one-offs like her collaboration with Shaggy for "Stella" and her collaboration with Luther for "Mo' Money" as well as the early collaboration with Herb Alpert, "Diamonds." I particularly liked when Janet rocked out, as in "Black Cat," "If," and "What About." And the whole lip-synching bit? I didn't really care. I was there to see Janet dance.
  18. They started phasing out McKay's in the mid-nineties when they brought on a coffee shop, Insomniac, like Starbucks/Friends' Central Perk, where Julia Santos worked for a while. After the coffee shop was Hayley and Mateo's two bars, Holidays and SOS. Then some time later in the early 00's, McKay's was back, but it was a different set and then only referred to that for a short time; it eventually became Krystal's. Then with AMC 2.0, we got Jane's coffee shop, Jane's Addiction.
  19. Didn't the Goal Post become McKay's?
  20. IMHO, a "classic" is a work of art that will stand the test of time. For that to happen, there would have to be some level of quality to it. It also stands up to repeated viewings; something someone wants to see or hear time and time again. It is also a work that is highly influential and/or epitomizes a genre or style. In this instance, Star Wars, Jaws and ET are classics, in that many people enjoy watching them repeatedly, their narratives have stood the test of time, and each of them are representative of ideas that would be referred to as a touchstone. Star Wars for science fiction genre, Jaws for the summer blockbuster and even suspense/horror, and ET for family films and all three as blockbuster movies. Some movies can be labeled instant classics, because they are of such high quality and/or so beloved, they would fit the label. I'm thinking of when Schindler's List first came out. Many Christmas movies, despite the quality, fall under the "beloved" aspect. Christmas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase, comes to my mind as a "Christmas classic." It is also my opinion, however, the phrase "instant classic" is overused. There is also a distinction between "classic" and "cult classic." For instance, Mommie Dearest is a "cult classic." Many of these movies are "so bad they're good" or beloved despite the quality (Pink Flamingos) or that they involve a certain actor (Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns) or genre (Blade Runner, Friday the Thirteenth). When thinking of "classic films" for this thread, however, I believe the originator was thinking of movies that may have been prior to 1980. Possibly even just B&W movies. Most contributors have kept the thread in those areas.
  21. Greg Gordon played Brian when I first started watching. He was Trask's little brother. He and Hayley had to carry around a "flour baby" for a school assignment and when it burst, Hayley washed it out of her hair. Kelly Ripa goes upstairs a goth brunette and comes back down a blonde, and stayed that way. For me, Borlenghi, who I think came in early '91, was Brian. Eventually I got over the fact he was kind've dopey (unlike Gordon's Brian) and that he talked as if he were constipated and trying to push one out. The other two just weren't there long enough maybe. Although I did like Green's Brian with Dixie, as I couldn't see Cady with Borlenghi.
  22. "Pine Valley hasn't been the same since you left." No, Ms.Kane, it hasn't. Such delicious writing; such performances. I miss my soap.
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