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  1. The other night I went to see my friend star in "Matilda: The Musical" and found myself sitting right next to Maura West. Her 10 yr old daughter plays the lead character Matilda! She was incredible, & Maura is the loveliest person I've ever met & spoken with! 😍

    1. DRW50


      @P.J. might enjoy hearing this. I'm glad Maura was so kind. 

    2. P.J.


      Wow---thanks! That must be her youngest, Birdie. She's got musical kids...

    3. AllMyDaysatGH


      @P.J. Yes it was lil Birdie... sooo wonderful! 

  2. Feels like that's the closest I've ever seen Y&R/BB together. I'm sure it straightens out the next week but still pretty surreal!
  3. Lol I love reading this thread back. Even though I’m still extremely bitter towards Jamey and all the sh!t he used to talk on AMC (like I still get heated thinking bout it), he seemed to work extremely hard for this and I hope they get to continue on another cycle at least w/some more help😩
  4. Stumbled across this really touching Instagram post from an actor who used to appear on AMC as a Chandler security guard. He reflects warmly on David Canary and mentions La Lucci/DWTS (she really worked hard & they waited for her on long days) — https://www.instagram.com/p/B5QEeQ9JhPH/?igshid=zgg71kj80a2l Love it!
  5. Still miss this show so much. Been on a soap binge today. Caught up on reading the last yr of this thread — it’s extremely striking to see the rumblings about a possible reboot. I really think it could work. But above that, I really hope they consider putting the ENTIRE archives of AMC on the new Disney streaming platform. I’d watch the f!ck out of that. As someone who only knows the 2000’s AMC I’ve been desperate to look back. YT only has so much to take in. What are the limitations again? What exactly is blocking them from doing this? Ppl would flock 7-10 yrs ago my response to this would’ve been hostile. Now I’m just like, “girl bye” Lol ❤️❤️
  6. OMG! Thanks for the info. Yeah I’m going to start watching them again. DAYS/B&B at least. Love that for Sami. Can they come back tho? I just read that Ron Carlivati is writing DAYS nowadays. What the actual F. I despised his writing especially on GH. But I have to check this all out. 😎
  7. Goddamnit. I gotta admit, when Marlena said “Like sands through the hourglass...” it got me. I’m so mad I fell out of soaps. Trying to watch and there’s so many questions. Who on earth is Jordan, what’s going on w/Hope and where’s Sami ? Great time to start watching again. The time jump will be interesting to watch unfold. Still hoping Rafe disappears for good
  8. OMG, I just watched the last episode available of this show. Haven’t seen in like 4 yrs. Was not expecting to see Thomas thrown in acid. He’s really killed off?? Can someone tell me who Douglas is and also, who is Steffy’s baby with? #shook
  9. I'm shocked to hear the show jumped time, I gotta check out how they execute it this next wk!
  10. Shocking news. Something about this seems really callous. I feel bad for Gina. Also @ChitHappens stop calling her Staffinfection lol
  11. I haven't watched soaps in like 5 yrs so seeing this randomly is so jarring. What on earth is Amanda Dillon doing in Salem? LOL and how are Hope and Rafe MARRIED? Where are Bo and Sami. OMG! Horrid. I miss being into soaps so bad 😂
  12. Truly devastating. RIP. Love the tweet from Tyler C
  13. Yes!! My part is “Isn’t that true Maria? SAINT Maria of Wildwind, tending to the sick in her push up bra. Always ready to relieve SUFFERING as long as the suffering isn’t MINE. And that brings me to my so called husband.” I get my life every time !! Twitter would have a field day. I’m determined.
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