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  1. The way I'm over here SOBBING @ this PHOTO!!! OMG. Please have Alicia/Susan/Eden in the same vid I will scream.
  2. Man I only heard about this just yesterday when I saw Susan Lucci promo'd it on her Instagram lol. Had to set it to record immediately! It was a bit of a discombobulated mess, and they clearly took NO time to go back into the tape/video archives & render clips out appropriately. That was the most glaring - everything looked awful when it didn't have to! Seriously the GH/AMC stuff from 2008-2011 had me cringing. The clip of Jane & Erica looked so bad WHY??? But not gonna lie I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time. I loved it. Love the memories and everyone reflecting back especially Cranston, Stamos, Slezak, all the writers, producers and executives, etc.. I'm a sucker for that. Always enjoy all the BTS footage as well. Even though there wasn't a clear theme or through-line, the editing was very well done & a lot of love clearly went into it the whole program! PS loved the soaps/sports durability comparison and how they recognized the male demographic that tune(d) in in droves as well😊
  3. Tom Pelphrey in Ozark Season 3 is must watch! He stole the entire show/storyline. Phenomenal!
  4. Ppl that do freelance work in film/television are so screwed. I will be freaking soon! 😩🙃 I'm really holding out hope for every1! Also, not so fast ... False alarm - the President approved!
  5. I'm pretty certain I'm the only person on earth who loved Fusion & its storylines. Obsessed! DAYS: Touch The Sky Airlines. What on earth was going on w/ the show then? Unwatchable
  6. I was reading all over Twitter last night Bernie's supporter's defending Ben Mora (the field director), even calling him a "hero," etc...they were like worshipping him. It reminded me of Trump fans defending everything he does and says honestly🤢So disturbing
  7. The other night I went to see my friend star in "Matilda: The Musical" and found myself sitting right next to Maura West. Her 10 yr old daughter plays the lead character Matilda! She was incredible, & Maura is the loveliest person I've ever met & spoken with! 😍

    1. DRW50


      @P.J. might enjoy hearing this. I'm glad Maura was so kind. 

    2. P.J.


      Wow---thanks! That must be her youngest, Birdie. She's got musical kids...

    3. AllMyDaysatGH


      @P.J. Yes it was lil Birdie... sooo wonderful! 

  8. Feels like that's the closest I've ever seen Y&R/BB together. I'm sure it straightens out the next week but still pretty surreal!
  9. Lol I love reading this thread back. Even though I’m still extremely bitter towards Jamey and all the sh!t he used to talk on AMC (like I still get heated thinking bout it), he seemed to work extremely hard for this and I hope they get to continue on another cycle at least w/some more help😩
  10. Stumbled across this really touching Instagram post from an actor who used to appear on AMC as a Chandler security guard. He reflects warmly on David Canary and mentions La Lucci/DWTS (she really worked hard & they waited for her on long days) — https://www.instagram.com/p/B5QEeQ9JhPH/?igshid=zgg71kj80a2l Love it!
  11. Still miss this show so much. Been on a soap binge today. Caught up on reading the last yr of this thread — it’s extremely striking to see the rumblings about a possible reboot. I really think it could work. But above that, I really hope they consider putting the ENTIRE archives of AMC on the new Disney streaming platform. I’d watch the f!ck out of that. As someone who only knows the 2000’s AMC I’ve been desperate to look back. YT only has so much to take in. What are the limitations again? What exactly is blocking them from doing this? Ppl would flock 7-10 yrs ago my response to this would’ve been hostile. Now I’m just like, “girl bye” Lol ❤️❤️
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