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  1. BellaCuore

    The Tennis Thread

    Thank you for posting... She is truly sweet.
  2. BellaCuore

    Mariah Carey Thread

    ^^^ That is VERY beautiful. I completely agree.
  3. BellaCuore

    Mariah Carey Thread

    I know she was heavy and still inappropriate but that pic is photoshopped? I just looked it up. I knew she had gotten heavy but I knew she did not look like that pic that is posted. I saw several and they are the same as this pic I am posting. Obviously somebody wanted her to look more heavy than the actual photo.
  4. BellaCuore

    Mariah Carey Thread

    I would. That song was and still is amazing and played still all the time with a lot of her music on the radio everyday.... I don't find her irrelevant. She can still sing. I also do not compare her to JLo. To be honest JLo may have fans but I don't care for her music and never did, sure she is pretty but I don't care for her music at all.... I loved her so much around this time in this video when she 1st became popular... I used to have my hair exactly like her and my hair is naturally curly (not that it matters no I am not AA but European w/with olive skin complexion)….Don't ask why I blow it out str8...Now looking here again, makes me want to stop blowing it str8...Anywhoo. She looks fabulous here and her voice outstanding. This song also shows me how she can still sing and perform, she did a remake-- This remake is also so beautiful-
  5. BellaCuore

    Vet let go at Y&R

    While I am a bit surprised (as some elsewhere made it seem he was untouchable for some reason?) I also know he is barely shown and his s/l's have not been good under quite a few writers. I remember when Brad ( A Veteran) was killed off in such a gruesome way and then his daughter another legacy character was also killed off? I was completely crushed over Brad (Don) had a lot of story left along with his daughters. Also crushed on how they let him leave the show, then Colleen (without any chance of recast??) I think it's been under quite a few writers certain characters should have not gone. Mal has a lot going on wrong BUT let's face facts.....Paul has not been good under a lot of different writers. I would say over a decade now.
  6. BellaCuore

    Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don't think Josh is doing anything wrong...I feel that ship sailed long ago. I just feel they don't have chemistry... He may not be the best Actor (but he does have fans who do love him, although he isn't my type, I go for more than just looks I like a character to be good looking and intelligent) ..Nick as the character I don't find very bright in the slightest.... I also do not find Sharon to be much better.... Nick has his sweetness as a character but I do not feel his character is meant to be the brightest person in the least.
  7. BellaCuore

    Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well I am not happy about the Abbott paternity s/l but I do have to say all involved except for Kyle, the acting is good. I do not like all these crazy rewrites as if us viewers are a bunch of ignorant people and won't notice which I find offensive. Kyle was here before and he had no problems with Jack which is why I find this s/l very hard to swallow...I mean we had an adult Kyle before the recast and nothing like this was happening. He was with Summer at 1 point and Phyllis tried to stop the whole thing. Also do not care for Sharon and Nick redo...I also although not so important wonder why her hair looks like straw...Not to crazy about Sharon although I dislike Phyllis a lot more. Sharon just is blah she has no fire. Also the love scene was grossly boring and lacked any fire.. I'm still upset that Reed was written off .... The Actor was happy to say he would come back if asked. I feel he has a lot of potential and is able to act...I think he was super sweet and especially with Maddie. I thought their scenes were sweet. I do not think Sam is Cane's son, he is very cute but we haven't seen him in a long time but I know I have always felt he wasn't his son as I felt he was way too drunk to perform and didn't remember a thing. That's also besides the point that I think he is a ginormous idiot and so blech....
  8. BellaCuore

    Y&R: Another actress back

    Wasn't thrilled with her appearance at the reunion and am not thrilled she will be back. I also find it hard to buy her being an Attorney. If they needed somebody other than Michael, they could have brought Leslie or Avery back.
  9. BellaCuore

    Y&R New AA male Contract role

    I just went to look again. Cause there was so many pics I didnt see. She still looks the same. He has beef with "The Kardashian's" LOL ....I can't stand any of them and his page made me despise them more. I just never could tolerate them... Is he some comedian ??? I ask because he puts a lot of things meant to be a joke and literally has thousands of people liking the pics or video's. Lots of followers.
  10. BellaCuore

    ABBA reunion coming in 2018

    They are fabulous. Love them...Good to hear they did something new.
  11. BellaCuore

    Y&R New AA male Contract role

    Since I read some went to look further. Tempted me and I looked at clicked on his Instagram account. He is a funny dude. He did a video spoof of what happens when he see's women's boobs. LOL Also a pic way down he is in with a woman...If you look quickly who is very similar to Hillary, same hair and figure maybe a little more filled out, but MM I can tell lost a bit of weight.