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  1. Well they did have Carl abandon Mary...….lol.....He made a life with another woman and they left it that way.
  2. It will be a very emotional week....I don't look forward to saying goodbye to KSJ and Neil at all. I know I will be a blubbering mess...... I was sick when it happened but having to say goodbye will be very very difficult with a man who was on my screen for 28 years and not to mention he was too young to die.
  3. NP....I tend to do the same myself. LOL... I know a lot of actors in soaps but not familiar with some or characters on others. I did however watch back in the old days, popular s/l's on other soaps other than Y&R...... Jessie and Angie, AMC....Jenny and Greg AMC, Luke and Laura GH (years ago), ATWT had a few back in the day as well (which was great writing back then) I was big on Dynasty years back. Loved the catfights. LOL
  4. Sorry Kman101 I understand you don't like Amelia and I see you making references to other actors or characters from other soaps, who I do not know. I mainly have watched Y&R and don't really know these other characters or actors you mentioned. I do get what you are saying of course.
  5. It has always been my fervent wish Brad be brought back and along with Colleen. It always has been and hasn't changed. I also would be ok with Heather Tom back with Victoria. It would probably be better for the show.
  6. I said this elsewhere and since it is a soap opera, it could work.... Maybe since Neil had his mother on the show who passed. They come to later find out that she had another son (being Neil's brother obviously) out there....possibly bringing him on and intertwine them of course with Lily, Devon, Ana and the rest of the family. Including bringing back Moses as he should be brought back. Love Ana she is so friggin' beautiful and also sweet to boot....and can the Actress can Act as well. I was so happy when they brought her back and to see the chemistry she has with everyone as well is fantastic. Also need to step up Devon's role to be even more prominent… Maybe they can bring Roxy back (TA) for him. I think they were an awesome and at the time they split them up instead.
  7. Please end the JT s/l.... I don't think I can take anymore.
  8. Ditto...While it started I then had to shut off in the middle as it was hurting me to see it...I have it taped and will watch but felt it was too much at the moment. If you give me some time I have loads more and will post in a few days....Glad you like them. I just get a little sad looking and at times I get the courage to post. A little too fresh and emotions go up and down cause it is so fresh, not to mention, we grew with him on screen and he was way way too young.
  9. This thread makes me sad and I have to say as I have said elsewhere you cannot do something as such...Same as trying to recast Katherine, Jack, Nikki, Jill or Victor......I always loved KSJ for so many reasons not just his acting and he is ONLY Neil....always will be Neil.... (SIGH)
  10. +1...... NO you didn't get my post. I meant speaking of other peoples issues other than KSJ...I don't want to dictate anything at all but I was just offering an opinion...I never told people they can't and I wouldn't, just my opinion is all. I would not try to dictate anything.... I also didn't say my way was the only way. I wouldn't say or feel that. You are "twisting completely" what I felt was right in my opinion.....Then to say that I think..... my way is the only way which I didn't ever say nor would I nor do I feel that....I don't know where you got that from? Just trying to bring peace and bring peeps together. I guess it didn't work out too well.... Which I see I was attacked for and also cause I answer people some think I am trying to have the last word??? Geeze....I was not, just being polite to answer and explain but as I am told "nobody gives a damn what I think" and "I should shut the hell up"...Hurtful. No matter the difference in opinion.... I wouldn't say that to somebody... Goodnight.
  11. I didn't try to dictate anything. I gave my opinion on something but I wasn't do blatantly rude as you to me to shut hell up.....It's funny you not once answer my post but only to insult and tell me to shut the hell up? I thought I was allowed as other posters said to speak my opinion. I guess not cause it showed here you have zero self control and attacked me just because I mentioned it was an honor thread for him....I have never told anybody what to post but if somebody is going to insult things and expect me not to give my opinion I feel it's wrong and to attack me as you have is blatantly wrong. I didn't attack anybody I spoke my peace and was explaining myself to whom questioned me. I wont speak of VR and her issues as I feel it's not the place but I don't feel KsJ was treated badly as he never had issues with TPTB, he was on the show and obviously shown very happy with the cast for 28 years in interviews and videos. No need to attack and hurl insults as well as to tell me to "shut the hell up" as nobody cares what I have to say... Thank you for that.....
  12. I wasn't trying to? I was just answering people who were speaking to me.
  13. I never said you couldn't. I just felt there is a time and place as this is his thread to honor him that was all.... I guess we just see it different as this is about his resting in peace thread. I guess you don't see it that way but that is OK..... I may not agree with you but it that is OK.....I also may not agree about certain other things but I am for civil rights for ALL people.... was brought up that way wouldn't ever change that.... then again even if I wasn't I know my heart and mind would have been that way already....I also may not agree that everything had to do with race …..but I am I really good and fair person who doesn't label races EVER and loves people who are good nomatter their race, religion. No point in carrying on, I am sure you get my point.... May Kristoff rest peacefully
  14. I really loved this s/l with Neil....I just felt it was cut too short.... I just cannot believe I won't see KSJ anymore with anything new. I can't get over that he is gone. Makes me so very sad. I still can't believe I see his name in a memorial.....Sometimes when things like this happen I question my faith.....maybe I shouldn't but I do...Had he be older it would have been easy to accept but not at such a young age....He had so much more time to enjoy life here. I remember her when she was on Star Trek and kissed Captain Kirk which was noted the 1st and most famous interracial kiss.. Gorgeous, beautiful sweet man.....
  15. I respectfully disagree AND nor did I say to speak about Doug Davidson or his issues....I can sense the condescension in your post. I unlike some feel Neil was able to do well with others and alone on this show. It won him 2 Emmys and countless nominations along with loads of NAACP awards. There is a difference when you speak of VR and her issues on a "RIP thread for KSJ" then rather speaking of Dru the character. He has been on the show and had many stories before and after VR with loads of story and also on the show for 28 years. I have seen it done elsewhere with over 1000 posts not mentioning VR or her issues....The character Dru sure, but nothing about her issues with the show or any deflecting off of KSJ.... That is ok if you don't agree because I don't need validation as I have seen elsewhere and even on social media fan sites honoring KSJ without bringing VR's issues or other negative drama. I just see it much different as speaking of his chemistry with characters rather than VR issues or anybody else's issues. I choose to honor and celebrate KSJ and Neil......Hope that is OK. Moving forward....Have a good night.
  16. Read your countless back posts going back and forth with others. Please don't play games.
  17. Obviously she meant well..... No offense to you that you have helped make a "Rest in peace thread of KSJ turned into Victoria Rowell" which I find sad and disgraceful with countless posts all about her issues with YR/Sony when this is about KSJ and honoring him I will leave the thread as I don't want to be part of disrespecting a beloved man who died tragically and it's VR is brought up nomatter when this is NOT about her.
  18. Honoring KSJ as I always have said I loved his character singularly and will keep my posts honoring him....A 2 time Emmy winner...Multiple NAACP award winner. Here is some more cast tributes below. This one is REALLY FUN....
  19. That also made me cry...I saw this last night and I took a bunch a pics from twitter and instagram for another group who can't see all this. I love Don as well....KSJ had also so many who he didn't even work with in the industry who adored him as well... ATWT although no longer airing made a statement as well. So beautiful... People again were making comments about how nobody made statements. I told them people need time, they are devastated that a young, gorgeous talented man who was their friend is gone. So I showed them. If they could only see what is on FB from the same people and others who work with him, did not work with him but friends, writers, producers....It is HUGE the outpour....Rightfully so.... I wish people would realize some can't even speak as their so upset/devastated…..Doesn't make their grief and devastation less. I know I made a few statements but had to stop cause it is so heartbreaking and upsetting.
  20. Exactly...It shows me how talented he (although I didn't need to validate it but still nice) was and loved as well.
  21. Exactly although the outpour was tremendous.... I read the whole cast and crew are completely devastated, how could they not be...He was young, beautiful, talented and had so much to live for.... We are devastated....They worked side by side with him and he had many friends there and throughout the whole industry. So we have to realize if we feel this way imagine their very dear friend and colleague? Tell me about it....I'm welling up again.
  22. same here... Doesn't sound selfish at all. He had a lot to live for and I know losing a child is terrible nobody should have to go through that but if he did this to himself, I wish somehow he could have gotten the proper help.. I am so sad, I need to stop looking and maybe we can make a thread celebrating his life instead.....I just also feel so awful for his daughters. I so hope he knew how loved he was and as I said if he did this to himself. People need to try to help others we know dealing with this and get them the proper help. The people left behind when a person dies grieve but it ends up being tragic when it is a person so young who hasn't lived a long life. So unfair.
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