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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Just to let you know, the user has added an unlisted playlist with all the episodes that's been uploaded so far. Thank you, but the video is not available. 😞
  2. Typical Bell. Killing off characters that shouldn't be while doing everything he can (re-writing history/changing characters, etc.) to keep the ones that should've been let go years ago. No wonder I haven't watched the show in years. This is ridiculous!
  3. I can't think of many of shows I actually loved from beginning to end. Most of the shows I've watched over the years started out good, but ended badly. The only show I can think of, that I watched as a kid, is "Press Gang", but my feelings on that might be different now since I haven't watched it in years. This video is a great tribute to the main character, IMO.
  4. I was just wondering if there are any playlists posted by YRBB on youtube? I would really like to watch all the clips/episodes that's been posted by YRBB, but they're all unlisted so it's almost impossible for me to find any of them without any links. Having links to the playlists, if they exist, would be very helpful. TIA! 🙂
  5. Bill Bell was great at that when he was in charge. His son is just a hack. I've been wishing for a new HW/EP for a long time, but with the way daytime recycles HWs it probably wouldn't be much of an improvement.
  6. ETA:Can some one tell me how to resize this? It's the first time I've posted a video here, but it looks like it's a little too big.
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