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  1. Watching reruns of the original Equalizer:

    There are few things more satisfying than watching Kevin Spacey fall out a window to his death ❤️

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      Finally saw it on the now defunct Sleuth channel yrs ago. Really enjoyed the series. Lots of the guest stars. Went on to have big careers. Really captured the grittiness New York had in the 80's.

  2. I also can't let go of his objections to his pairing with Angie at AMC back in the day. There's objection to a bad story, and then it steps over a line, and I feel his objections are just a TOUCH loud, and in the wrong places.
  3. Carrie and Austin's son is apparently named Noah. I'm sure that'll change once he's actually onscreen, though Agreed on all counts. There is an embarrassment of riches to work with, and with such interesting histories to work with, the stories would write themselves if the writers would bother to do a minute of research. I still struggle to understand why Ciara isn't the daddy-starved brat Lauren Boles played. Nathan was underdeveloped, but would be great if he was fleshed out better. Hell, we don't even know who his FATHER is, over ten years later! Johnny should be the vaguely soc
  4. The show's problem is really that, while they invested a lot of time and energy into their young characters in the 2000s and 2010s, they didn't develop them as much as CHARACTERS, and they're paying for that now. The last blast crew are so generic they change personalities with every visit, and the 2010s teen crew, while better developed, don't follow through with the directions their histories suggest they should have. Chad should NEVER have forgiven Gabi, nevermind fallen for her. That not only negated the previous 3-4 years of story, but it also removed a lot of Gabi's thrust as a cha
  5. That one person was a writer. Guaranteed. The only type of person who would've gone "who would be the most dramatic person to be the babydaddy, hmmmm" is a writer.
  6. Yeah, well. DAYS does that a lot nowadays. See revealing Eli is David's son in the same instant that we find out David drove his motorbike into a ditch and died. All offscreen. I miss Marlena's snark. She needs a snark partner, be it Kristen, Hope, or Mary. Deidre is great when she gets to show that side of Marlena. You're right as well, What I've seen of the reveal of Kellam's rape was riveting. But again, I think it's harder to give it 100% when the stories you're given are so...shall we say, fanciful. I had Noelle come to town married to a secretly bisexual Alex Kiriakis,
  7. Agreed. I don't think the synopsies do justice to the work Deidre put in to sell these stinkers at the time. Liz should have been back so many times. I still think Noelle and Liz need to come back. When putting together my fanfic, I had Linsey Godfrey in as Noelle before the show cast her as Sarah, and honestly, agewise, I still think it's a better fit. I do get the sense as well that Marlena was, up until around 1980, very much on the B-story at DAYS. She just kept knocking what material she was given out of the park and when Rabin cleared the rest of the vets out in 1980, she w
  8. I mean, REALLY! Even if AMC wasn't generally your cup of tea, the stories were WAY more interesting than what DAYS was giving you at the time. And then at CBS you have Y&R? DAYS didn't stand a chance with The Misadventures of the Omnipotent Chandlers. Y&R on its WORST days in the 80s was a thousand times more interesting than what we've been reading about on DAYS.
  9. It's funny, the stuff we're discussing is so clear in my mind, and yet, just months later, I have completely lost interest in writing the monthly synopsies I was doing. I know I'll get back to them in time, in one form or another, but like...it's surprising how quickly DAYS shifted to this whole slew of new characters I simply couldn't care less about. Most of the stories before, no matter how bad they were, were at least engaging enough that I got sucked into writing about them, and the characters, and everything. But Laemmle's characters were so bland that, with the exception of Jessica, who
  10. Who just happened to work for NBC! yeah, if it walks like a duck...
  11. In a sensible world, the kidney issue would've been what finally brings the sisters back together, but they'd already reconciled by then because Ann Marcus said so. The kidney story was the next in a series of annoying domestic disputes between Don and Marlena that inadvertently showed just how poorly matched they were. Marlena was willing to give up a kidney for Sam, her own pregnancy be damned, and Don didn't even want Sam in the house. It's a miracle their marriage lasted another year, to be honest. I think PFS knew there wasn't much for Sam to do, knowing that, ultimately, she wa
  12. Oh for sure! And that's the thing. Not a year later, Sam's back in Hollywood, and Marlena has forgiven Sam so totally that she's asked her to be Maid of Honour at her wedding! But somehow Donna isn't worth forgiving at this point, for much less horrific crimes?? It all just made no sense. I honestly think that PFS just saw what a terrible set of stories Sam had and just decided "nah". The twist of everyone thinking the Strangler got Marlena was too inspired an opportunity to pass up, and, in all fairness, watching what I have of Andrea Hall, she's not much of an actress. She would foul u
  13. Nah, you're not the only one. Especially all because Sam was addicted to pills that impaired her judgment? Sam ain't THAT smart. It made Don look even dumber than he usually does. And yeah, they made up within a year. It was honestly stupid to me, because it felt like Ann Marcus refused to give that story any long-term fallout, and AFAIC, the breakdown of Sam and Marlena's relationship could've been GREAT, especially since AM introduced Marlena's parents and all. Marlena's tension between knowing that Sam only did what she did because her drug abuse, and the deep mistrust and trauma of be
  14. Exactly how I felt reading through the monthly recaps during the Sam locks Marlena away story. I can just see how absolutely put off viewers would've been after years of Bell and PFS' brilliance to see that mess play out. Not to mention the fact that not only do they NOT look identical, but Sam's voice was markedly lower than even Deidre Hall's voice TODAY. How they expected us to believe that not only her colleagues of over a year, but her intimate partner wouldn't notice the difference beggars belief!
  15. Yep! And Neil wouldn't let up, as he is wont to do. Basically just drove her over the edge (and into the lake?) One of her first episodes after her return in 1979 was the same 3-19-79 episode where Stephanie's in the hospital after trying to pan-fry her hands. But that's the only episode I've seen of hers. She comes off as quite likeable, from what little I see.
  16. And I think at one point, she was so depressed by Neil's philandering, she walked herself into the sea to die by suicide. The hysterectomy was due to cancer so she had to terminate her pregnancy that was a WTD between Chris and Greg, as well. Yikes!
  17. Oh that's been a pet peeve of mine for ages. Mitch Longley being the anomaly that he is in the soap world is yet another damning indictment of the rampant ableism in the industry.
  18. I could see it. I probably also would have not made Paul a retcon secret child of John's from a period when he was front burner in story, but that's for another thread. I also think that they could have found a more organic way to make Will a bit more of a b!tch, almost as a reaction to Sonny. That volatility could have been exciting, and rebelling against Sonny's desire for domestication by sleeping around a bit would have kept things fresh. Hell, tie it to Titan, and bring on one of Sonny's brothers, and have Will hook up with him in an attempt to move up the ladder at work, whil
  19. Realistically, the stories I would want to see some of these characters in do play on some of these things, but I think if you commit to fleshing them out in terms of character and family, you can still be compelling beyond just the optics of the story at hand. Having Will have an affair with Paul on DAYS came too soon and the character changed too quickly, but it could have been done much smoother if they had played up Sonny's domineering side, trying to control Will's career (not wanting him working for a Titan company, fearing Will would get sucked into the family mess etc), and
  20. Yeaaaah, we were discussing her DAYS run in the DAYS behind-the-scenes thread, and reading through the Daytime Serial Newsletter recaps from her run...it was one show she just did NOT get, and, while it may have played better onscreen, she messed up a LOT of what Pat Falken Smith had set up, and her pacing was...too quick. I'll let you judge for yourself, but the general consensus was that she was a bad bad fit. But yes, everywhere else, particularly in prime time, her work has largely been nothing but praised, and especially her turnaround of KL, so I still have to give her props for tha
  21. That explains why I never saw it. Our cable back then was MacLean-Hunter and we didn't get Bravo/Showcase/Etc. until about 1995? I'll keep my eyes peeled if any more content comes out. I feel like Ann Marcus was, beyond her disastrous DAYS run, considered a pretty solid writer.
  22. That does sound like an interesting plan. It sounds like her return wasn't entirely designed to be so short. I have to wonder what forced her back out so soon.
  23. Yeah, saw that, though going through Capitol's credits from that period, and there's no mention of him that I see (though they could omit writers who aren't writing that particular episode, so who knows?) Just working on a little project for YouTube, and am looking for whatever info I can find.
  24. Random shift in subject, but can we confirm if Reilly's first writing gig in soaps was at RH? I find it fascinating that he worked for so long under PFS in his early years, given what came later, especially at DAYS. Info pre-RH is hard to come by.
  25. There truly rarely is. Bob was an exception, where his death truly only could've led to more story than him staying alive. Stephanie allying with Linda and Alex against Chris and Mary would've been a great set up, especially if Stephanie waited to shock everyone with the news that she was, in fact, Brooke, and had a claim to the estate, throwing her support behind Linda, and screwing Mary out of control. The rivalry between the sisters could've lasted years!
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