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  1. Ahh thank you for this! Of all the compliments you could give, the Bell comparison was the best one, haha! A lot of how I wanted to go with Neil was down to knowing Maggie and Neil had chemistry, but hating how Sarah's paternity came to ultimately be. I think revisiting Mickey's mental illness and having him be the one to really give Neil the kick in the seat to change his ways, especially seeing as Mickey's recovery was so truncated on the show, would be interesting. I know there was a lot of hope that Bill and Laura have more story, but I honestly don't know where else those two co
  2. I gotta focus my energies on one project at a time. As much as I'd love to plot this one out, I just don't feel like I've got it in me right now, while I've got so much else on my plate. So...here, have a look at what I'd planned for this and tell me what you think. Admittedly, some stories are further developed than others, so if you're curious about anything in particular, I'm more than happy to elaborate. I ultimately wanted Donna to stick around and become spoiler to Bo and Hope, as I feel Tracey Bregman and Peter Reckell would have FIRE chemistry. Personally, I think the revolving door of
  3. Strongly considering a vault for DAYS. Struggling to figure out exactly how to create one, or where. Suggestions? Help? LOL

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      Would love one! Not sure how to do it though LOL hopefully someone can

  4. I suspect it might be a good idea to start a DAYS vault, under the circumstances. I MIGHT look into it. I love the german and french episodes being uploaded, though I've always loathed watching dubbed TV. Something about it always just irritated me, so it's hard to watch. But it's still delightful to see the footage, regardless.
  5. I mean, after the number of DiMeras that had faked their deaths by that point, I probably wouldn't be too shocked either tbf.
  6. I can see why. DJs death could have been a fascinating story, but was instead basically used as a wedge for Don and Marlena, and it seems they hardly delved into Don's feelings about it. Especially since he had lost another child years before. They instead just made him a nasty,defensive pig, and made Marlena come off as a shut in who only talks to Kellam and literally no one else. It's very bizarre. I know SOD doesn't do the best job of filling in character motivations (can you tell I still miss Daytime Serial Newsletter?), but you don't even get a glimmer of what the hell these p
  7. That's what's interesting to me. She seems to have gone back to the Ann Marcus lightning pace that very clearly did not work for Marcus. Granted, I know the times had changed, and rather rapidly, but even GH had plenty of room for character development, whereas we still don't really understand what Chandler's end goal really is, or why they're so hellbent on controlling every aspect of everyone in Salem's lives. I would've been interested in hearing more about Sunny Chandler, her sons, and her fate. Probably one of the only truly intriguing bits of the Chandler family mess, and that, of course
  8. After some tweaking and double checking to make sure I'm on track, I've got June ready. As always, PLEASE feel free to send feedback my way. I love hearing your ideas and critiques, guys. I wanna see what I can do with the threads Harrower left for us.
  9. JUNE 1979 Susan, fresh back in Salem, pays the David Martin Clinic a visit, and the first person she visits is Tom, who is thrilled to see her back in Salem. When he presses Susan as to the reason for her visit, Susan informs Tom that this isn't merely a visit, Susan and Anne are back in Salem permanently. Things with Eric didn't work out, and she feels that, no matter what, she's at home in Salem. Tom is thrilled to have her back, and wonders if Susan will return to working at the David Martin Clinic. Susan wishes to do so, but also feels the clinic is running fine without her, so
  10. Okay, it's time to find out about the Great Caning That Wasn't of 1980, and all other associated nonsense! Apologies for not doing more of these lately, I've had one hell of a holiday season. A note about August: I read over some of the Tune In Tomorrow recaps, and discovered that David left town in a hurry because Mary told him if he didn't, she WOULD press charges, thus his sudden desperation to leave for greener pastures, so his motivation to take off is a little less...unsympathetic. He's still a whiny bitch tho. ONWARD to Nina Laemmle's last month!
  11. I find Monica so very much softer in the June '78 episode. It's interesting to see how quickly she hardened as she assimilated into the Qs. Despite being the schemer prior to this, she was still a nervous wreck as she dealt with an upper crust family like the Quartermaines. It was neat to see, especially to see an episode from what's probably Jane Elliot's first week on the show. @Franko I can't imagine there'd be this much talk of the details of the event without it airing, tbh. I found the fact they didn't actually show the Grand Jury testimony interesting. Was this budget, or Mo
  12. I've spent the holidays writing writing writing and I feel so inspired. It's such a relief to feel this sense of positivity after the strange, awful year I've had. To a great 2021!

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      Good for you!!! Keep it going!!!

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      WTG, @beebs! It's always good to hear of someone feeling positive and happy after the year that we all had.

  13. Still working on DAYS1979, and the recaps. Just had a really blecchy week (close friend is in hospital, problems at work). I'll be working more on them this weekend, so you'll see me around. Happy holidays, y'all!

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      So sorry to hear about your struggles. Happy holidays.

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      I'm sorry to hear about your week as well, @beebs.  Happy Holidays (and please take your time with the DAYS recaps, we're in no rush).

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      Thanks @DRW50and @Khan.


      Hope you're having an excellent day!

  14. So I'm gonna try to do this as painlessly as possible. TBH, I can't wait for Laemmle to leave at this point. Having said this, the 8-12-80 episode that is posted on the Internet Archive plays a whole lot better than I anticipated, given the storylines thus far. Let's get to it! August 1980: Mrs. Chisholm asks Josh what he thinks about Jessica. Josh says she's too young for him. Flora counters that she might need a older man since she's "such a free spirit", and says that her own husband was significantly older than her. If Josh doesn't do something soon, Flo
  15. First off, glad to hear from you. The feedback is super-appreciated! I'm not the HUGEST fan of SORAS, but I figured...well...the ship has sailed with Mike and David already, so I'll likely freeze their ages somewhat for awhile, or at least age up some others to kind of...balance the scales a bit. As a result, yes, Anne and Susan are Anne and Susan Peters. Unfortunately, I wrote this without taking a second to remind myself how they left Salem (if they left Salem at all, in fact), as Daytime Serial Newsletter basically just...kinda...stopped writing about Susan without addressing wh
  16. Here we go. May 1979 coming your way. Hope to hear what y'all think, and maybe I'll have some ideas on what to do next (I have a plan, but, of course, the more ideas, the better).
  17. Marie and Laura embrace, not having seen each other for awhile, but the happy reunion is short-lived. Marie is concerned to learn that Laura hasn't told anyone in Salem of her visit. Marie insists that Laura tell her family of her whereabouts, but Laura pleads with Marie to keep her secret, if only for a few days. She just needs to be alone. In Salem, Bill heads for the airport, hoping to find out where Laura flew to. When the desk clerk is reticent to share that info, Bill pleads, insisting that he's looking for his wife, and asks if a Laura Horton had booked a last minute flight the
  18. In all honesty, it would've fit Reilly's fetish for Catholicism to have Sister Marie in Salem, but I shudder to think of exactly what exact kinds of blasphemy would occur if she were in town at that time.
  19. I really can't wait to get to this part in the story because right now Jessica looks so immature and unsympathetic and I have virtually no context as to why, and it's intriguing me (not enough to write out August 1980, mind you, but...)
  20. Might not have been private two years ago when they made that tweet.
  21. @Franko I feel like Liz was fairly public about exposing Lee's affair with her ex-husband, but I also think Lee was more focused on being dumped by Doug, so that's probably the source of the humiliation. I think the first business trip Chris took coincided with Stephanie dying, Bob having his last heart attack, and Mary deciding she was marrying Alex and was gonna install him as de facto head of the company in Bob's absence. So like... He comes back after 3 weeks and the company, in that time, is completely different than when he left. Every time he goes away, wild sh! t goes down,
  22. Thanks @AbcNbc247! I'm glad you liked it! I admit, I didn't really have much for Bill and Laura, or Mickey and Maggie at first, but I think I've got a plan formulating, at the very least, for Mickey and Maggie, so that'll prove interesting. I may give Bill and Laura a bit of a rest for now, but we will see how that goes. Re: Mary and the government contract, I'm gonna leave that going, mostly because it feels like an unnecessary beat to play, since they just...immediately went back to an almost-identical storyline involving the government contract for the solar panels, so like...why bothe
  23. Sorry, y'all. I got caught up in writing the DAYS '79 fanfic, I neglected updating everyone on 1980. I think I'm subconsciously dreading what's coming, tbh. Let's get to this nonsense: Neil and Liz are seeing each other more and more. Neil's quenching that thirst, getting a room at a cheap motel for him and Liz to hook up, where he *gasp* insinuates that Liz could convince him to be monogamous! I'll believe it when I see it. After checking up on Lee, Liz and Neil have lunch, where Liz fills Neil in on Lee's shady dealings in the past. She tells
  24. I hope you enjoy when you do! And please, feel free to give feedback. I don't claim to be an expert on DAYS history, so if anything rings false or if there's any story direction you'd rather I go in, speak up. I'm just having fun with this one!
  25. So, I decided to do it. I got so frustrated writing up the recaps as Nina Laemmle's DAYS, much like Stephanie Woodroffe, careened off a cliff as 1979 turned to 1980. So I decided to flesh out the story ideas I had, and to put it to you all! Let's run with the ball Ann Marcus and Elizabeth Harrower threw and see where this could go without the massive upheaval.
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