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  1. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Yeah, I can get why he did it that way.
  2. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Christel's one of those weaker actresses who play scheming bitch better. I've never been fond of whiny Lily. I wanted Dru's daughter to be stronger. Hilary is more like Dru's daughter than her own daughter. It was only a matter of time before MY started down the Pratt path. He likely wants to shock and awe and try to raise the ratings. He wasn't doing the worst job on his own at first, it was a bit rusty but I was kinda getting into it, sort of, but I've definitely lost a lot of interest. I'm really annoyed ice queen Victoria didn't last because it suits Heinle and I honestly was starting to come around ... but all I see is her getting told she's awful for being a strong and confident business woman. Sure she has terrible people skills at times, but it seems all about beating a strong character down and I hate it (like with Hilary). Not that a strong person can't fall victim to an abuser. But it never made sense for it to be Victoria, IMHO. Heather's Victoria would rip JT's balls off right then and there. LOL
  3. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    She was completely unprofessional, IMHO. She should have been the one let go. I know Tom was rusty and people were used to frat boy Miller grinning but what a missed opportunity, bringing him back and it all got turned to [!@#$%^&*]. She'll just never be Victoria to me (I can tolerate her when the writing for Victoria is in character and she's not playing it like she's doped up on ambien). I don't care how long Heather Tom has been gone, lol
  4. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Yep. Thank you. I know it's irritating hearing the same thing a lot, but I think we're all guilty of it. It is what it is. We all have our favorites and actors we hate. We all have our quirks ... lol I'll always imagine Heather kicking ass as Victoria instead of this pathetic shell. Heinle would have been much better as doormat Katie on B&B. They really long should have switched roles. Heinle's attitude also during the Miller/David Tom switch really turned me off to her. She just half asses it. Not that the writing has always been in Victoria's favor as a character, but lawd Heinle is so blah and bland. At least her hair has been better and she's dressed nicer. She's playing herself. Like many actors and actresses at this point, TBH. Oh Heather has definitely overacted beyond belief on B&B LOL but I think it's a choice. So much of what they give her is absolutely ridiculous. I think she'd be far more understated again on Y&R, but who knows? All they have Katie do is cry or screech or have a heart attack. It's all just Emmy bait. She's pretty much been wasted almost the entire time she's been on the show despite the constant Emmy bait. If her name wasn't Heather Tom Katie would have been dumped years ago. IMHO.
  5. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    NOPE And saying that just makes me want to be petty and talk about Heather Tom all the time We can talk about whatever we want just like you can. Praise Heinle. She finally showed up for work 13 years later. It's no wonder we all long for Heather Tom. Victoria's a pathetic shell of who she used to be and should be. I loved when MY turned her back into an icy bitch but then of course he had to be all about plot and have her be weak and insecure and be able to be manipulated so JT can beat her up. It reeks. JT is tossed under the bus. Not that I ever loved him, mind you. But again, kudos to Heinle for finally checking into work. Sorry you like her and most of us don't or are indifferent but I won't stop beating a very dead horse. We all have things we repeat ad nauseum that we're all probably sick of hearing. Such is life on a message board.
  6. "Roseanne" revival

    I spotted David!
  7. "Roseanne" revival

    Looking around The Internet, Mark's teacher is indeed named Miss Crane. Judy Prescott is playing her. I've no idea if that is the original woman or not. But the similarity is great if it isn't and I love the teacher is again Miss Crane. She'd have been teaching for over 30 years at this point, lol. So we'll see how they handle it.
  8. Netflix: One Day at a Time

    It dropped today. I'm surprised to be really enjoying it. First episode is hilarious. I like seeing more diversity on the screen. The cast is good and Rita Moreno is fabulous. They cast Schneider well. Yum. LOL And they of course kept the wonderful theme song. Updated of course but I was happy it's an actual OPENING. Love it. I miss opening theme songs and credits on shows.
  9. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    +1 Those are also the times I haven't minded Rafe. Agreed on the last sentence. He just can't be a romantic leading man and the show needs to stop pushing him as one.
  10. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    I agree his acting is the same as Passions, 19 years ago. Lawd. So blank. I HAAAAAAATED Martsolf as Brady for years and years. Somehow I've come around to him. Started around the Kristen stuff. I don't think he's great but I think he has some decent moments, unlike Shawn and Galen. But YMMV, lol
  11. DAYS Actress back again

    2089 omg But it's around 9ish months since she and Rafe did the dirty, soooo ... if Ron wanted to he could go there.
  12. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    God yes. All of this. You nailed it on what I was meaning when I said he always acted bothered. It irritated me so much. A couple other actors that aren't coming to brain do this too and it drives me nuts. He's very limited. So is Galen Gering. I used to feel the same about Eric Martsolf waaaay back in the day but he's grown on me and I think he's come a very long way. Unlike Shawn and Galen who seem to be going backwards in the acting department, not that they were anywhere near good to begin with though .... lol I could go on for days about Galen and Shawn and how their characters infected this show. Rafe could have been a potentially good lead if not for Galen, who's never going to be a lead actor no matter how hard they try. Galen does better with comedy and snark and reacting to ridiculous things. There was a brief period where I actually enjoyed the character of Rafe, when he was single and in cop mode and kind of snarky, etc. I'm drawing a blank on the time frame but it was probably around Griffith. IDK. Maybe around the Kate hookup and I actually liked him as friends with Nicole. So I'm not totally anti-Rafe. Just anti-Rafe and Hope. And anti-Rafe and Sami. If Disney and the Fox deal finalizes doesn't Disney also now have controlling interest of Hulu? They could put the soaps there as I do think the soaps on Hulu draw viewership. In terms of viewers I don't believe AMC or OLTL on Hulu were failures. They were often on the top after they were released. Granted, I don't know how many viewers they actually have but still. Anyway I feel like the audience is there for reruns (and for them to survive with new episodes online) but I don't understand why they won't capitalize on it. I guess converting episodes? Music? They just can't be bothered, I guess. I'd love an over the air channel (similar to say Retro, METV, etc.) that aired old soaps. I wish Retro would have added more even though it's not the most widely available channel.
  13. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    I hate you RANT COMING! LOL But lawd I do not miss that man at all. My god the focus on him was sickening. I was so elated when he was finally disposed of. But of course they had to toss my hottie Eric under the bus at the time. I never remember hating Shawn Christian until he came to DAYS. I'll hang out with the cool surfer bro in real life but I don't care for it on-screen. And he always acted bothered by anyone. He was terrible. I really think some actors get worse not better. I'll never forget him pretending to be drunk, he was just godawful. I never hated him on ATWT, I never hated him on 90210, I never hated him on Lori Loughlin's WB show Summerland .... but man, I hated him on DAYS. Just shoved down our throats and they really tried so hard to make him happen. His character pretty much killed Nicole as one and did severe damage to Maggie, Chloe, Jennifer .... though I don't recall having a seething hatred for Daniel until he was with Jennifer .... Not that he took the place of Mike Horton but in my mind he did so I irrationally resented him for that too (resented the character, not the actor, Shawn seems alright). I mean they threw so many women and people at him to make him work. They literally changed the paternity of Parker from Philip's to give him a kid and on top of that they made him Melame's father. And Maggie's his mother! And Victor's his godfather! I mean. Give me a break! lol +1 I'd be watching old DAYS probably non-stop if it was streaming (well, I'd watch most of the soaps if they were streaming their classic episodes, but especially DAYS). What they need to do is go year by year and start making them available. I'd pay for an app that gave me episodes, other features. Instead of emoji's DAYS should have released a true app. All soaps should have apps with classic episodes, character bios, summaries .... I know you can go online but I think the soaps need apps and to foster more interaction. What sucks is they keep deleting old stuff off of Youtube but they fail to make it available otherwise. It's really frustrating and I don't get it. I'm pretty sure it's Sony pushing the deleting of youtube stuff. I can put up an antenna on my roof and watch TV for free but they take stuff off youtube but then they don't bother to try and make a profit off of it. Sorry, it makes me angry.
  14. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    The last two weeks have been better than it's been in a while. January and February were dreadful. December wasn't super hot either. He shouldn't have a british accent just because he was raised where he was raised, Edmund wasn't his biological father. I'm not going to move to Europe and suddenly develop a British accent. I find it stupid EJ had a British accent but then again I never cared for EJ, so
  15. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    She put in excellent work then too. I think she's very solid. Blair sometimes could be a little over the top. Eve sort of is but I feel like Kassie plays her a bit more raw emotionally, if that makes sense. I do think sometimes she plays the same person, lol, but overall I think she's nailed what they give her and I enjoy watching her. And, um, duh, everyone. Eve was once in a coma off-screen and woke up with a Kentucky accent Don't people randomly develop sudden accents after some sort of trauma? Have we forgotten EJ took on a British accent? Sure it wasn't a case of one actor having an American accent and then EJ suddenly turning British, but still .... James Scott couldn't have used an American accent?
  16. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    If the show cared they'd have asked her to hide it. It's not her job to do that, even if I think she should hide it.
  17. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Kassie can at least act the hell out of whatever they give her. I thought she's been great during this awful Brady/Eve [!@#$%^&*]. But YMMV on her I suppose. I agree it's odd Eve now has a southern accent but eh. I wish they had made Paige Frankie's daughter. Exactly how I feel. I love Judi and Wally so I give them a pass but they've always been the weakest of that supercouple era. They had some initially great stuff but once they married .... they seemed to rush through storyline after storyline with them. What other couples had spread out over a year they went through in no time flat it seems. But now, they're fine as supporting characters. Not like they're wasting contracts like some *coughJoshTaylorcough*
  18. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    +1000000000000x lol Yep, couldn't agree more
  19. GH Actress Demoted

  20. Will & Grace Revival

    I feel like they've jumped back onto that celebrity bandwagon to a certain degree. It's worked better than in the past, I suppose. At least I don't feel like the characters are total cartoons like the last few seasons of the original show.
  21. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    It's nice Traci seems to be lingering around for a change. I doubt it lasts but it's nice. And the Victor who danced with Dina gave me vibes of the old Victor. Agreed on the charm, which has been missing for a very long time.
  22. Yep. And the new Hope is already on 17 episodes last month. Lawd ...
  23. Kimberlin Brown at 1 episode, again. Why did he bring her back again just to totally waste her? Oh, because that's what he does. I wonder how long it'll be before Ingo's racking up 1 appearance a month ... Thank you for the counts @FrenchFan!!!
  24. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    I love Kim too and keep wishing Patsy was on recurring and would pop up but they barely used her when Theresa was on so .... I liked the nod to her with the book and I believe she'd write a book about it, but that would have been nice to hear about. I had mixed feelings on the book nod too because of Patsy. I wonder if she knows about it, she probably would like the nod but who knows?