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  1. This. It *has* to be Marlena. As did I way back in the day when he played Stan. He's good. Lots of actors could play Eric though. I love Vaughan but Eric is totally recastable.
  2. I blame the writing and the way Susan Hayes has played her (over the top). The underlying 'Julie is racist' stuff didn't help endear her to anyone. I adore her but I can see why people don't. She played it very well on Friday and reminded me why I love her. Glad you enjoyed the episode. I haven't seen it yet.
  3. Haven't seen today's episode yet. Sorry but I just don't see it with Maxie and Austin. Sometimes just friends is fine.
  4. I see buzz (moreso making fun of) for B&B on Twitter. Not so much for Y&R. The occasional stan war pops up for the latter. DAYS feels like it gets the most and GH is right up there. Y&R is just treading water, not very interesting, and when I try to watch, the dialogue feels stilted and forced (often awkward as well) and many actors seem bored. It comes off as the writers trying to fill in the blanks and pull off an episode while Griffith offers up plot points (barely) and nothing in between.
  5. I saw it on Sir Lindsay Hoyle's twitter after Coronation Street's twitter liked it. I need to find if she said anything now LOL
  6. That's my guess. It had to serve a purpose and MarDevil (I assume) is presiding over the ceremony. Looks like Roman and Kate are attending together. Guess they do decide to get back together. I'm good with that. They somehow work together and Kate being the town welcome wagon for every man over 40 is played out.
  7. If you ever wanted to see Nancy Pelosi on Coronation Street and behind the Rovers bar, here you go, LOL
  8. God no. Stafford would be soooooo bad. I love Gladys. She's so entertaining. And this show needs it. Friday's episode was good
  9. lol It's way better than the main show. She's in Episode 3 and she shows up in Episode 4 about halfway through.
  10. Yep and I haven't forgotten that they did that. And same. I have no interest in Goutman. lol nope. I'd die if he asked "so why was Eileen Fulton sidelined for the last decade of ATWT after speaking out?" He would never. And part of me gets why. You don't do that if you deliberately want to remain 'neutral'.
  11. Hey ... they're trying here it seems. We aren't getting the 90s budget back ever. LOL. Wish they had the Beyond Salem budget but I'll take it. We'll see how it goes ... I have my expections in check but sometimes it's the little things as a DAYS fan that excite me. LOL. I see the flaws but sometimes it's fun to just enjoy things.
  12. Very much agreed. The 'soap press' is mostly a joke and did help kill the genre. They also stopped holding soaps accountable when they veered off track for fear of losing their precious scoops and contacts. I see that now with the 'media' on social media. They refuse to criticize or hold the show/executives accountable and approach it with a 'nothing to see here' attitude. It's more or less the same thing.
  13. Ah yep. That too. I bet a secret gets dropped LMAO. Dr. MarDevil spills Paulina's secret? Love love love Marla Gibbs is back already. They aren't stupid. Get her back ASAP. I think 4/5 months ahead is good enough which gives them enough flexibility but also 'time'
  14. She seems nice enough but I agree, there's something off with her. Glad I'm not alone in thinking that. I feel bad for him too and agree with you. I think he sees a missed opportunity, which it was. And now there's likely no way they don't go with Tinker, so yeah, it has to sting. But I can see why he gets ridiculed a bit. He opens himself up to it, really lol.
  15. I don't know whether to 'spoil' it or not since it's already aired but LOL, Hollyoaks can still deliver an OMG moment. And Maxine has REALLY bad taste in men. I LOVE Nikki Sanderson but Maxine feels very much wash/rinse/repeat. Stuck in a never ending rut of crying and or abuse. They also don't seem very invested in her as a character IMO. While things happen to her character she feels reactionary. If that makes any sense. I'd love for them to do something different with her. If not, it might be time to make a tough call.
  16. It does seem like he can't let go even though he chose to move on (I do sometimes wonder if his wife pushed the move and focus on YouTube, but I'm just surmising). Although a part of me wonders if he doesn't want to seem 'disrespectful' and not participate in DAYS related things (especially for charity but like you said it just feels like he's clinging). It has to be a weird situation, because it reads like one lol.
  17. Hence why I said 'at the end' LOL. I highlighted what interested me: MarDevil, EJ/Nicole and John Aniston came back in time to carry the lackluster Xander/Gwen. How could they get them so wrong? Two lively scheming characters and this is what we get?
  18. O.M.G at the end And I am here for revisiting EJ and Nicole. YES PLEASE Also nice to see John Aniston/Victor
  19. Hopefully. Some sort of 'switch' happened. Or I'm just giving her too much credit lol
  20. I think so too love it Wu continues to be a badass bitch
  21. I died when he said "That was no accident, I locked that bitch in there on purpose"
  22. I agree. And also agreed on calming Julie down. I did see some speculation on social media that he ends up like Father Francis did, in a coma in the hospital. Hope not. I mean, I don't expect him to continue carrying this for months but I hope Doug and Julie aren't pushed off to the side. Guess we'll see.
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