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  1. September GH Thread

    Kiki as a doctor is just laughable. Seems like Andre/Anna is on hold. They had that dance scene and kiss (or near kiss) but where is he? Does Curtis fill their quota so they don't use Andre? They don't really bother much with Jordan either. She has spikes in airtime but never anything significant anymore. That little feud with Auntie Stella but still ...
  2. Another DAYS return

    +1 Wilson improved a bit playing psycho creep Ben but I've never understand why some go gaga over him. Must be because he looks great without a shirt on.
  3. DAYSL Sonny/Will/Paul

    Paul as the schemer wouldn't work either. He's been shown to be loyal and kind and I think it would be a bit out of character at this point. (Mark my words, I have no doubt we get a scene of him "stepping back" from Sonny to free him to be with Will). I'd love nothing more than for Paul and Will to end up getting together and it drives Sonny nuts. LOL That was a nice interview with Chandler and I really enjoyed the Bryan Dattilo interview.
  4. September GH Thread

    +1 Poor Finola Hughes wasted on Dawgy Daddy lol But that sure would be nice again. I have no idea why they felt compelled to keep Easton after dumping Budig.
  5. Big Brother 19

    Leaked cast ... more to come later
  6. SO much truth from Errol in this thread!
  7. September GH Thread

    Sam is such a waste of space
  8. Will Horton vs Jason Morgan

    Yep! And they are as nice as ever!
  9. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    LOL @Juliajms that's the truth. I'm not 'hating' the show right now either but there's not really anything that's compelling me to watch. I agree with antoyne that I like Sharon and Nick involved in the sex ring but I don't really care about the story or those involved. It is nice to see Alice and Tamara Clatterbuck again I suppose. Agreed. Cane the last year has been how he should of been. But DG's whisper acting is beyond annoying and I don't like how he plays some scenes when he's supposed to show remorse. He's still not a great actor by any stretch of the imagination. But Cane could serve a purpose. Like others I always envisioned him as the new Brad. Eye candy with a so-so actor in the role. Lane was the worst thing to happen to both Cane and Lily, despite Goddard clinging to the fanbase.
  10. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    +1 Couldn't agree with you more. Sal sticks out. I want to like her. I want to love Lani. But she's so blah.
  11. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Thanks I like T-Boz and Sheila. I was happy to see they brought her back and inserted her into the Bonnie/Adrienne story. You just know Ron wasn't going to pass on writing for T-Boz. Wonder if Sheila and Hope will cross paths?
  12. Will Horton vs Jason Morgan

    +1 The story will be absolute [!@#$%^&*] I'm sure. And I'm so [!@#$%^&*] sick of Howarth and Stanco and their desperate need to make him a core part of the show. Like, why they [!@#$%^&*] is Easton still employed? WHY did they keep deVry? Why the [!@#$%^&*] is Stafford still sucking up airtime? Ugh. Sweeney could raise ratings a bit, she's more of a 'name' now. She's not sticking around long term though.
  13. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Apparently! I wonder if we can blame her for the focus on Shawn Christian all those years too?
  14. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Nicole, Rope and Brady are definitely the low points of any episode. I prefer Brady as a loose cannon jealous raging lunatic drinking and snorting lines, but I've been tired of him for a while now. I wish he were taking a long break or leaving with Nicole. He's been focused on way too much over the years. Rafe and Hope should have remained friends. They're awful together. No drama between them and it just doesn't feel like a natural fit to me. Corday's wife loves Galen so that would explain why he's kept his job for nearly ten years. And Kristian is desperate to be in a pairing and make it work, even though the show seems to now be aware it isn't.
  15. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Brady is much better as a raging jealous lunatic. I'm ready for Nicole to go too but I'm kind of happy Ron has corrected Eric and Nicole. Rafe and Hope haven't been on a ton but I will never ever like them together. I've heard the show is aware they aren't lighting the world on fire. I've also heard Ken Corday's wife likes Galen Gering, hence how he's kept his job so long. I'm all for diversity but if they're keeping Galen and Camila Banus around to fill their quota than they need to cut their losses. Banus is hit or miss for me. I could get behind Eli/Gabi. I can see a Eli/Gabi/Lani/JJ quad but the writing has to improve for them for me to truly care as most of them are so bland and not very interesting to watch. JJ lost his edge so long ago he's just as bland now but Moss makes me still like him. Eli has potential. I'm about 5-6 episodes behind ... (lost power from Hurricane Irma on Sunday and just got it back yesterday; had a generator so I could do some things but it wasn't a priority to catch up; I lucked out, no power and some limbs in the yard) Exactly. Ron might have tweaked some things but most of it was letting Higley's material play out, although some want to hold him responsible. I'll wait a few more months. mmmhmm ... lmao!! Dead at all of this. LOL!!
  16. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    +1 Lawd that was bad. Like a bad sitcom.
  17. Will Horton vs Jason Morgan

    Talk about 'basic and not that good' ...seems to also apply to Burton talk about someone overrated I like Massey enough but I wouldn't call either actor fantastic by any means (sorry soapsuds! lol) and I doubt they do any major impact to the ratings, maybe a tiny bump initially but if they are bringing actors back in hopes of pushing up ratings they aren't going to get what they think they should. Ratings will likely never see massive increases. Slight bumps? Probably.
  18. Y&R Actor Possible Return

    +1 When he shaded someone on twitter recently (I follow someone who liked his tweet, I don't follow him) he mentioned being "unemployed" so that gave me hope he wasn't truly back at Y&R. Guess he's not. I'm sorry he's unemployed but Kevin should have been axed a very very long time ago. WHY is he even "needed" for two weeks though?
  19. I mean, it's Tyler Perry, first off, so I expect it to be very heavy handed. I started the thread because up until now, I had no idea who would be in the cast. Apparently John Schneider, Tika Sumpter, Eva Tamargo (Passions' Pilar) and Peter Parros (OLTL/ATWT) will be in it. Again, it's Tyler Perry, so I don't expect it to be anywhere near amazing soap. It's one hour, but is it comedy, drama? Curious if anyone is going to watch?
  20. September GH Thread

    She does. Much better than a few years ago when she was pulled about as tight as Leslie.
  21. September GH Thread

    Monica and Bobbie actually get to interact. Too bad Leslie can't move her mouth :/ The last couple of months have been sort of blah and uninteresting. Like you said, really nothing that grabs you.