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  1. Black Men's votes increased for Trump by 6 points over 2016.
  2. Black turnout is embarrasingly low. I knew Kamala wouldn't energize them, because she's married to a white man.
  3. Do what I do... just ignore him and much as possible, and personally... everyone other than family who supported Trump, I'm cutting them out of my life.
  4. I keep telling people, and time and time again I am proved right, A woman on the presidential ticket is ELECTORAL POISON. Stop trying to be PC and start trying to WIN. That's because Miami is full of Cubans, and they hate Mexicans more than Trump. He's enthusiastic because he's good at his JOB.
  5. If he does lose, it will prove one thing for certain... a woman on the ticket is electoral poison.
  6. Immediately, that line from "Send In the Clowns" played in my head. "Isn't it rich... isn't it queer, losing my timing this late in my career"
  7. Not nearly as much as it was earlier. You don't get much more gothic than this at 4:30.
  8. With modern technology, there is no reason at ALL they can't stream some of these episodes.
  9. I put a lot of that to smoking. It's so bad for the skin. Jeanne also spent a lot of time in the sun.
  10. So.... I distinctly remembered Bill Bell talking in print interviews about the Y&R archive, and it all being intact... but can't remember the publication or the year, anyone have something like that in their memory banks?
  11. Working class, and then poor after Bill left them. Many people live in old, large homes that are areas of town that were once expensive, but have since become blighted.
  12. This is odd. Espy and Janice Lynde were a couple in the 73-75 time period, and quite involved.
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