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  1. The Politics Thread

    I think it's also about him trying to throw some raw meat to his followers, because his poll numbers are tanking so badly. They are tearing it apart like a bunch of jackals. I literally saw 2 people on newsfeeds today say that trans people should be "exterminated"... and that was the exact word they used. I then looked one of them up on our state casenet site, and found he was arrested 3 times for domestic battery. No surprise there. This is what we are dealing with.
  2. Bill Cosby

    As the elder statesman of comedy....
  3. Bill Cosby

    Too bad there is nobody to take his place.
  4. So true. She seems to have a drinking problem, there was a radio interview she had to cut short because she was hung over and had to go puke.
  5. In the immortal words of her idol:
  6. And here everyone was thinking Eve was the bitch... looks like Goldilocks has been slipping under the radar! As a side note, what happened to her lips?
  7. Wow!! Who knew all this was going on? http://www.peacock-panache.com/2016/12/susan-olsen-anti-gay-26631.html
  8. The Politics Thread

    Holy mother of crap.... they're not even trying to hide it anymore. You want to talk emboldened? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/king-alt-right-full-nazi-bannon-lands-white-house-job-article-1.2882385
  9. The Politics Thread

    If they wanted, they could try to build up a tourism industry, like Arkansas has, but some of those people in that video just astound even me, and I've seen a lot of hillbillies. One has to ask, does the country owe a job at a living wage to someone who has not even bothered to learn to read? The thing I've noticed about all these people, is they are uneducated, and simply had "jobs", none of them really had a CAREER, just mindless, repetative factory or mine jobs, it seems like these areas never developed a well rounded economy, it was just "settlers" depending on a couple of industrioes, and when technology moved on, they couldn't.
  10. The Politics Thread

    This piece really says it all: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2016/oct/12/west-virginia-donald-trump-supporters-mcdowell-county-poverty-video?CMP=share_btn_tw
  11. The Politics Thread

    I know. He's such a candy ass. The Jeff Sessions appointment is probably about the most dangerous thing he's done so far. Watch this, it's got Jane Pauley and the full report from March 17, 1986. It's best to see these things in their entirety for those who are too young to have seen it first hand.
  12. The Politics Thread

    That hits the nail RIGHT on the head. I told a former co-worker on facebook when she mentioned voting for Trump that she was voting against her own best interest, she had JUST retired, and I told her that her vote for Regan 35 years ago is the reason she is paying taxes on her social security TODAY. There was silence. Carl, I disagree with you about democrats not chasing rural voters. Bill Clinton won these voters quite handily in 1996, it's not hard to do, all you do is don't position yourself as an elitist (Bill Clinton had this "Bubba" persona) and leave their guns alone, and you'll get them. I want you to consider this: In my county, Hillary only got 27% of the vote, and in 2012 Obama got 42%. Much of these people are stupid as hell, and easily manipulated, Democrats need to use that to their advantage. These low information voters brought EVERYTHING they had and still were only able to win the electoral college, and only by a razor thin margin. The demographics are against them, it won't take much to bury them.... but that means black voters have to turn out (although the closing of polling places has made that much more difficult) and millenials need to stop using their vote as a statement, and be pragmatic for once in their lives.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Why it doesn't dawn on anyone that in the climate of the country today, the candidate that promises "change" is the one that will always win. Period. That's how Obama won twice (I wish he could have a third term) Bernie was a change candidate, but we need a candidate that is a perfect storm, and we also need to let the damn idea of gun control go, or we will never win another election. When it comes to low information rural voters, let them have their guns, and they will let you do ANYTHING.