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  1. This is odd. Espy and Janice Lynde were a couple in the 73-75 time period, and quite involved.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/aunt-jemima-brand-will-change-name-remove-image-quaker-says-n1231260
  3. I agree. I haven't been personally wearing one because I don't need to... but people who need to certainly should! Every time!
  4. I never understood why it wouldn't be safer to disable a suspect with tranquilizer dart guns. I mean, if Marlon Perkins can take a wildabeast down with one, surely a perp can be disabled without permanent injury.
  5. It's just my personal choice. I never said anything about someone being harassed who didn't want it.
  6. Taking away pensions for convicted prisoners is actually a conservative philosophy... there are many who believe it should happen, many who believe that if you commit a crime, it doesn't not cancel your entire life. Jesse Helms had legislation at one time to take away Social Security from all gay people, while requiring them to still pay into it. There is a lot of difference in punishment across the world, in Germany, even a murder conviction gets parole in 15 years, unless they are deemed too dangerous to be released.
  7. I'm utterly shocked that nobody has mentioned in this thread how Floyd went to prison for robbing a pregnant woman, and pointing a gun at her stomach. Granted, what the officers did was hella wrong, but George Floyd isn't the best martyr to hang your hat on. In most other cases, I'd see people saying this was his "Karma" or something similar.
  8. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  9. Y&R did do a stunningly accurate depiction of rural farm people with Hope, Betty, and Cliff. I was utterly shocked how good it was written, and wondered where the hell these California writers and producers got that insight.
  10. Now that the other 3 have been charged, and with the upgrade to second degree murder... I think things will calm down now, Those charges are all proper considering the evidence we have.
  11. Then there would never be a conviction. Second degree murder is proper in this case. You might educate yourself on murder charges.
  12. Protests were much more peaceful in Kansas City last night. Perhaps they arrested the 200 or so hoodlums the previous 2 nights and left the decent people remaining to protest.
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