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  1. I'm afraid I'd have to break a wine bottle over that bitch's head.
  2. It's amazing the breakneck speed they have been releasing their clips on youtube during the pandemic. And they just keep them coming, some of them are even in 1080 High def.
  3. I love things that sound dated I think their 2 new songs so far certainly have that "Abba" sound. I like them a lot. They don't knock my socks off, but I do really like them. I hope they break sales records right and left, I'll be anxious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.
  4. If I were the producers... I would just write him out, and tell him he can have his job back when Covid is over.
  5. He made some awesome shows, though.
  6. He doesn't need to work again. He's rich, he's old... he's been ready to retire for years.
  7. Honestly, it's a proper decision... since the prosecutors violated the law
  8. Bill Cosby released from prison... going home within hours! https://abcnews.go.com/US/bill-cosby-released-prison-conviction-vacated/story?id=78582000
  9. This is ridiculous. She shouldn't have demanded he call her "doctor" in a zoning meeting, and he shoudn't have been such a dick about it. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article250836964.html?fbclid=IwAR2Z4VnBgPu6LLIBYWCov3BbgAG2fHjg9m6F-LjiuNZkVkFcjuDUYL5mXXI
  10. I like Denmark as well. The song would have better with a stronger vocalist. It kinds of reminds me of a SAW tune. My favorites 5 in order are: 1: North Macedonia 2: Iceland 3: Portugal 4: Albania 5: Denmark Scrolling through more of the Eurovision vaults, good Lord... how wonderful that someone has uploaded all these preselction broadcasts... I'm enjoying the hell out of them.
  11. Nice to see this tacky ass strumpet get served her walking papers. She might as well retire, stay home and change Ozzy's diapers.
  12. I can tell you what the majority of the aging came from. Cigarettes.
  13. Wonderful news. The complainers can just sit down and eat their poop sandwich.
  14. I'm reveling in this arrogant state falling on it's face.
  15. It's been backlash from a bunch neanderthals, it thinly veiled homophobia and we all know this. I've been telling these people they need to turn back into Yugoslavia.
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