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  1. This is ridiculous. She shouldn't have demanded he call her "doctor" in a zoning meeting, and he shoudn't have been such a dick about it. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article250836964.html?fbclid=IwAR2Z4VnBgPu6LLIBYWCov3BbgAG2fHjg9m6F-LjiuNZkVkFcjuDUYL5mXXI
  2. I like Denmark as well. The song would have better with a stronger vocalist. It kinds of reminds me of a SAW tune. My favorites 5 in order are: 1: North Macedonia 2: Iceland 3: Portugal 4: Albania 5: Denmark Scrolling through more of the Eurovision vaults, good Lord... how wonderful that someone has uploaded all these preselction broadcasts... I'm enjoying the hell out of them.
  3. Nice to see this tacky ass strumpet get served her walking papers. She might as well retire, stay home and change Ozzy's diapers.
  4. I can tell you what the majority of the aging came from. Cigarettes.
  5. Wonderful news. The complainers can just sit down and eat their poop sandwich.
  6. I'm reveling in this arrogant state falling on it's face.
  7. It's been backlash from a bunch neanderthals, it thinly veiled homophobia and we all know this. I've been telling these people they need to turn back into Yugoslavia.
  8. Many are criticizing this, saying it was inappropriate for network TV, and it was degrading. I have to agree. I see Cardi B. in general as a modern day materialization of a blaxploitation film. On a more positive note, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak provided the best Grammy performance in YEARS... and gives one hope for the future. I literally can not WAIT for this album to drop. I predict is will be the #1 selling album of 2021.
  9. Sheryl exhibited MAJOR restraint during that on air tiff. I think we also might have an idea now why Marie Osmond bolted after such a short time on the show. Just the toxic environment... because as we all know, Mormons have their own racial baggage.
  10. She did get some good material that was right for her, it just wasn't released as singles, because Motown was so fixated on following the disco trend. I've always said the latter day Supremes should have had Mary mostly on lead, and went into panty droppin music, and stay out of disco.
  11. Oh, LORD..... that is amazing!! When it comes to quiet Storm, check this little known Stylistics song, so beautiful I can hardly stand it.
  12. Try not to let him get to you. He's a bully with a chip on his shoulder that thinks everyone else in the world is the reason for his failure in life. The second you say something he can twist, under the bus you go. Your statement was prefectly clear and unbiased. Don't let it give you a moment's doubt. You owe an apology to nobody.
  13. Do a 1 hour Million dollar pyramid. You get to the winner circle the 4th time in the hour, you go for a million bucks. Why are any of you surprised at this turn of events? We're speaking about a woman who used to mail her TURDS to her enemies.
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