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  1. Yes, his video was ridiculous. What about Ecoli? It used to be called "Summer complaint" in the early 1900's, and my great grandmother had 2 children die of it at the age of 3.
  2. I'm wondering if he might buy himself a comb?
  3. And that is exactly how I do it. I've gone through 250 gloves since February 29.
  4. I understand. That's why I stopped going to the store. I am working, because I work outdoors without needing any face to face interaction.... but I haven't set foot inside a store or public building in 8 days now, and intend to keep that up for the next 3 weeks at least. I do curbside pickup with groceries, and use gloves to dump the contents of my purchases into another container when I get home. Just treat the stuff exactly as if it were a hot pan coming right out of the oven. No bare hand contact.
  5. I'm not sure that has been ironed out yet. I have heard that if you filed online, and got a refund through direct deposit in 2018, then that will be the way it happens again, and everyone else gets a check in the mail. I think people who flout the system and don't file their taxes may get left out. But that will remain to be seen. Ironically, I'm going to be using mine to pay my social security taxes, since I'm still working.
  6. THANK GOD. That's what it should have been in the first place. This BS about lower income people getting 600 was just ridiculous
  7. Cuomo talking today about buying up all the supplies he could find everywhere makes me glad I ran out of my nitrile gloves in mid February, and bought a case of 1,000 back then. Talk about a close call.
  8. How so? At this point, every single person with upper respiratory symptoms should be tested.
  9. This is so sad. Mark my words... Fran Lebowitz will not make it through this epidemic
  10. If Trump thinks he can use federal funding and supplies as a blackmail chip, LET HIM TRY.
  11. Very true. An hantavirus is so rare as well.
  12. I think New York is sucking up all the nations available test kits at this point
  13. Scholars tend to go down rabbit holes and don't see the obvious.... The smoking rates come from WHO, The population density is just pure math, 60 million people in a country 2/3 the size of California. High speed trains are all over Italy, we don't have that in most of the United States, but New York certainly does, the SUBWAY is ground zero for the spread of this in New York, I can guarantee that. Of all the factors, the population density, and public transit are by far the biggest (New York metro ares has double the population of Lombardy). One other factor that I didn't mention, is that culturally, Italians have less of a personal bubble, they will Kiss and hug in a situation where an American will shake hands. New York City has almost half of the infections in the whole country, what is different there than the rest of the US? The density, the public transit, and the prevalance of apartment living. Los Angeles' rate is much lower, because those same issues are not at play. And AMEN about the bidet. Americans and their sole use of toilet paper is filthy, IMO... never understood it. I've been talking about that on social media, and people think I'm nuts. There is even ANOTHER factor that I didn't mention, Italian meet after work in town squares and socialize with each other, as opposed to America where they tend to keep more into their own house and space.
  14. It's partly the fault of the stores for not putting limits on purchases. Grocery store here does that, and everything has been going quite well.
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