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  1. So, it appears that Lafayette park is having massive rioting. This ish is getting real. They are also saying Trump was taken to an underground bunker for a while. Figures. Trump is also saying things like "overwhelming force against the bad guys". I don't think is going to end well.
  2. I absolutely will shoot somebody over property. IT has to be BIG property (a car or a house) It will always be a warning shot first, and then shoot em in the leg or something.
  3. It's too bad it's not accurate, those people arne't Amish. They don't allow themselves to be photographed.
  4. Live video is showing massive looting in LA... figures the scum always rises to the top in situations like this.
  5. All these protest will be worthless if people don't get off their butts and vote. It would have made the difference in 2016.
  6. It seems like with things getting too much out of control, maybe it IS time for the national guard to be activated. Floyd's family isn't helping matters by ignorantly asking for a first degree murder charge. When that is clearly not even close to being appropriate.
  7. Oh, my!! They are showing live footage of protesters in San Jose shutting down highway 101. There's going to be an enormous coronavirus spike after all these protests.
  8. Cops target sports cars in general for pull overs. I've had it done to me many times when I had my 1974 Javelin. I'm sure it's doubly worse when you put racial profiling on top of it.
  9. Notice that he never threatened to bring in the national guard when white people stormed the Michigan state house? Also notice that when reports of black people rioting surface, you NEVER see people calling it "Fake news". I wonder why that is? Yes, she's getting far too old for her tight sweaters and portruding nipples to sway Republican viewers.
  10. They could easily use the Crazy Edward climax episode on a psychos week or something. It's a very Nikki centered episode, and it's already been remastered. Easy peasy. There's even the 1984 episode episode where Traci dumps the banana split over Lauren's head. So much great stuff.
  11. Betty Wright was WONDERFUL, and had so many great songs and collaborations. This is one of the best duets ever done, IMO.. should have been a huge hit. Good grief. When I was a child, I use to mix up Betty Wright and Jean Knight, because their names sounded so alike.
  12. I have, actually. I didn't treat it as a big deal.
  13. I'm mainly speaking about her statements over the last decade combined. And I disagree... they were given a ton of story. I watched it .
  14. I don't know if she has never read a book on Y&R, has amnesia, or what? Every time she speaks about black characters on the show, it's as if Stephanie Williams, Jon St. Elwood, Brock Peters, and Phil Morris never even existed.
  15. With the exception of the tube, he looks much hotter in the after picture.
  16. Matt Lauer can sexually harass me anytime he wants to!
  17. Those processing plants are just a cesspool, they take advantage of the illegal workers and exploit them, then bad mouth them up one side and down the other. Complete asshatery.
  18. Just do curbside everything. It's wonderful. And do this when you get the stuff home.
  19. You got that right! Couldn't happen at a better time.
  20. That subway should have been down completely.
  21. I think he left in February of 82, so this is close to some of his last work. Take it from me, there was tons of stuff on Y&R to scare a young person. Leslie's stint in the looney bin was very scary to me. All those hard, crazy bitches stealing her food. Vanessa was so much more imposing with the veil... but K.T. Stevens was just so damn good at this part, one of the best villains daytime ever had.
  22. It's because she saw Lorie as selfish and manipulative. Lorie was also an aggressive personality. She loved Leslie, because Leslie was much more timid person.
  23. I didn't see any tear gas or what have you in the Michigan protests, either.
  24. She just captivated everyone and creeped them out. When I watched her in the original run, she scared the hell out of me, especially when she wearing the veil. I was 13 years old at the time this aired... it was even during the school year, so I might not have seen this particular one. Although I stayed home from school at least 1 day every week. From her lips to God's ears. It would be a dream come true to have 4 months worth of classic episodes airing. They'll be STRUGGLING for a theme each week, but we can certainly get some good stuff, even if they keep to characters still on the canvas. Paul and Nikki and Sumiko would be a candidate, Traci dumping the banana split over Lauren's head, etc.
  25. Nikki and Victor were the most boring part of it all. Glad to see Vanessa was the focus of this episode, this was leading up to her suicide in a little over a week, K.T Stevens was an AMAZING actress.
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