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  1. You know they never gave Cruz a chance for a decent romance post Eden. Eden was really omnipresent while he was with both Suzanne and Kelly. I assume that had A not left, they would have hooked him up with Jodie Walker but I saw some potential problems there as well. First was this whole backstory and this giant connection with someone that we didn’t know. Second was that she was the female Cruz. Same occupation, big hero moments, everyone loves her, spouse with flaws.
  2. Soap characters hook up with their exes’ siblings all of the time but it didn’t help matters that the show kept pushing how similar ED’s Kelly was to Eden when they never were before. It just made it more creepy.
  3. I do recall a lot of relatives for both Cruz and Gina popping up throughout their time on the show but I don’t think I took to any of those characters. I saw the attempt to expand their circles outside of the Capwells but they weren’t very successful at it. In that respect, Julia fared better since she had ties to the Lockridges via Augusta so she almost always had 1 relative or pseudo relative on the canvas.
  4. Some might disagree but I think Eden would have fared better. Cruz was the perfect SO and hero at all times so it was harder to see him move on. Eden was the soapier character who had flaws and I think there was more they could have done with her outside of that pairing.
  5. Does it seem like Santa Barbara recasted more than the other soaps? They all recast but it did feel like SB did it more often given the short time the show was on. Maybe it was a side effect of focusing on such a small amount of the cast since they wouldn’t have survived with losing 3/4 Capwell kids but we also had recasts for the Lockridge kids, Gina, Santana, and CC.
  6. I enjoyed it and thought the actress did well but her whole storyline brought major angst to Cruz/Eden and some forced separations so I could see why that would be unpopular with the general audience.
  7. I never bought Terry Lester as Mason but I did really like him with Julia. It’s with Mason’s other ties that I found a bit lacking. I found Mason/Julia to be one of the few soap couples to have chemistry across multiple recasts, which isn’t easy to do. I used to think Terry’s Mason was only comedic. To be fair, there were a lot of wacky hijinks involved with the Sasha storyline and trying to win Julia back, but upon my rewatch, he did really well with some of the more serious stuff too.
  8. If Mary gets discussed more, I think it’s because a lot of fans think the character left too soon and had such a memorable death. Plus with Lane’s Mason, the spector of Mary was always around. Of the 2 pairings, I preferred Mason/Julia but Julia was a more fully realized character since she was on much longer and got a semi-happy ending so the what if’s with the character and pairing aren’t there as much as with Mary.
  9. I think they sort of hinted at this but never fully. I don’t recall if they ever talked about where Augusta was getting her money from when she returned in 88 but they did talk about money being the reason she got involved with Anthony Tonnell when she returned in the 90s and not getting much in the will being the reason for her various business ventures. They also had her living on and off with Julia throughout her various returns, which made for good scenes, but I doubt she would have stayed at Julia’s tiny beach house if she was still wealthy. Alongside that, I can’t remember if they ever discussed why being wealthy was so integral to Augusta. Both she and Julia hinted at a tumultuous upbringing and poor relationships with their parents but I never got the impression that money was that important to Julia despite marrying into a wealthy family.
  10. I think it was mainly because they didn’t know what else to do with her character after the initial SLs, which seemed to be a trend with a lot of characters. Lane’s comments about her departure also suggest that part of the reason she was let go was that they didn’t know what to write for her while he was on vacation. He used to take the summers off so they would have needed to come up with a storyline for Mary while he was gone. I don’t think they wrote his absences in very well.
  11. That sounds dumb but I don’t recall a lot of those homes having kitchen sets. I know the Capwell mansion did but I’m struggling to come up with others that we saw. Normally, we just had the living room and bedroom sets for most of the houses. One thing I always see is that the biggest misstep on the show was killing off Mary. Admittedly I don’t feel the same connection that others do to Mary because I started watching SB after she died so I only saw her scenes for the first time during this rewatch I’m doing. Had they kept her, what direction could they have gone with her character? She was so earnest and good which doesn’t always make for an interesting soap character and I could see Lane getting bored with the happy relationship and family story since he later did with Mason/Julia.
  12. I think from what we saw, any character who wasn’t a Capwell or involved in their stories had a short shelf life. There were so many supporting characters who were on for a couple years and just disappeared
  13. Whatever happened with Victoria? I missed some episodes between when everyone found out that Chip was Cruz’s son instead of Mason. How did things change with Chip’s custody to the point where Cruz and Eden became his primary caregivers?
  14. Oh the other thing I recall with Lane is that he wanted Mary to stay as his true love and to be more unsure of Julia. We saw that to an extent with the constant push/pull and aggressively pursuing her when they weren’t together but being more commitment phobic once she was all in. I even remember someone asking him about GT’s Mason in an interview and said he liked the performance but he wouldn’t have played Mason so hopelessly in love with Julia with GT did. To be fair, I think he’s subsequently softened his stance on that. I’m not sure how others feel about that pairing but I think they needed Mason to be obsessively in love Julia to remain viable. It was toxic enough for Julia to stay with him without adding in Mason’s ambivalence or feeling caged in by her.
  15. The only thing I recall him wanting for Mason was conspiring against CC and acting shady. I can understand not wanting your character to become boring but that side of him got old fast and I hated when they resurrected it when the Dobsons returned in the 90s.
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