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  1. She sort of reminds me of a younger, more commercial Phoebe Bridgers.
  2. Josh Duhamel (AMC) looks to benefit from Armie Hammer’s recent... scandals.
  3. I know people dislike this show in general, but this is my favorite panel for this show in ages. Too bad it might be too late.
  4. How many times are we gonna watch this same exact scene of Liam begging Hope?
  5. Renewed for Season 2: https://deadline.com/2021/01/saved-by-the-bell-renewed-season-2-peacock-1234676107/
  6. Stephanie Seymour’s son. Sad indeed.
  7. I can’t imagine Laura Wright’s Cassie having an affair with Josh behind Reva’s back (while Reva had cancer!) and marrying him on GL. I can’t imagine Deborah Adair playing a lot of the stuff Lauren Koslow has played, especially the flings with boytoys, as Kate on DAYS.
  8. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Only if Steven Moffat gets to write it!
  9. Sonny doing his best “Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction” impression.
  10. Great minds indeed! It’s funny we were talking about what they were going to do with Mariah, and here they are renting her uterus out for an Abbott/Newman/Chancellor heir.
  11. What was her line to Opal? “White trash in a mansion is just white trash with a few extra bedrooms on her hands.” Something like that. Then Opal laid hands on her.
  12. I hadn’t watched Liza in her legendary early ‘80s reign of terror either, but I really enjoyed her that first year back as the bitch-on-wheels producer at the Cutting Edge. She immediately mixed it up with Opal, which set the stage for her integration with the rest of the canvas. But man, she was destroyed with a quickness.
  13. This show is throwing anvils that Mariah is going to carry Abby’s child (the chat on Friday about Mariah and Tessa being ready to have kids, etc.).
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