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  1. “Nomad” from Mongolia
  2. Udit Kapur from Mumbai
  3. I love(d) Brenda, but I never want to see her again.
  4. Pedro, Jr., military officer from Brazil
  5. It would be easy to just do a list of soaps from shortest- to longest-running and call it a top 10. Might be somewhat truthful actually, but predictable and kinda boring. It’s at least interesting to see Santa Barbara rewarded for exploring and playing with soap conventions, and by most accounts, doing it quite well up until the dodgy last couple of years.
  6. I was going to (mistakenly) post that I had no idea that Chris Bernau (Alan, GL) and Doug Watson passed so close together, but Douglass the actor passed in early May and Mac Cory the character passed in mid-June. (Bernau died IRL June 14.) Still, two premature deaths of iconic P&G stars in a short period. Such spectacular performances in those episodes, made even more bittersweet by the relatively recent passing of Carmen Duncan.
  7. Hmmm. Just when I thought I was taking a tennis break, give me all the popcorn:
  8. Lee Jangmin from Ulsan, South Korea
  9. IG: the_l_word. Not clear where he’s from (L.A.?), but somewhere in America.
  10. I’d be interested in seeing the year by year, at the very least! Even though I’ve watched since I was at my mother’s knee, I’ve only been a committed soap viewer since the early ‘90s. I’ve watched a considerable amount of pre-1990 stuff via YouTube and other venues (not nearly as much as other posters here, though). But I’d have to really think about a list. The problem is that soaps became so dire so quickly in the mid-1990s. Y&R, GL, GH, OLTL, AMC, AW, ATWT, and even DAYS (roughly in that order, with GH/OLTL tied) have all been favorites of mine since 1990, and when they were really good, they were transcendent. But man do the dreadful years outnumber the good. IMO, of course. Plus, my viewing in the early 2000s was spotty due to school and work obligations and decreasing interest. If I were including my limited viewing of older episodes, AW, ATWT, AMC, and DAYS would all be in contention for the top five, and shorter-lived shows like Ryan’s Hope (so good in those early years) would also be considered. But I haven’t watched enough Capitol or SFT or Santa Barbara or TEON to really include those.
  11. David from Guangzhou, China is sooo hot, but he constantly captions his photos with comments like “My face is fat, so I dare not look up.” Which could be legit body dysmorphia (pervasive in the IG thot community) or fishing for compliments or satirical, or some combination of the above. Anywho, I enjoy the view nonetheless. He does NOT skip leg day.
  12. Thanks for those Kael pieces! This could be funny (or irritating) for people who have lived or spent significant time in both LA and NYC.
  13. The question is: would Jason Thompson be as welcome back at GH? Is there room at the inn for Patrick Drake?
  14. That’s it. I’m sure we’re giving this more thought than the editors did. They’re churning out content to keep the machine going. If, say, @vetsoapfan wrote a list like this, I’d be much more interested, as he has demonstrated a wide knowledge of the genre. Even knowing it was simply his opinion.
  15. Exactly. It’s a perfectly legitimate response to compare eight years of Santa Barbara to 54 years of As the World Turns and conclude that, pound for pound, Santa Barbara was better. In your opinion. Just as it is a legit response to prefer 60 episodes of The Wire to 500+ episodes of Gunsmoke. But if you haven’t watched *a good amount* of Gunsmoke, you have little credibility in making that judgment.
  16. If it’s about influence, sure. But if it’s about quality, a far more subjective criterion, I’d expect a level of familiarity with the shows that most modern viewers (and certainly the editors of media websites) simply wouldn’t have.
  17. I’m curious as to how old the TVLine editors are and were they old enough to watch, say, ATWT in its heyday. (I doubt many of them are old enough to have watched Santa Barbara to be honest.) Unlike with primetime (and with the exception of Dark Shadows), soaps haven’t had the benefit of constant reruns to introduce old stuff to new generations. We can watch I Love Lucy in its entirety; we can’t watch the first 20 years of ATWT.
  18. And they brought up the Jonathan/Tammy as an expression of GL’s groundedness.
  19. It could have been an interesting list actually. Ryan’s Hope and Santa Barbara have their proponents as shows that elevated the genre, but their peaks were short-lived compared to long-running shows like ATWT and OLTL.
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