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  1. Miley Cyrus can flat-out SANG.
  2. I’ve been begging for a black villain on these shows. I just don’t think they care enough about Justin to let him really challenge Dollar Bill and the Spencers (and keep him on the canvas on the frontburner if he does). I hope they prove me wrong, but I wasn’t born yesterday. It’s funny that the loyal Af-Am sidekicks are both betraying their white benefactors simultaneously (with Carter boinking the owner’s wife).
  3. I’m voting this afternoon. My first ranked-choice election.
  4. LOL. In the words of the great orator Reese Witherspoon, this show is beyond…
  5. Through sex with her boyfriend? Lololol. Damn. Thiem just retired from his match:
  6. William J. Bell is doing somersaults in his grave at this show’s sepia-toned attempts at psychodrama. A good thing: whoever wrote today’s dialogue is relatively better than usual.
  7. Why is that? Another break similar to last year’s to spread out content and continue to edit episodes?
  8. I don’t usually like posting headless torsos, but these are amazing tatas.
  9. I love Ted King. Cool that they’re making Finn biracial. (Is that Tanner Novlan’s background?) Maybe they’re not gonna kill him off just yet (although Bradley’s ADD is notorious).
  10. Haha! You thought I was gonna give you one of your blond, corn-fed Midwestern farm boys, huh? Here’s an approximation, I suppose: the first openly gay active NFL player, Carl Nassib, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders: Note: Michael Sam was cut before ever playing a regular-season game with the Rams.
  11. Rachel Lindsay basically put the entire Bachelor franchise on blast in this essay: https://www.vulture.com/article/rachel-lindsay-the-bachelor-franchise.html
  12. I can’t with this idiotic show. If it weren’t for Quinn/Carter, I would have bailed.
  13. Wait, so Justin didn’t kill Vinny? It was even worse: Vinny killed himself?
  14. “Butter” is No. 1 for a fourth week.
  15. I know ESPN used to show the later rounds of the hardcourt Masters (I think they showed “Cincinnati” last year) and the ATP Finals, so I wondered about that.
  16. LOL. She’s… not great. Have ESPN’s tennis rights changed? I’m not following that.
  17. Anila charging $600 worth of drinks to Lisa Nicole’s hotel room… LMAO. Mess.
  18. CLB looks SO much better with the beard btw. Dude does NOT look 63. He talks about being a gay man and the legacy of Stonewall 20 minutes in, mentioning his husband and how he doesn’t hold his hand in public. Really good interview. I like Maurice Benard’s series a lot. He gets people to open up.
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