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  1. “Blu,” a fitness model
  2. Oh no! Wow. This year is crazy.
  3. Man, I can’t be bothered with this show LOL. You can’t do nine months of story and have a whoopee-cushion sputter of an ending.
  4. I don’t know why that made me lol so hard, but yes lol.
  5. The ratings have not been fabulous, I think. I’m not able to watch today but this sounds awful.
  6. The Crown swept the Emmys, with wins for Drama Series, Writing, Directing, Olivia Colman (Lead Actress), Josh O’Connor (Actor), Gillian Anderson (Supporting Actress), and Tobias Menzies (Supporting Actor). Menzies, who was absent from the Emmy ceremony, won over the late Michael K. Williams, who had been nominated for Lovecraft Country and actually had been the favorite to win. Menzies accepted the Emmy and offered this tribute to MKW via Twitter:
  7. Totally. Yet, in spite of their toxicity, they were hoisted up like the new Steve and Audrey. It was too boring to be distasteful. I’d love to see Jason and Sonny brutalize each other.
  8. If they don’t mess up the mess, but yes. I’m just glad they blew up Carson, who were just stale and moldy.
  9. Yeah, this show fails on the execution. Again, the ideas are all there for an entertaining show. That seems like a good guess.
  10. Ah yes, I saw Patti’s tribute on Instagram. So sad. They had just performed together. Some sad news for lovers of ‘80s industrial and electronic music:
  11. The demos for the show improved a lot with Tyra, so maybe not? It’s not at all the show it was, so the longtime fans really have had trouble adjusting. A lot of the complaints are from a certain demographic who often have issues with black women, so I do look at some of the kvetching sideways. But after her America’s Got Talent debacle, it’s clear live hosting isn’t Tyra’s strength. And DWTS does now feel like a Tyra vehicle. There used to be a lot of time spent on backstage interviews after the judges’ scores (with Erin Andrews), and, in the background, you could see the contestants and professional dancers chilling, bonding, supporting each other, and interacting. That’s all gone now. Tyra does all the interviews with the pairs alone right on the dance floor after they’ve done their routines and heard their scores, and she’s just not a very warm presence.
  12. Kenya’s first routine on Dancing with the Stars: For context, those are pretty good scores for the first week (26). The leaders Suni Lee and Amanda Kloots had 28 (as of now).
  13. I’m somewhat interested in seeing what Kenya Moore does. Tyra is terrible as a host. She has zero rapport with the judges, which was one of Tom Bergeron’s many strengths. She’s very mechanical and not very present, so you can feel her rushing the judges to keep the show running on time.
  14. “Stay” is back at No. 1, while six of Drake’s nine top 10s from last week dropped out:
  15. It’s actually a pretty good track and video. A bit anonymous but legit and not simply amplifying her HW persona.
  16. Too many black male entertainers, especially rappers and comedians, are dying in their 40s and 50s. Speaks to a larger public health crisis among black men.
  17. I largely agree, even though I was previously a purist. But there was something about the last season (with Dorinda and Tinsley leaving halfway—pre-COVID, so no excuse there) that, while still somewhat enjoyable and watchable, felt a little too well-worn, with the same dynamics we’ve seen year after year. Leah as the too-self-aware Tasmanian devil didn’t really enhance things. (Sonja is a lot of fun, but, unpopular opinion, I think she could use a break from the cameras, at the very least. Her drinking and drugging can’t continue to be a story. I’m a little bit over her.) Could be a good idea to spin off some of the OGs for Peacock exclusives or something, and reinvent the show for a more multicultural, LGBT-inclusive, non-UES/Hamptons-focused scene of actually married friends.
  18. RuPaul is now the winningest person of color in Emmy history: he won his 11th tonight.
  19. Blaze, a trainer from Dallas
  20. I’m not sure if this would work and it’s not necessarily what I’d want, but, for some reason, I can imagine a RHONY looking like this (a soft, more inclusive reboot of seven housewives, which could be executed well or be a disaster. Leah, who is almost universally disliked now, and at least one older HW - likely Luann or Ramona, for their participation in the racial conflicts and fallings out with Eboni - would be axed): Dorinda Heather Luann OR Ramona OR Sonja (two of the three at most) Eboni OR another black housewife (not saying they are interchangeable—but it’s obvious they want to preserve at least one place for a black woman) New black (Bershan? Hmmm…) and/or Latina (Dominican/PR) housewife New Latina or Asian housewife (from Queens?) New white housewife OR maaaybe they keep one of the older housewives (maybe Sonja) It might be worth looking for multiple new housewives (two or more) who share some kind of longterm, more than superficial connection. That’s barring one of the existing NY HWs hitting the dubious “jackpot” of an Erika/Jen Shah/Luann-gets-arrested-type scandal…
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