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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Weirdly, Lexie Stevenson/Mattie of all people made me misty first today. Lots of good work today. Bryton always steps up when asked. Eileen and Christel were great. EB and MTS felt very much like they weren’t acting. I wish that we’d seen Neil/Jack flashbacks during PB’s scenes. I suppose we’ll get them later on, but it felt like a missed opportunity.


    Again, soaps have abused death and near-death scenarios so often. When Abby mentioned her fear of losing her dad, I remembered that both Victor and Nikki were in comas in the past year, and it wasn’t even alluded to.



    Oof. As great as Bryton was in that scene, Hologram Neil was a mistake. Yikes. Not good.

  2. I watched today’s show in like five minutes. There simply wasn’t anything else that attracted my attention having not watched since February. Billy/Victoria/Victor? Summer/Kyle/Lola? Yeah, that’s not gonna do it for me.


    For me, that sequence really showed how much Y&R’s directing/production has deteriorated in the past 15 years. They really would have sold the emotion of that dialogue-free years ago, just through camerawork and blocking. For me, the only part that cut through was CK/Lily convulsing in horror at the news. The rest just got lost in the extras at the party scene.


    However, I’m more confident in the ability of the cast to carry this story, beyond just the real grief viewers feel for the tragic loss of KSJ. So I’m looking forward (if one can say that for episodes this painful) to scenes with dialogue.

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