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  1. Benjamin from Hong Kong
  2. There was Tiffany on GH, but yeah you'd have thought there would have been more.
  3. I also loved Dorian and Mel. Sad about this.
  4. So many of the great soap leading ladies—Erica Kane, Reva Shayne, Alexandra Spaulding, Nikki Newman, Katherine Chancellor, Victoria Lord, Dorian Cramer, the list goes on—has had a retconned child. Very few of those new characters were worth the trouble of screwing up history.
  5. Well, looks like Simona has finally found some form weeks before defending her RG title.
  6. Dominic has a solid chance of destroying him.
  7. “Berlinsun” from Wuhan City, China
  8. What a choke from Naomi! And Monfils gonna Monfils: unplayable followed by *shocking* lapses.
  9. The dancing/flexing is a bit rodonk, but the guy is hot.
  10. Not sure how reliable this is...or whether TV Guide jumped the gun.
  11. It’s Y&R in 2019. It’s gonna be bad. I know from your posts that you appreciate Kyle/Summer, which is fair, but IMO it’s been ages since a couple has worked on this show. Same-sex, opposite-sex, across the board.
  12. From what I remember, they were very well liked online, but perhaps they were underrated by their bosses.
  13. Oy. A same-sex attraction or love story doesn’t have to be a bad thing for Ana (well, maybe, if I’m being realistic, on Y&R it is), but TESSA? Why not Mariah? At least Camryn can act.
  14. I’m in Armenia for a work trip (hence the lack of posts), so I was searching for hot Armenian men to post in my off hours, as there are TONS just walking the streets of Yerevan. But I inadvertently stumbled upon this Turkish actor Burak Özçivit. Forgive me if he’s old news, but he’s wow.
  15. Novak said nearly what Roger said verbatim and gets slaughtered. People are looking to use him as a punching bag. And it’s not as much about Gimelstob and his crimes as it is about Kermode. In fact, most journalists considered it a non-story until Kermode was voted out (in some sort of “nefarious” coup).
  16. It’s a tough one. Gimelstob had been an advocate for getting better prize money for lower-ranked players, which was one of Djokovic’s initiatives. I’m certainly not a JG fan, and he needed to go, which I think Novak knew.
  17. A.J. Ellison from Kansas City, MO
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