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  1. Andy Murray pulled out of singles with a right quad strain but will still plays doubles (which is where, let’s face it, he’s more of a medal contender).
  2. Indeed. No one on staff sees this odd story pattern right now with the black cast? Because if it’s intentional, it’s beyond effed up.
  3. Since it’s Olympic season, here’s Artur Dalaloyan, Russian gymnast
  4. LOL. It’s like neither guy wanted to win.
  5. Jonathan Bennett (AMC) is getting married to Jaymes Vaughan (The Amazing Race), as you might know. This made me chuckle a little. 224388106_6616548378371014_6187394921688326748_n.mp4
  6. Isaiah Harmison from Love Island
  7. 10 years since her untimely passing…
  8. To echo others, I can’t imagine Michelle Stafford playing anything Cynthia Watros is currently playing as Nina on GH, *especially* the Sonny relationship. CW is totally credible in soft, emotional scenes with Phyllis and Lenny as well as baby Wiley in ways that MS could *never* pull off. Stafford has it in her to play emotion and empathy but she’s soooo self-conscious in scenes whereas CW is far more grounded. CW has done her best with a poorly conceived character and has made her watchable.
  9. Shawn D. said something about flight issues or cancellations. It was weird.
  10. A lawyer/gymnast from Moscow
  11. So funny how active this thread was and how dead it became.
  12. Javier Palermo, Mr. Argentina
  13. The Indie Spirit awards are moving three weeks earlier than Oscar weekend in an attempt to broaden their audience and influence: https://deadline.com/2021/07/indie-spirit-awards-shakeup-1234798000/
  14. Behind it, diagonal to it, perpendicular to it…. They were really going there with the double entendres.
  15. I’m kind of into Faith’s hairdo. Meghan McCain would be jealous. Is LAR on contract as Imani or no?
  16. Can someone slap the sh!t out of Claire (anyone at the church will do) and murder Ben?
  17. He loves him some Crystal Fox. (I almost typed “Hunt” lol.)
  18. Didn’t she just pass out while getting her star on the Walk of Fame? I think she needs to get somewhere and sit down.
  19. LOL what?!?! Perfect ending for a dumpster fire of a show, I guess. Angela Robinson should really be on a soap.
  20. They need to stop having black folks sing on this show. I’m reminded of Timothy D. Stickney’s anecdote in the OLTL oral history. He said he pretended to be tone-deaf so they wouldn’t haul him out to sing at holidays and funerals.
  21. “El Capi” From Puerto Rico
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