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  1. Jason Thompson has gotten into very good shape (the lats looked decent as he was lifting himself off the massage table), but it’s funny that of all the men on Y&R to show half-naked, it’s almost always him. Sometimes Bryton. This on a show with Sean Dominic, Michael Mealor, and Jordi Vilasuso.
  2. I think Leah is as thirsty as LaToya is on ATL. Everything is just a little too transparently done for TV. She is very lucky NY needed a younger person with Tinsley leaving.
  3. Is Imani/Leigh-Ann Rose being upped to contract? I see a lot of talk about her.
  4. This show is bad, bad, bad. Of course, Adam is the Good Samaritan who brought Faith to the hospital. So manipulative.
  5. I’m sorry but Leah’s obnoxious.
  6. Bianca had Garbiñe shook! Looming possible semi with Naomi.
  7. LOL! I can’t imagine... but I don’t recall.
  8. “Biggest drama queen ever” in Kerber’s thick German accent.
  9. LOL. She had better pull it together fast... Wow.
  10. Muguruza/Andreescu has been pretty cracking. Sakkari/Pegula wasn’t always high-quality, but it was fun from what I saw.
  11. Yeah, I’ve seen people say they are *really* laying it on thick with Flo right now, which could be a setup for her tragic death. But they’ve always placed this awful character on a pedestal.
  12. AMPAS is backtracking on its “in-person/no Zoom” requirements for Oscar attendees after a backlash from nominees, especially those abroad in countries with soaring infections and strict quarantine rules: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/oscars-academy-set-to-loosen-in-person-attendance-requirement-for-nominees-exclusive
  13. Fucsovics has become Rublev’s footstool.
  14. Bieber with his 7th No. 1...
  15. LOL why? I saw some people who thought she was faking an injury today.
  16. The nose is good! Looks way more natural than the pinched look he was sporting years ago. And he has a salt-and-pepper beard, which works for him. And he’s just as shady as ever.
  17. Just saw Dwight doing guest commentary with Sheree on this RHOA rerun. Dare I say he looks good?
  18. Yeah, I almost thought Pliskova would break the streak coming back from 1-4 to win the 2nd, but Pegula regrouped in the 3rd. She owns Karolina now.
  19. Wow, Jessica Pegula really has Pliskova’s number. Beat her three times in a month. Almost choked the match away too.
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