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  1. USO crowds are just rude. Obnoxious drunk corporate types who hang out and talk through matches. Bublik, you f*cker. You had one job.
  2. Indeed. And was up two sets and served for it in the third. Ridiculous. At least he won, but he’ll face a buzzsaw in the next round. Michael Chang looks better the older he gets. The ESPN folks hate Jenson Brooksby’s grunting LOL. Usually they cape for great young American hopes.
  3. That could be drama! Vika/Muguruza is also a top pick.
  4. I cannot believe they are still dragging out this Amanda/Sutton story. I guess I *can* believe it, it’s JG, but what?!?! I thought they had actually cut their losses. And where’s Imani? So Abby and Devon are in the offing, about a decade too late? The B&B spoilers are utterly predictable.
  5. The show looks fun. I am surprised at how white the show still looks, after Bravo made such a to-do about diversity and the whole Stassi/Kristen/Jax debacle. It’s a little surprising. And will they mention what happened why Stassi and company were fired?
  6. OMG. I know people are raving about this season, but I’m GAGGING over Lisa Rinna and not in a good way. She makes me wretch. She and a few other ladies make the show unwatchable for me.
  7. Okay thanks. So that was Adam’s hotel room? I’m so confused with who is living where now. I don’t see the chemistry between Grossman and Hope.
  8. Some interesting matches here, not gonna lie:
  9. Akbar Gbajabiamila, who co-hosts American Ninja Warrior, has been named a new co-host of The Talk. I actually like Akbar a lot, but not enough to tune in: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/the-talk-akbar-gbajabiamila-co-host-1235007684/ I just hope Sheryl can keep her cool:
  10. MTS serves snooty condescension better than anyone, but Nikki is useless. Is Sally STILL living in Phyllis’s hotel?
  11. “He’ll never be able to make love to me ever again!” This show is soooo cringe.
  12. I think Soapsuds submitted that as one of the questions—will Beyond Salem have edgier content than what’s allowed on daytime? I’m curious. It’s clear they’re hedging in their on-air promotions so as to not offend, which makes me wonder how far they’ve gone.
  13. Jackie Cox did or didn’t air? So they shelved all the gay stuff for the conservative blue hairs?
  14. Where’s Ashley or any of the Abbotts in Abby’s story? Nina was around to idly chitchat about film scripts when no story was happening, but when Abby actually has her baby, she’s away?
  15. Bonnie Burroughs is a hoot as Gladys. She’s the type of actress who would deserve Emmy recognition.
  16. Thanks, you and @Vee (saw you posted this video in the Politics thread). Safe and sound up here in Washington Heights. Ida isn’t playing: They said they’re gonna put Schwartzman/Anderson on Ashe but Kerber will have to wait until tomorrow.
  17. Now it’s raining inside the upper decks of Arthur Ashe. I’m in NYC now. Can’t remember rain this hard, and we had a tornado warning.
  18. Casting news for the New Orleans-set reboot: https://deadline.com/2021/09/queer-as-folk-candace-grace-johnny-sibilly-devin-way-fin-argus-cast-1234825787/
  19. Diego just fell on his ass due to the wet court on Armstrong.
  20. It’s *just* the most idiotic mess of a story.
  21. I love seeing Sloane in full flight dismantling Angie Kerber, whom she might play next.
  22. Sloane took Coco to school tonight. The Schwartzman/Anderson match is currently delayed for this, in spite of a roof:
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