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  1. Keith David would be excellent. This show feels so cheap. It really is the most budget-looking (and feeling) of the surviving soaps right now. So weird to say that.
  2. Ah, I wondered what happened. I thought she’d beat SST pretty handily and possibly meet Kenin. So weird to see Isner getting broken game after game.
  3. Not too bad. WTF happened to Jen Brady, though?
  4. Holy sh!t. I think I’m dying of cringe watching tonight’s episode. It’s sooooo uncomfortable.
  5. Alrighty then. Inevitable but the turnover on this damn dying show. I know The View had some very rough years, especially 2013-16, but it had a much more established brand.
  6. Wow. She was responsible for so many of our childhood memories of reading.
  7. He looks great, yeah. The dodgy Streetcar Named Desire accent he’s using is unfortunate.
  8. Another Jessica Walter tribute. I had forgotten her husband had recently passed until I saw it in the obits.
  9. I almost feel like only Bill Bell truly understood Ashley. On OLTL, Labine really didn’t seem to get Nora or Viki, which surprised me, as she wrote 40+ female characters so well elsewhere. Nora got menopause and Viki was in sex therapy, I recall. Just very cliché.
  10. Michael Malone and Tina on OLTL. Bob Guza and Justus/the Wards on GH
  11. Oh I am sad about Jessica Walter.
  12. Chanel’s fun. Very beautiful and vibrant.
  13. This Adam story is dumb. This show is really going hard to try to paint him as a victim, and I don’t care what happens to him. At all. I would say “Team Chelsea,” but she’s just insipid.
  14. And his mother just died, which would give him an opportunity to reflect on his mortality.
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