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  1. 8th week at No. 1 for Olivia and a record-extended 52 weeks (a full year!) in the top 10 for “Blinding Lights.”
  2. WTF was Zende’s MUAHAHA and then a cut to the opening credits? This show is just so half-assed.
  3. NFL linebacker Mychal Kendricks
  4. Indeed. She’s captivating. And soaps have trotted out tons of people, even actors who are also professional singers, to perform over the years, and it’s almost always embarrassing. GL is a cut above.
  5. Yeah, I’m like what is THAT about? Lordy Lordy. I’m glad Paulina will mix it up with Kate. We all saw that one coming.
  6. Yeah, even after her weak OLTL, I too was stoked to see what she could do at GL. But it felt like a caricature of a lot of her previous work, with the quirky “humor” (May Merisi), extending the mob stuff with the Santos family, sad deaths of children (Cassie/Richard), shoehorning in social issues stuff (Reva and the human trafficking story that led to Catalina’s arrival), etc.
  7. Sometimes we learn that failures are the results of interference from the highers-up, but Claire Labine’s uneven OLTL and nearly disastrous GL come to mind. Both felt like self-parodies. That’s after her triumphant GH run and the well-earned respect for co-creating and writing Ryan’s Hope.
  8. Zende is a Forrester, but you would hardly know it from this show.
  9. I’m no Billy and Lily fan (and Victoria is actually absolutely right about her ex). But Victoria is so smug, and Lily should have gathered her today. It’s long overdue.
  10. And they’re not playing it today. Just bizarre pacing.
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