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  1. Exactly. He has no sense of when he’s got gold. Just when things go in a newsworthy or revelatory direction, he smothers it like a wet blanket. It’s great he does these chats, and most of them are worthwhile viewing, but they could be so much better if he got out of his own way, and we’re not the only people who’ve pointed this out.
  2. Limited in the sense that she’s not given much to do. She’s either in lawyer mode or butting her nose in Lily and Elena’s relationships. She does loosen up around Devon, but that story feels like it’s stalled. I actually don’t feel like she’s stiff. I think she’s enlivening a character that would be totally forgettable without her natural presence.
  3. Hilary was poorly written, certainly, but she was dynamic. I just want Mishael to have opportunities to show what she can do, because we all know she’s spectacularly talented, and I’m not seeing that right now. Just a blah, very limited character. Only her charisma is saving her.
  4. I don’t like this Lucas. At all. Brook Kerr plays an excellent doctor.
  5. This is a promising lineup. And they gave Morgan Wallen another shot.
  6. I agree. Nick and Sharon ruined what felt like such a classy, adult show for me. Sad what happened to Kevin Stapleton as Kevin on OLTL. He was such a welcome reprieve after the Jack Armstrong/Ken Kenitzer recast debacles, and JFP cast him aside for Timothy Gibbs. Soaps really loved throwing out their charming, dashing leading men for thugs and tortured brooders.
  7. I thought he did a good job at playing the delusions. Well what I saw before the Biden press conference... It’s a crime what they’ve done to Mishael Morgan. Amanda is merely a busybody without a cause, going around prying into everyone’s business. Hilary at least had real drive and an agenda.
  8. More generally positive reviews on Metacritic: https://www.metacritic.com/tv/saved-by-the-bell-2020/season-1
  9. I mean, she’s almost certainly going to win. Shameful that The Weeknd was snubbed.
  10. Bravo keeps trying to make Gizelle happen, ugh I would have had Wendy Robyn Gizelle Candiace ANDY Karen Ashley Monique. That would make too much sense.
  11. Same. I thought it might feel... ghoulish, but it doesn’t at all. I saw the other day he did a little tap dance during an interview with one of the contestants. I just admire how he was able to push through what must have been great discomfort as he deteriorated.
  12. I don’t even recognize Ashley in that photo. I was like, who’s that brown-skinned, heavy-set woman? Did Heavenly join the cast of RHOP? Ashley is just pregnant and in shadows. Why is Robyn on that side? And I suppose Candiace didn’t want to sit close to Monique, but usually those with the most drama have the seats next to Andy. But I suppose you could argue that the Karen/Gizelle feud was underpinning the whole season, even beyond Monique/Candiace.
  13. Ratings are up sharply since Trebek died, as viewers tune in to watch his final episodes. It’s been the top syndicated show, even topping Judge Judy. Also, Ken Jennings will first air January 11, and there will be two weeks of classic Trebek episodes in December. Trebek’s last week of originals will air the week of January 4. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/jeopardy-ratings-rise-after-alex-trebeks-death
  14. Such BS. I wish a show would these days would have the balls to do what Hollyoaks did with The Dog in the Pond back in 2006.
  15. Bisexual men are very threatening. They are way underrepresented in all of popular culture. Primetime has a lot of work to do on that front as well.
  16. This show is straaaaining to have that Marlena-levitating-in-bed moment.
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