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  1. Was Amanda Beall still grouped with Josh Griffith?
  2. Porsha has been profiled in the New York Times for her activism:
  3. I started watching because my mom and sisters watched. I loved the immersion into a world filled with fascinating characters, and there was a comfort in knowing that these characters would always be there every day at a certain time. Certainly these past few months of working from home has reconnected me with the soaps, and I loved rewatching the classic episodes (well Y&R was the only that actually aired classics). Like most of us here, I’ve had a lifetime of investment in these shows, and that’s hard to part ways with. Even in their depleted state, there is some comfort in seeing familiar faces and actors who can still bring it in spite of the diminished quality of the writing. I sometimes just have it on as background noise during the day, since it doesn’t require my full attention, and it’s better than the news, which I find harmful and manipulative. And I’m not sure I’d still be watching soaps if not for the community here. But I just tried to watch a bit of the new Y&R and turned it off. The dialogue on the show almost feels like it was computer-generated.
  4. Potomac is leagues better than any other HW franchise right now, especially BH. (I don’t watch Dallas, so can’t speak to that one.)
  5. From Indonesia 🇮🇩
  6. I’d very willingly suspend all disbelief if Y&R ever undid the deaths of Dru, Hillary, or Diane (with AD in the role only). I’d gladly overlook the flimsiest of explanations.
  7. Love this. And, yes, what could have been.
  8. Monique’s parrot T’Challa escaped. She’s very emotional on IG:
  9. From Skopje, Macedonia 🇲🇰
  10. So Beall is the only female HW in daytime at the moment...
  11. Just got to Jules handing Bethenny her ass at dinner in S8. Jules really did have her shook, which is rare for someone Bethenny isn’t close to (like Jill or Carole). Of course, Jules’s eating disorder is allllll about Bethenny. I’m enjoying this season. The drama is deep and organic. I will say, Jules’s tagline might be the most annoying in HW history. (Carole’s “great ass” one could be a close second.)
  12. Yeah, she does a low-budget version of Gilmore Girls-era Amy Sherman Palladino or Buffy-era Joss Whedon. Very womp-womp, unfunny, strained dialogue.
  13. Someone pointed out that they filmed at Oheka Castle on Long Island, which is where Taylor Swift filmed the “Blank Space” video.
  14. Terrible song. Was that an original? Still it reminded me of something you might see/hear in the ‘80s.
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