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  1. That’s so hilarious. I really would like to see a show about the waning years of GL and Peapack. lol
  2. Can we fast-forward through all of the Phyllis/Sally/Marchetti stuff?
  3. It’s bad? That’s a shame. I tend to be skeptical of heavy buzz, especially nowadays, but I do usually enjoy Mike White’s sensibility.
  4. September 19 is the date of the ceremony.
  5. Moses, a model serving lips from London
  6. Whoever uploaded these videos in this way should be slapped, but Elias Ymer and Jordan Thompson almost came to blows in D.C. after Thompson accused Ymer of hitting a ball that bounced twice (it didn’t) and not being honest about it:
  7. Yeah, Joss’s stance toward Spencer feels a bit too much like disdain as a cover for a crush/attraction. And I’m hard-pressed to think of a promising pairing this show hasn’t sabotaged beyond repair in recent memory IMO (not into Ava/Nik personally). I just want a few good months before they become toxic.
  8. Been seeing a lot of posts like this regarding Murray Bartlett. Really want to watch this show. Glad to see his career really soaring.
  9. I know they need obstacles and drama, but I swear if they eff up Sprina with some Joss bullsh!t… There’s more than enough potential hurdles to keep their pairing interesting. He’s a freakin’ Cassadine and a little bit unhinged.
  10. Austin Peck is aging sooooo much better than his predecessor. 50 looks good on him. CC looks good, too.
  11. Go Portia! I love that she shows backbone with Stella. Go somewhere else with that mess. I am a GROWN-ASS woman! IMG_1758.MOV
  12. Something always happens to Nishioka when he plays Jack Sock. Retired a set up but down 0-4 in the second yesterday.
  13. The pornstache doesn’t help. Otherwise I think he still looks decent.
  14. Is she really?! She’s gorgeous, but I don’t think she’s personality plus.
  15. Where’s Khan? He loves this kid and the whole Tinker family.
  16. Roger Howarth’s presence on this show is absurd, pointless, and a drag. It really does feel like a thumb in the eye. A total f*ck-you. LMAO.
  17. 9th week at No. 1 for “Butter.” The Kanye-produced Lil Nas X/Jack Harlow collaboration debuts at No. 2.
  18. Atsushi Arai, Olympic water polo player from Japan
  19. LOL Brooke’s stories in the ‘90s were comical and humiliating. It always felt like someone high up hated Julia Barr yet the writers were still directed to write for her. As a teen, I appreciated JB, but I always rooted against Brooke (whether it was against Dixie, Erica, or Maria or anyone). She was a sopping wet blanket.
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