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  1. Na Sen from Shanghai 🇨🇳
  2. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s just one of those performers who irks me, and it’s been that way on every show, including AMC. It’s a very personal thing.
  3. Reggie Montgomery (AMC) Chadwick Boseman Michael B. Jordan Wasn't Lea Salonga famous before playing Lien, though?
  4. As much as I hate Victor with these young chicks, that’s a very inspired idea, which seems to indicate that they’d never do it.
  5. 😂 That was totally what she looked like.
  6. Titan from Taipei 🇹🇼
  7. Bassem from Egypt 🇪🇬
  8. Every line out of each character’s mouth on this show is utterly predictable. And not in a “I know these characters so well, so I can anticipate their responses” kind of way, but in a “This show is written by the numbers” kind of way. Those Celeste/Kyle/Lola scenes were the epitome of writers phoning it in. There was no shading, no specificity or individuality to how the characters spoke. Don’t bother if you’re just going to write dry dialogue meant for high school acting exercises.
  9. Also, STAT! Can you imagine having to beat all three (including Federer)?
  10. This is super cool. I’m sure his reception in Japan will be massive. STAT. How clutch was Novak during those TBs? He really tightened up his game, but Roger really came unglued.
  11. David/Kat still hold up as a couple. Such great chemistry between Nia and Monti. Monti’s Southern accent was STRONG.
  12. Novak was awful on return. He usually plays Roger so well.
  13. Weirdest, jankiest GS final ever. I love Novak and I’m glad he won his 5th Wimbledon and 16th Slam, but that was terrible. And the TB sort of felt like a coin toss.
  14. Jonathan in Singapore 🇸🇬
  15. Chris from San Diego 🇺🇸
  16. IG: ph.demarchi from São Paulo 🇧🇷
  17. Serena didn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about her team during her remarks. I just read that Simona made THREE unforced errors during that whole match.
  18. Simona is no longer a one-major wonder.
  19. I mentioned the Kerber final. This was almost exactly the same, except that Halep was even better. Great mover and defender. Serena came in not really tested by an elite player. If Serena is still making finals, she’ll still have chances.
  20. Raven from Baguio City, Philippines 🇵🇭
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