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  1. Yeah, is he on a break or something? Just odd to not see him. I thought they were foreshadowing Sally going after Nick to solely to spite Phyllis. (There was a scene at the Grand Phoenix where Sally vowed revenge on Phyllis a few months ago, and Nick just happened to walk in afterwards. I was ohhh, they’ve dropped an anvil that they’re gonna go there with a Jack/Sally/Phyllis/Nick quad. But then Faith needed her kidney, Nick took off to Kansas to find Adam to be her donor, they teased a business story with Victor and Adam, then Nick left to be with Summer in Italy, and no Sally/Nick affair. I’m assuming that if they keep Courtney Hope, they’ll get around to it, but just odd they’ve essentially dropped Nick entirely.) The show feels aimless, as if they are hedging bets on stories because they aren’t entirely sure which actors will be around due to budget, contracts, or unexpected departures. We know that to be the case with Mealor and King, and it had been the case with Donny Boaz.
  2. Thank you for this. What a tired list at the top.
  3. Shomari Francis, model from Los Angeles
  4. I liked him and Michael Dietz a lot together. I read they were extremely close IRL and he was the godfather of MD’s daughter. Saw this photo Kin Shriner posted last year with Jay and Michael. Super sad.
  5. IMO there are a lot of promising younger stars (and Naomi Osaka is a legit superstar, for reasons only partially tied to her tennis), but maybe check again in 2-3 years to see where things sit? Feels a bit like a transitional period right now. A new generation of stars has yet to truly step up like the names you’ve listed.
  6. He’s already done what neither Fed or Rafa have done (winning each Slam at least twice, winning the first three slams of the year, the list goes on).
  7. If he’s truly injured, why would he play? I just don’t think Novak would pull out if his body were up to scratch. It would be a bad look in Serbia, above all else. They would probably have lost the mixed-doubles match anyway, so I’m not sure what difference it have would made.
  8. You were right. He’s a great physical specimen, but even his body has limits. Hope this doesn’t eff him in NY. Bencic. Bleh.
  9. Vansh Chhabra, model from India
  10. Hatim Raka, fitness model from Indonesia
  11. This show… I can’t. These recreated flashbacks between Liz and Nikolas…
  12. They should try and snatch up MCE from Y&R then. Kim recast, anyone?
  13. They’re writing Sally as such a twit. Phyllis would obviously make mincemeat out of this character.
  14. O’Connor and Van Etten are getting dragged left and right everywhere I look over this retcon.
  15. Golden Slam would have been nice, but eh. Onward.
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