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  1. These BIs are vague as hell. At least they could provide some tantalizing clues.
  2. Perhaps this will speed up LGBTQ progress in a handful of other Asian nations, especially the relatively progressive ones (Thailand, Japan, etc). A long way to go.
  3. Soxjunio from Rio de Janeiro
  4. For those who don’t like their men so “pretty and young”: Bryan Sommer from Los Angeles.
  5. He’s an @sshole. Video taken by a fan:
  6. Disney isn’t allowed to own two broadcast networks, so the Fox TV network wasn’t part of the acquisition.
  7. And possible price tag, plus the fact that the Fox network and 20th Century Fox Television (owned by Disney) now have different corporate parents.
  8. I posted this guy before, but he just keeps coming with the hot pics. Sahil Mankas from India.
  9. Yikes. I wonder if Serena and Maria will announce retirements soon.
  10. Kim-Lân from France:
  11. Decent bump for Y&R for the KSJ tribute week, but odd that ratings trailed off for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which were the day Genoa City discovered Neil’s death, the day of the funeral, and the gathering at Devon’s apartment. Monday is traditionally a big viewing day, but still.
  12. Tushar Rudra from Delhi
  13. Once, in 1990, for lead actor. Wasn’t watching then so I don’t know what story he was nominated for. He lost to Santa Barbara’s A Martinez.
  14. Englishman Simeon Panda
  15. Sammy from Ghana 🇬🇭
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