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  1. That would have been highly preferable to the tension-free stuff that’s been playing out on screen.
  2. It’s almost comical! Like you see a scene about to take fire, and he dumps a huge pail of water on it. Even today, during the Sally/Kyle confrontation at Society, I thought we were going to see Sally go into full-on bitch mode after the commercial break, and it just went so... flat. It’s like clockwork.
  3. That would be such a great soapy story yet progressive—ostensibly straight woman falls for her bisexual surrogate while her husband is away. Right out of Patricia Highsmith.
  4. Are they gonna do an Abby/Mariah fling or not?
  5. Why on earth would JG have Summer hear about the kid from KYLE, especially when Kyle had previously withheld that info, potentially leading up to a soapy reveal? It’s like he has an allergy to drama.
  6. I’m sure budget/availability is the reason, but delaying follow-up to Charlie’s murder for a full week kills momentum. It’s one of the worst things about soaps in 2021.
  7. I feel bad for Wes because he’s being set up to embarrass himself on national TV, when the writers/producers of GH should have ended this a LONG time ago.
  8. Even though ATWT was originally my mom’s show and not mine (I watched OLTL), I had gleaned enough from my repeated glimpses of the Marland era to pretty easily jump in during the mid-‘90s when I became a more regular viewer. But by that time, a lot of Marland’s characters were gone, and only the big big names were left: Lucinda, Lily, Tom, Barbara, Margo, Hal, John, Lisa, and others. It’s funny: I have such a love-hate relationship with AMC. While I always respected it, something about its tone always bugged me EXCEPT for Lorraine Broderick’s tenure in the mid-‘90s, when I just pla
  9. Wow, the SAG Awards will simply be an hour-long pre-taped special this year: https://variety.com/2021/tv/awards/sag-awards-2021-telecast-producers-1234920953/
  10. Did he mean to spell it “lye”? Is that like Middle English or something? I agree with Alan Sarapa that sometimes it’s better for public figures to be quiet.
  11. “Guess what I have?” seems to indicate COVID. A lot of media companies have simply given up on their linear channels. They don’t think it’s a smart investment anymore. I certainly see that with my old workplace (one of the reasons why I left).
  12. For chrissakes, please tell me Peter’s comeuppance is imminent. This cutesy scene with Maxie asking him to marry her is like twisting the knife. I don’t even think Josh Griffith would be this cruel.
  13. Oof. I feel bad for Wes, but that reaction to Alex’s videotape was dreadful. You could see his eyes get wet, but the tears wouldn’t fall. Why they didn’t realize this wasn’t working and cut bait before creating these Byzantine connections is beyond me. Some of the worst acting I’ve seen in years. Certainly on this show...
  14. It’s a bit confusing. I believe that, through August 4, players will be able to hold on to 50 percent of points from 2019 events that were not held in 2020 (like Indian Wells, Miami, and Wimbledon). They will also be able to hold on to 50 percent of points from rescheduled 2020 events like RG into 2022. Of course, if they better their 2019 or 2020 performance during 2021, they’ll keep 100 percent of their points. So basically Roger Federer won’t be penalized that much for skipping Miami, since he’ll be able to keep 500 points until they drop in 2022. Which I’m sure he knew beforeha
  15. Hilarious that *that* is acceptable for lunchtime viewing and a lot of other things aren’t.
  16. Stuck in my head on a loop for 15 years!
  17. Are they *really* letting so many days go by without following up on Sami and Charlie’s murder? Paul Telfer really does have a perfect body. Ron loves his innuendos and dick jokes.
  18. I always love to see him playing well. Kei in full flight is a thing of beauty, and De Minaur is a tough out if your body isn’t right. Guess he’s healthy for the time being.
  19. I definitely saw members of the Twitter chattering classes who (weakly) tried to compare the situation to Al Franken’s downfall, saying that Democrats shouldn’t eat their own when Trump and other Republicans never faced consequences for their own allegations. However, those weren’t establishment Dems. Most of them have been calling for Cuomo’s head. And rightfully so. Dude’s a thug. NY politics is beyond corrupt, and the Cuomo family is a huge part of that.
  20. I agree with this. SMG just has an X-factor that AM doesn’t, which is why SMG remains iconic, even with her middling career the past 15 years or so. Buffy wouldn’t have been a pop culture phenomenon without her as an anchor. AM did a great job navigating what Kendall ultimately became, which was a sort of an above-average bitchy heroine, and she had more of a resemblance to SL, but by her arrival, the show was already mostly garbage. SMG stood out on a show that was still pretty good, if in decline.
  21. The show is a bit all over the place, and there were so many random forgettable characters. Sooo many. But when it sang, it really sang. For a soap fan, I’m not a romance guy, and even I swoon watching Cruz and Eden. Marcy and A were glorious together, and I really love that Eden could be such a bitch lol.
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