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  1. And Federer out in spite of a massive choke from Zverev to lose that second set after holding five match points. Oh and Roger was sniping with the umpire and also got a point penalty. When are we going to put this “classy” nonsense to bed?
  2. I see these names: Tucker. Chance. Is Y&R recasting these roles, or will they just remain off screen?
  3. Oh Novak. That was a repeat of the Cincinnati match with Medvedev. Cruising, then falls apart at the end of the second set. In a year when he’s been generally under par, he somehow won two Slams and a Masters. Go figure. With Novak failing to defend his title, Nadal will be the new #1 on November 4. Deservedly so.
  4. More of ph.balance in London 🇬🇧
  5. Lucas from São Paulo 🇧🇷
  6. Lol. That’s been up for a whole day. Shows how much they care about GH.
  7. WTF in 2017 in the semis before losing to Dimitrov in the final.
  8. Is Rena Sofer still on this show? What’s the point of Quinn now?
  9. To me, he’s always adorable, but I’m biased because I ❤️ him. But that is so cute.
  10. Thiem is really finding his footing on fast courts this Asian swing. To beat a ball basher like Basilashvili in Shanghai is nothing to sneeze at.
  11. How has Amanda been received by the rest of Genoa City? Has much been made by Jack, Phyllis, Mariah, et al of her resemblance to Hilary? This all sounds so mundane for the introduction of a Hilary doppelgänger, especially considering how central Hilary was to a lot of characters.
  12. What a choke from Goffin. I mean, he’s beaten Roger before...
  13. Murat from Turkey 🇹🇷
  14. Austin from Texas 🇺🇸
  15. There’s no sunlight between the shows in 18-49 or 18-34. They’re virtually tied.
  16. Deepan from Delhi 🇮🇳
  17. Junpei from Japan 🇯🇵
  18. Hiro from Tokyo 🇯🇵 And his boyfriend Jun-Liang, an accomplished artist from Taiwan 🇹🇼
  19. Austin from Florida 🇺🇸
  20. Ok, Naomi’s cruising at 6-4, *4-1, up a double break in the 2nd. We all know how leads can be squandered....
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