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  1. Speaking of which, Alan hasn’t interviewed Pam, has he?
  2. Bruno Alcantara, Drag Race pit crew member
  3. Gotta admit. Gaga looks like a hoot in this.
  4. Hayden, Hayden, Hayden. She’s like Beetlejuice.
  5. Indeed. I can imagine he would have done a beautiful job.
  6. LOL! It just all seems like goofy hijinks to me. Nothing feels like it has any weight to it.
  7. I think people want this show to be much more interesting than what we’re seeing. This show really hits emotional beats like Saved By the Bell. That whole Sally/Jack scene played out so corny.
  8. I’m sure Will Smith’s name got it made, but I still think he’s miscast. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong. Someone like a Carl Lumbly (who would’ve been perfect, even if he’d been several years older than the real Richard circa the ‘90s), Don Cheadle, Mahershala Ali, or Sterling K. Brown would have been better.
  9. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Glad to see Chibnall out the door with her.
  10. Model Sahil Mankas from India
  11. LOL what was Xiao Ruoteng (Chinese gymnast) thinking jumping on the podium to celebrate, which isn’t allowed? He’s lucky that 0.3 penalty didn’t cost him the all-around gold medal (it didn’t matter because Daiki Hashimoto of Japan, who won the gold, outscored him by more than that margin). Xiao took silver. He was feeling himself.
  12. Chrishell Stause (AMC, DAYS) is now dating her Selling Sunset boss Jason Oppenheim.
  13. Brook Kerr/Portia is an underrated gem on this show. So is Rebecca Budig coming back or what?
  14. Kelly’s ex is making that Clarkson ATM go brrrrrrr.
  15. Yeah, if this was part of a greater story (like Phyllis falling for Jack again and Sally is the obstacle—everything is in place to tell that story), it would be fine. Right now, I feel like they are hedging their bets on pretty much every story.
  16. I think I’m out on this season of RHONY. I skipped last night to watch the Olympics.
  17. This guy from Brazil
  18. This bed is on fire with passionate love The neighbors complain about the noises above
  19. They have ZERO idea what to do with Phyllis (or anyone really, but Phyllis sticks out, as they made such a big deal in luring back MS and ousting GT).
  20. RJP will star in a reimagined film version of The Saint for Paramount: https://deadline.com/2021/07/bridgerton-star-rege-jean-page-to-star-in-paramounts-new-reimagining-of-the-saint-1234800662/ (Stepping stone to 007 à la Roger Moore?)
  21. More of Artur Dalaloyan, from Russia’s gold medal-winning men’s gymnastics team :
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