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  1. Griffy from Atlanta Some photos of him and his partner Rick (who enjoy inviting others to their festivities, it seems)
  2. Not sure who this guy is, but wow.
  3. I couldn’t watch, but read that Novak looked awful. First-ever bagel set in their entire h2h. Then he managed to take the second. Anywho, I just got back from a trip, so I haven’t been following things as much as usual.
  4. Dave and AJ in Boston
  5. Rohan Pujari, Mr. Gay World India 2017
  6. Matan from Israel
  7. Yeah, I can’t tell how or even if CBS promoted these episodes beyond preaching to the choir (ads during daytime, appearances on The Talk). KSJ also died in early February, with his final episode airing shortly after, and while I know Y&R needed time to plan and shoots well in advance of broadcast, it was almost May when these tribute episodes aired. That’s a long gap to bridge without strong, consistent marketing or a story that engages viewers. At the end of the day, the show had so marginalized Neil/KSJ and the Winters family that this didn’t have the seismic impact it might have had if they’d received the airtime that the Abbotts, the Newmans, or the Rosaleses had gotten. Sony/CBS made a concerted effort to make viewers apathetic about that side of town, and damn if they didn’t succeed. A lot of the people who openly mourned KSJ immediately after his death were folks who’d abandoned soaps a long time ago. For them, it was a sad loss that sparked some nostalgia, but isn’t enough to motivate them to tune in to a now-unrecognizable show they’ve outgrown (months after the initial shock had passed), which is also on at an inconvenient time during working hours.
  8. If it were just a random clip show (like they used to do for sitcoms in the ‘80s), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dip, but this was a tribute to a popular actor featuring the return of an iconic actress we never thought we’d see on the show again. It just feels a bit... odd. Perhaps the average viewer is less invested in the real-life stuff and just wants the show to get on with things. Speaking personally, that tribute episode was the best thing Y&R has done since Bill Bell died.
  9. Yeah, that’s still a tacky and cheap opening. Maybe not as violently seizure-inducing as the sped-up version, but it still feels like, “Why bother? Let’s just put up a title screen.” Ironically, GH spent its most successful and iconic years with basically a title screen as the opening (and I loved “Faces of the Heart”).
  10. Sam Gee from Australia
  11. Hmm. Y&R’s Monday episode (the KSJ tribute) had 4.37m viewers, down from 4.544m from the previous Monday. As many posters surmised last week, I suppose many of the lapsed viewers watched via DVR or online, so they may not be accounted for in the Live+Same Day rating? Still, a disappointing result that speaks to CBS Daytime’s failures.
  12. Damn it. I wanted to post my “Konta lost” Venus video. If Kiki had won, she’d have been #2 in the world.
  13. Utah ginger Graysen Quinn
  14. Did we have surnames that were overused? Both AMC and GL had Hispanic families with the last name Santos at the same time.
  15. Australian-born, NZ-based rugby player Ryan Tongia
  16. These BIs are vague as hell. At least they could provide some tantalizing clues.
  17. Roy from Colombia
  18. Perhaps this will speed up LGBTQ progress in a handful of other Asian nations, especially the relatively progressive ones (Thailand, Japan, etc). A long way to go.
  19. Soxjunio from Rio de Janeiro
  20. For those who don’t like their men so “pretty and young”: Bryan Sommer from Los Angeles.
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