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  1. Wow. Tristan Rogers came out and said Wes was miscast as Peter August, and that the writers failed with their stories for him:
  2. Of course my second home state of Mississippi would be part of this stupidity:
  3. Huge meh on the Logan sisters taking Flo into their bosoms BS. So disappointing to watch Katrina Bowden be hilarious on 30 Rock and see the pile of mush she plays here. Oh, fück off, Bill... Denise Richards’s makeup today is... not great.
  4. JG has so botched this Sally story. This could have really packed a punch.
  5. I was wondering what was going on with her. Most annoying yelp in the WTA.
  6. Do we really need Kristen/Susan on. Every. FÛCKING. Day?!? I’m so smitten with Marci Miller. I’m officially a stan.
  7. There’s something very forced and a bit *pinched* about Matt Ashford’s acting. Like he’s in physical pain or something. He used to be more natural than this. Just a curious thing. I hope he’s ok. I had always enjoyed him.
  8. That could have been perfect for Abby if they didn’t want to stick her at Newman.
  9. I wonder if he just tested positive for COVID? New opening credits:
  10. From what I recall, Finn was surprised to see Vinny working there as a technician, and Vinny made a snarky comment about doctors like him not noticing the little people. Basically, it was just Finn’s suspicions being sparked by seeing Vinny there.
  11. Granted that’s from his Desperate Housewives days, but he still looks great!
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