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  1. Hatim Raka, fitness model from Indonesia
  2. This show… I can’t. These recreated flashbacks between Liz and Nikolas…
  3. They should try and snatch up MCE from Y&R then. Kim recast, anyone?
  4. They’re writing Sally as such a twit. Phyllis would obviously make mincemeat out of this character.
  5. O’Connor and Van Etten are getting dragged left and right everywhere I look over this retcon.
  6. Golden Slam would have been nice, but eh. Onward.
  7. Speaking of which, Alan hasn’t interviewed Pam, has he?
  8. Bruno Alcantara, Drag Race pit crew member
  9. Gotta admit. Gaga looks like a hoot in this.
  10. Hayden, Hayden, Hayden. She’s like Beetlejuice.
  11. Indeed. I can imagine he would have done a beautiful job.
  12. LOL! It just all seems like goofy hijinks to me. Nothing feels like it has any weight to it.
  13. I think people want this show to be much more interesting than what we’re seeing. This show really hits emotional beats like Saved By the Bell. That whole Sally/Jack scene played out so corny.
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