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  1. So he can give some money to Notre Dame but nothing to the people of Puerto Rico or Flint. And doesn't he have a wall to build...
  2. Get well soon Mick Jagger! I'm not ready for the Stones to end because that will be it for rock and roll.
  3. I can't imagine what their family and friends are thinking right now. No one is going to hire them. Not sure if they should go to jail for 20 years though.
  4. ^^^Cancel Strahan and Sara and show reruns instead.
  5. The case needs to be dismissed because of Christine. She brought JT to Genoa City and both Nikki and Phyliss hit her with their cars...lol
  6. Having no hosts was good. They should do this from now on. Next year, have Elton John Rocket Man for the opening act!
  7. Please have Queen and Bette Midler open up the show and not have me wait 4 hours!
  8. Funny how Christine his wife, never mentions him. Has he been there this whole time....lol
  9. Just show AMC reruns. Every time the cast gets together rumors fly and nothing becomes of it.
  10. And The Port Chuckles Police and The Salem Police are just as stupid!
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