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  1. The blooper starting at 32:56 gets me every time Great ad lib from Charles Keating
  2. Anybody know who’s doing the devil voice? Sometimes it sounded a little like Drake Hogestyn and other times it sounded like John Aniston
  3. That was a good idea, having one storyline drive another. I hope we see that happen now.
  4. Definitely. I was talking about people behind the scenes. It's entirely possible that he was cast in the role of the Judge without anyone knowing that he was once Russ.
  5. Singing and dancing for a gorilla! What a way to go out after 35 years
  6. Well, not that I'm defending that decision, but AW had strayed so far from its history by that point, how many people there probably didn't even know that he once played Russ? Hell, how many people there probably didn't even know that there once was a character named Russ?
  7. Haha true. I enjoyed this week, but the way things were dragged out with Jax was giving me vibes of James E. Reilly
  8. Yeah, he did. It was before the cancellation though, so I'm guessing that Gary would not have come back had the show continued. Not back then lol just a year after Don on Days, Clarice and Larry disappeared from this show without an explanation either.
  9. Yeah. But SB was lower rated, so that ultimately got the axe. Rightfully so though. AW was still going good at the time. The sabotage hadn't really started yet.
  10. Not The Tonight Show lol I remember an episode where Bill Hayes was in the audience and Jimmy Fallon didn't even know who he was.
  11. Seems like by that point, it was all part of plan to decimate AW as much they could and get it cancelled
  12. That happened a lot at this time. Look at Gabe and Lorna. They were this huge couple under JFP/DePriest, but when Gabe died she didn't even get a scene to mourn him. She found out over the phone.
  13. Yep. That was when Richard Culliton left and Leah Laiman came in. Just from watching the relatively small amount of episodes on Youtube, you could tell there was a shift between early 1998 to mid to late 98. When Laiman came in, she was told to write something "larger than life" and what she came up with was Lumina.
  14. Unfortunately, all I saw of ATWT was his work. I should start watching classic episodes
  15. I don't think he had one. He just disappeared. And I think the same thing happened to Morgan. He left in 1996 though, and I'm pretty sure he was the first exit under Charlotte Savitz.
  16. Well, with that attitude about it, I can't imagine Cam sticking with Joss for that much longer
  17. I'll always prefer Jason/Britt, but I do have to admit, Steve and Laura have been doing a great job this week, and I do see some chemistry between them
  18. She came on not long after Frankie's murder.
  19. David Forsyth, Anna Holbrook, Robin Christopher, John Bolger, Diego Serrano, Grayson McCouch. I'm sure there were more lol
  20. I think she was let go. There were a lot of firings when Charlotte Savitz came in.
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