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  1. Nina is definitely a pointless character lol As for the quad, I don’t see them being shaken up until the truth about Wiley comes out.
  2. Thanks KMan! I thought today’s episode was ok. Maybe because I fast forwarded all the Kim and ToddFrankenDrew scenes lol And Julian taking the moral high ground with Brad today was hilarious. I do like the Michael/Sasha/Chase/Willow quad, and this might be an unpopular opinion but I prefer Cynthia Watros over Michelle Stafford as Nina. I don’t really have an opinion about Finn/Michael Easton. And you’re absolutely right, the show is a mess right now, but I do believe it can be brought back when everyone’s secrets come out. Hopefully the payoff will be worth the buildup.
  3. True. If they just got rid of ToddFrankenDrew, Julian and Kim AKA The Three Stooges, I think the show would improve so much. Out of all the pets, they're pretty much the only ones that I can't stand at all. I don't see that happening though. Is Terry gone? The actress isn't listed on Wikipedia anymore. As for Chet, IMO he should have been paired with either Maxie or Lulu. And maybe Felix will be there for Lucas or Brad when all the secrets come out and Lucas kicks Brad to the curb.
  4. Could be, but usually over time people become better actors, develop stronger chemistry with their scene partners. It seems to be going the opposite way for Chandler and Freddie. A Sami/EJ/Will triangle would have been, not only groundbreaking but great to see, but I would rather have wanted to see it as a more serious, dramatic story rather than a campy, trashy one. All it would have taken was the right writer.
  5. So many years have passed, so many things have changed for students in high school from then til now. Because of that this revival has a better shot at being a lot better then Saved by the Bell: The New Class
  6. But what happened though? Chandler and Freddie had much better chemistry when Will and Sonny first became a couple. Yeah, it wasn't perfect, but it was a lot better than what we see now.
  7. Thanks. With the changes in Brad and Peter, it does seem like that might have happened It's General Mobspital now lol
  8. Does anybody know when Shelly Altman’s final scripts air?
  9. Well, at one point Eve went to see Vivian and Vivian, when she first saw Eve responded, "I know your name. It starts with a B." That one made me laugh a little.
  10. I enjoyed the first two years too with the exception of some things (RH as Franco, Avery's conception). But Ron fell apart in his last year. 2015 was a disaster for GH and Michael becoming Sonny's boy again so quickly was one of the greatest examples of that. Makes you wonder if Frank interfered though. And a cast and crew overhaul too. I can think of at least five people, right off the top of my head, that need to go.
  11. I don't like it either. Those flannels make him look like a guy who chops down trees for a living lol
  12. Did they really axe the story on MR's say so? I know there's a chance that it may bring up bad memories for her, but she won't even accept another actor in the role?
  13. I think he knew and he just didn't like that she, George Reinholt and Virginia Dwyer weren't going to adhere to his style, and because of that and because the show had been doing so well in the ratings at the time, he was able to get rid of them. He was very lucky that he was a talented writer and he had the talents of Victoria Wyndham, Doug Watson, Beverlee McKinsey, etc. to work with, otherwise the damage that he did would have been even greater. They were definitely his pets but they were great actors. We, as viewers are also very lucky that Lemay liked Connie Ford, Beverly Penberthy and Susan Sullivan, otherwise he probably would have tried to get rid of them too.
  14. Maybe with Sonny, but I don't think so with Paul lol
  15. Not yet, but it's supposed to be coming real soon.
  16. Then they need to fire Ron, or at least demote him
  17. Agreed. It would give them something to do at least. Like so many couples on Days right now, they're just boring. I would say bring back Paul. Make him tougher and more determined to get either Will or Sonny back. If they have to recast him, so be it
  18. I know love can make you say and do stupid things, but Maxie and now Liz are taking it too far with the stupidity. #CiaraBradyvibes
  19. I'm with Khan and ranger1rg, that song sounded terrible. Hopefully, this will get it out of your ears. At 1:47, Julie definitely has the look of love lol
  20. I'm sure we all knew that was going to happen. I don't particularly care for Kim, but if that finally separates him and Liz, I'm all for it.
  21. Always loved that Steve and Alice scene. Sometimes, I wish soaps still did scenes like that
  22. Lmao he's worse now. But watching the series does often put me in the mood for a chocolate croissant.
  23. For the most part, I'm enjoying it. Austin's being written as a bit of a buffoon though lol
  24. Wow. I know egos shouldn't shock me anymore, but yeah i'm shocked lol
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