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  1. Willow was great yesterday. Her scenes were heartbreaking, and I really think Katelyn McMullen has grown a lot as an actress over the past year. I do like Chase and Willow together, but I hope she tries to spend more time with Wiley and ultimately Michael which would finally cause some conflict between the three of them and Sasha. It was also great seeing Monica so happy for a change. Taking a selfie with all her boys was one of those cheesy but nice soap family moments that you don't really see on a soap anymore. My fingers are crossed that Elizabeth and Nikolas have an affair. What would make it even greater is if Franco acting like a douchebag when it comes to Nik's relationships with Liz, and with Ava too ends up being the reason that Liz cheats. And as for Carly, I understand the whole "Mama Bear protecting her cubs no matter how old they are" thing, but when she's doing that, sometimes she just comes off as such a pain in the ass.
  2. The revolving door keeps revolving. Hope she actually stays this time
  3. Is this the one you're talking about? JE was awesome here.
  4. Apparently, there were a lot of mistakes made at this time from JFP, her writers and the suits at NBC and P&G. Some people wanted AW gone, some wanted to turn it into a DOOL clone. What was the deal with that vampire story anyway? What was it about? Thankfully, it was pulled before it really took off. What surprises me is that one of her headwriters was Tom King, who was Harding Lemay's protégé and successor. He wrote some really good stuff in 1979-1980, and yet his tenure under Phelps was a mess. Was there interference from the higher ups or was King suddenly a hack? Coincidentally, this is where my memories of AW begin. I was 3 going on 4 at the time, and I used to watch with my Mom and Grandma.
  5. I enjoyed it today too. Gabi deserved to get chewed out by Sonny. She's always crying about her daughter this, her daughter that, yet I can't remember the last time they had a scene together. I liked Sonny too. He's still lacking, but I thought his acting was better than normal today.
  6. Poor Maggie. I hope it turns out that she's innocent
  7. Hoping that Ciara gets chewed out a lot more by a lot of other people for not being there for Hope. Also, does Will know how to get angry. If I was him, I would have ripped Victor to shreds. I think JA did good in that scene though. It was surprising to see Victor over a barrel, pleading with someone. And as for the DA character, they could've just used Melinda Trask. Did Ron create him just to name him after his Twitter buddy lol
  8. Funny thing is yesterday she even said "This makes me a hypocrite, but I don't care"
  9. I thought today was great too. Carly finally stepped back and allowed Lucas and Bobbie to speak lol I actually don’t see Jordan being killed off, at least not for a while, but I like that they’re reaching back into her days as a double agent to tie her to Cyrus and the mob war. IMO, making her one of the anchors of the story and not just keeping it only around Sonny and Jason would make it a lot more interesting. Pretty much, my only criticism of the reveal was that things moved way too fast, which is the same problem I had with the flashback week on DAYS. I felt like they need to stretch certain things out a little more, particularly Brad’s defense as to why he wanted to keep Wiley away from Michael, and the mob life. And I was kind of hoping for Brad to get slapped or punched by someone lol
  10. Great episode yesterday. There were certain moments that felt a little rushed but overall, I enjoyed it. I always felt Brad played the spineless tragic villain well. Carly taking the reins was not needed but Carly's always been sort of a hog like that lol so it did seem in character. And Bobbie needed some lines as well, but Michael, Lucas and Brad were awesome. Michael/Chad Duell is always at his best when he's angry. I'm also glad that Sonny wasn't included their scenes. Willow was a little firecracker yesterday. The fight between her and Nelle was the best soap fight I've seen in a while. So many times on a soap, a fight is written to be campy and silly. This one was real, and it was really good. Also, good to see some conflict between Jordan and Curtis. I had a feeling Taggert was gonna turn out to be Trina's father. Cam/Trina and Mac/Taggert are friendship goals for sure. The weakest part of the episode was the mob war stuff, but the final shot of Jason walking away while the building exploded was well done. Goes to show you what you can do when you have a little money to spend #HelloDOOL
  11. That’s true. I remember reading in SOD that Frances Reid was the only actor who knew that she was coming back. I would’ve made it Bobby’s dream instead of Pam’s. Katherine runs him over, but instead of him dying, he spends the year or whatever in a coma and basically, we saw what Bobby saw. I usually hate that type of reveal but I think it might have worked in that case. Plus, the writers wouldn’t have needed to go back as much as they did for Season 10. JR and Sue Ellen could have stayed together, Ray and Donna could have kept their adopted son, etc. They could have had Bobby dream about all of that because over the course of his coma, the family kept telling him about everything.
  12. Passions, and probably Reilly too for that matter, were done by that point. We didn't have DirecTV in my house, so I couldn't watch it but I followed it as much as I could. When I read that and saw the spoiler clips, even I, a teen who had pretty much grown up with Passions by that point, was like "WTF?"
  13. I'm with Gray Bunny. DAYS broke when JER came back for his second stint, which was also the same time, IMO, that Passions started to really decline. I don't know how Reilly thought he can handle the demands and the pressure of writing two 60 minute soaps simultaneously. The greats struggled when they were writing two 30 minutes soaps. A mid-level soap writer like Reilly had no chance.
  14. On his podcast, Freddie said their last air date is September 18th
  15. My money’s on someone (Willow, Sasha, Michael, etc.) killing her accidentally or in self defense
  16. Enjoyed the wedding scenes today, but I still don’t see why Lani couldn’t have done all of this last year or why somebody didn’t just give Gabi a quick jab right to the mouth and GRAB THE DAMN PHONE!!! Also, I know we put a lot of the blame on Ron but it seems some of the individual script writers aren’t too good either.
  17. Why do I feel that Nelle and Valentin are going to end up married?
  18. From what I've seen, a lot of the Twitter mob is having a field day with "Cin" (Oh, it's a sin alright lol) As for JJ/CM, I think he was a victim of budget cuts even though he has been in the middle of the story. I actually would've liked to have seen JJ and Lani rediscover their feelings for one another
  19. It does seem pretty stupid to have Bill die just to write JJ out and to pay tribute to Doug. Bill's death should be the catalyst for a terrific story. And just when I thought Ciara couldn't get any more ridiculous...
  20. They call your kind intelligent. Same goes for you too, @Khan This is why I’m probably not gonna vote at all in November. You can’t replace a bad guy with another bad guy. It just doesn’t work out for anybody in the end.
  21. Well, I'll admit I wasn't watching around the time she had Will and was pushing Bill and Brooke together. Maybe when I watch it, I'll see what everybody else sees.
  22. It happened way too fast. Ron really needed to take his time with Ben and Ciara. Have her torn up and confused about having feelings for a serial killer and have him worried whether or not he's actually capable of love, care, etc. instead of turning her into a cheerleader and destroying countless characters. He basically needed to do what Bill Bell did with Bill and Laura: take enough time so that people are actually rooting for them in the end. He decided to rush it, which is one of his biggest flaws as a writer.
  23. Was the role only meant to be temporary? I had no idea
  24. I thought Chandler and Freddie were good when they first started, but over the years they seemed to get worse, especially since Will and Sonny got back together. Which is weird because usually a younger actor gets better over time, not worse. The writing didn't do them any favors either. Paul should never have been written out. When CS left, they should've recast. That triangle could have gone on for years, and it would have been something fresh and new, which is always good for a soap. Leo Stark and Will's brain tumor were unnecessary, and frankly a little stupid. I am liking their story right now, but having Will just brush the whole thing off and stay in prison, like his life and the lives of everyone he loves haven't been destroyed, is ridiculous. Will needs to be gray in this story as opposed to being a saint the whole time. Regardless, I like Will and Sonny and Chandler and Freddie and I hope they get a happy ending or are brought back. Makes you wonder what's going to happen to Evan.
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