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  1. I remember his very first day on Guiding Light. I thought he was interestingly handsome. May he rest in peace.
  2. Today, I'm team Nina. I enjoyed the way she gave it back to Carly. Nina keeping the secret about Sonny was awful, but Carly really did plant the seed, so she's reaping............
  3. That is awesome! Me too! As far as Willow and Michael. I probably see it from a different perspective since I only started watching again after many years when they were showing repeats, so I never saw them with Sasha and Chase.
  4. I have no shame. I will be the only one who likes them together. BTW, is that Joan Armatrading in you avatar picture?
  5. Today was a good day. No Zoey! Albeit, I like her, it became ridiculous looking at this same expression for the last two weeks. This is the magic question because they've only been dating for a month.
  6. Hope needs run and run far away as possible. Get away from that sanctimonious hypocrite.
  7. I've watched the soap for many years, but I've come to the conclusion the worst character ever is Liam Spencer. Completely unreal.

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    2. ChitHappens


      The only male character in Daytime history just as bad or worse was Ethan Crane from Trassions.  They're the same character.  


      Ethan bought an engagement ring once and said "now I just have to figure out who to give it to", a decision usually made before the damn ring is bought.  Never thought I'd see another male on Daytime like him and then came Liam...Ugh

    3. xtr


      Liam really is awful.  I don't understand why instead of attacking each other the Hope and Steffy fans don't realize that he is the biggest problem in that never ending triangle. Brad has an obsession with him and he must constantly string along, cheat with, sleep with, and impregnate one of these two women. They are never really free of him especially Steffy. It's unfortunate to watch. 

    4. xtr




      I think that comparing him to Ethan is a good analogy. I can't think of any other men who's had a stranglehold on two women, the way Ethan/Liam have.


      This storyline is a mess lol and very unnecessary. Liam is foolish for thinking that Hope wants Thomas, when she's never really wanted Thomas like that. Steffy is wrong for cheating on Finn who has been good to her. I think we may end up with another WTD story especially since JMW is pregnant again in real life. If they do write her pregnancy into the storyline, I hope the baby ends up being Finn's. Liam does not need three kids in two years.

  8. Wasn't that ridiculous? They write him being dumb as a box of rocks. I'm rooting for Thomas.
  9. I was in junior high school and I can't believe I remember it so well. I agree, I don't trust him either. I 'll never forgive him for ruining Marty Saybrooke on OLTL.
  10. Oh, she's being dragged for filth on another message board.
  11. I just started watching GH again after many many years. I have a question about Molly. Is she Alexis's daughter? If so, is there a reason they haven't been in any scenes together? Alexis has been going through "stuff" and her young daughter is nowhere around. Are they estranged?
  12. OMG! I am so glad I watched today. I wanted both of them to jump Brooke. Big ups for Quinn.
  13. Wow! I had forgotten about that one. That was a good storyline. Truly bizarre and creepy.
  14. That was my favorite site with great videos and very good conversations.
  15. LMAO! That whole scene was horribly frustratingly stupid. After Hope finds out that was a "vat of acid", why the hell didn't she call for help.
  16. Haven't been on this board in a long while, but I just have to say I hope I am not the only one who loves Denise Richards on B&B. I love when Shauna on screen.


    1. dragonflies


      I love her too, I'm rooting for her over the SFTF

    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      She's a breath of fresh air and Thorsten perks up in their scenes.

    3. sheilaforever


      Hated her at first but ever since Shauna started slutting around, I love her!

  17. FYI: That was me who posted those episodes. Those were too good not to share, but I won't be posting anymore anytime soon. I've had my YouTube channels for many years and I don't want any serious infractions.
  18. Unpopular opinion here, but I like Emma/Zander/Zoe. (insert shrugs emoticon here)
  19. Totally agree. My question is, has Eva become that irrelevant? I can't understand why she agreed to be on this show.
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