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  1. Rest in peace, John Gabriel. Seneca could be insufferable at times, but JG always ensured there was something softer just beneath the surface even when Seneca was at his worst. JG seemed like a classic showman, and in an earlier era I could easily see him as a major Old Hollywood movie star. He seemed to love performing, and in reading press coverage from his stint on RH it was clear just how much he enjoyed promoting the show, attending fan events, and the like. The Nell/Seneca storyline was the highlight of the show's first year to me, along with the initial Jack/Mary r
  2. According to this, he's listed as one of the writers in the credits for the first daytime episode of Capitol, though I don't believe that episode is on YouTube currently. It's my understanding that Capitol experienced some abrupt changes in writers that first year, with the Corringtons replacing the Karpfs as headwriters before the end of 1982, so I wonder how long he lasted. I know he was first credited at Ryan's Hope in late May 1984, a little over six months into PFS's tenure there.
  3. Not to "spoil" () anything from the blog, but from what Jon-Michael Reed and Linda Hirsch reported at the time it seems like Kelli Maroney was intended to be in the role long-term, while Marsha Clark was always meant to be temporary. This is from a JMR column, published around October 8: "ONE LIFE TO LIVE" has been announcing for the past year that actresses have been cast to play the returning role of Tina Clayton. For some reason they've never worked and never appeared on the screen. But the big surprise is that "OLTL" has cast Kelli Maroney, (formerly Kimberly Harri
  4. You make a very fair point, and from what I've read the ratings in 1982 can only be considered disappointing in light of how well the show was doing during the summer and fall of 1981. ABC's disappointment in the ratings and itchiness behind the scenes is understandable only in that context. It does make a certain kind of perverse sense that they'd begin to feel that Claire Labine was replaceable given the success of the show under the scabs. A while back, the monthly ratings reports from Daytime TV were posted in this thread. They're not always the most reliable indicator as (1) t
  5. Hollis's past with Rae seems to have been baked into his backstory from the start, with him realizing he was Kim's father as early as June 1982, a few weeks after his first appearance on the show. Kim didn't find out until after Christmas, though. Having Hollis more closely linked to Jill would have absolutely been a rich source for conflict, and a good way for the show to utilize Nancy Addison at the time - aside from being Seneca's lawyer during the Arley custody trial, she didn't have much to do post-Meritkara and pre-Geoff Pierson based on the summaries that are available.
  6. Someone recently posted an episode from 1975 to YouTube, along with two additional episodes from 1977. I don't think I've ever seen these circulating before online, though my apologies if I'm mistaken!
  7. I assumed the Kirklands were completely Munisteri's doing (Leigh excepted), but in spending some time during the early days of the COVID lockdown digging through old newspaper columns my impression is now that Claire Labine's stint as solo HW lasted longer than it's usually presented and would have overlapped with the introduction of both Hollis (week of April 26-30) and Amanda (week of August 2-6). Paul Avila Mayer was gone by the St. Patrick's Day episode that SOAPnet aired, as he's not listed in the writing credits for the episode. Lynda Hirsch reported his departure in her colu
  8. Seeing more material from Mary Ryan Munisteri's period as headwriter remains my holy grail as an RH fan. As has already been noted, of the Labine/Mayer replacements, her writing seems easily the most aligned with the show's original identity. I'd love to see the Kirkland story play out, and how it may have shifted over time given that Hollis and Amanda were both Labine creations (I believe). At least during those early months, they appear to have been relatively well-integrated with the show's core characters, so the moniker Kirkland's Hope seems misdirected - I believe that originates with Ro
  9. There's a quote from Ilene Kristen where she describes Delia as a walking open wound, which I think perfectly describes the way the other characters handled Delia from 1975-78. By the time Randall Edwards assumed the role she was usually more restrained in her destructiveness (not always, but usually). I think 1980 was probably RE's best year in the role, story-wise (notably all the stuff with Barry). In re-watching the 1979 episodes, I've been struck by how much the show wastes RE by having her constantly interfere with Pat and Nancy's relationship, which is a shame since her Deli
  10. ABC's issues with Ilene Kristen's weight made it into the press at the time, which seems absolutely horrifying. ABC was on her case about her weight even before she returned in 1982, including during her recurring stint on One Life to Live that immediately preceded her return to RH. This is from a February 1982 Jon-Michael Reed column: When the character of lady mechanic Georgina Whitman surfaced on "One Life to Live" three months ago, she was intended as an "interim buffer'' to re-introduce the character of Tony Lord. Now, the show's writers have "extended" the character to become
  11. I was hoping the Charlotte Greer story would come up as well, given that it's the story I associate most closely with Geoff Pierson's Frank. I love the not-insubstantial amount of material that's available from that period on YouTube, but it would be fascinating to find out what was intended to be the outcome aside from the wedding of Frank and Jill. In general, I wanted to hear a little more about how the actors felt about the various writing regime changes over the years (particularly IK and MG since they experienced most/all of them), though I realize that's not an area Alan usu
  12. Sign me up as another person to like Mary Carney the best of all the Mary recasts. I know some grew to like Nicolette Goulet in the part, but her version of Mary just seemed so divorced from KM's iteration - the balance of self-righteousness and charm wasn't right. I'm currently watching episodes from August 1979 in which Jack and Siobhan are still in the process of grappling with their feelings for each other, and while I loved KM's Mary (as much she she could also frustrate me), I find it hard to care about how this situation impacts her. My one qualm with MC is that it's hard to
  13. This would have been in August 1978 - it was the cliffhanger for episode #810 (OAD: 08/18/78). On YouTube:
  14. Alan shared a recorded video of Catherine Larson (Lizzie Ransome Ryan, 1986-89) on Instagram; during the reunion they'd mentioned reaching out to her, but that she was unable to join. She left acting to raise her children and is now a hospital chaplain. I found the SOD article I mentioned earlier that described the affiliate situation (from June 1986): When RYAN’S HOPE was moved to an earlier time slot two years ago it saw a five percent drop in its ratings. Commenting on the move, [executive producer Joseph] Hardy says, “We were affected very badly. We now have poorer
  15. I'm biased since RH is my favorite soap, but I thought that was really well-done. It was evident just how much they all enjoyed working on the show from how they spoke about it (even in cases where they didn't overlap, like Geoff and Ash/James). It was great seeing Cali Timmins join at the half-way mark as well, and hearing them discuss some of the actors who have died (Nancy Addison, Gloria DeHaven, Bernie Barrow) or weren't in the reunion (Helen Gallagher). I'll have to dig it up, but SOD ran an article in 1986 about the decline of the half-hour soap which
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