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  1. They already have a WTF triangle: Brady/Maggie/Xander
  2. The show is so much better than it was under Higley and Tomlin. That you think those hacks were better than Ron speaks volumes. Sad. I’m just glad Days is entertaining again for the first time since 2006. I don’t see Ron being replaced. You can only produce a soap on fifty bucks a week for so long. Ron is here till the end, which may be next September.
  3. No he isn’t. Days is good for the first time in a dozen years thanks to Ron.
  4. JFP was nothing but a c—t. We’re giving her too much attention.
  5. Jill forced her out at GH. Jill orchestrated that. Genie’s Y&R dismissal was a blessing because it allowed her to return to GH for the 50th. I wonder if JFP realized that.
  6. I’m sorry but I found it uncomfortable to watch her.
  7. Laura WRIGHT. Genie is the only reason I watch.
  8. I don’t care. I’m still not over what those hacks did to my show, and their fans and I share no common ground. We are polar opposites. Still continuing your crusade against me? Vee doesn’t like what I have to say and is working on a campaign to get me kicked off the board. I’ve done nothing wrong. She just doesn’t like my opinions. What a strange, sad obsession. Vee, you can’t control what people talk about on a public message board.
  9. I mean, Higley and Tomlin were the most destructive hacks in Days history. If someone likes them, I have no interest in dealing with that person. Higley and Tomlin ruined Days. The show still hasn’t fully recovered. Because of their reign of terror, I only watched Days for one year from 2008-2019 (the MarDar year). I hate them, and my hatred of Dena and Gary extends to their fans. They like the wrong Days.
  10. You think Higley or Tomlin were better than Ron? If the answer is yes, I’m going to block you right now. Ron has done everything I wanted since joining Days: -brought back Matt Ashford on contract -brought back ED as Susan and Sister Mary Moira -resurrected Kristen, EJ, and Will -completed the Hattie/Marlena switch story that first began in 2000 -gave me my Bonnie/Adrienne switch -brought back Mimi and gave her a miracle baby with Rex -brought back Judith Chapman as Anjelica -brought back Lisa Rinna as Billie -brought back Carrie for a couple of short arcs -brought back Princess Gina -brought back Dr Rolf -restored the campy, fantastical, over the top tone I’m pleased.
  11. Days HAS embraced it! They have an entire brigade of resurrected people thanks to Rolf’s serum. I love it. Back from the dead is my favourite convention of this medium. The writing is good. Ron is the best headwriter we’ve had since the second Reilly era. My problem is with the lack of budget resulting in terrible production values. Also, the cast is awful. There are clearly characters that Ron is forced to write for (hello, RAFE!). Outside of Jack, Jenn, Marlena, John, and Victor, I don’t care about these characters. Days needs a major cast shakeup.
  12. I love that Days resurrects the dead. Too often, they kill off great characters like Jack. No soap character should die unless the actor dies in real life.
  13. It would be nice if they got Riche back but I don’t see it happening. They’d probably promote Tomlin since he’s already there as a director and has EP experience. Horrible choice, though. He’s JFP levels of bad.
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