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  1. She looked like Cosgrove’s contemporary, but it was odd seeing her with Bomer’s Ben. They put Ben in with characters a little too young for him
  2. Right on! JFp’s Gh was visually stunning and the acting was some of daytime’s best at the time. Why that couldnt translate to YR I will never understand
  3. NSA looked great in the reunion. She couldnt act worth a damn, but she always looked the part to me. Never could understsnd what people saw in her version of Manny. She worked way better with cosgrove’s bill if she had to stay on the show
  4. Hooray for Tom P! I wish that Alan Locher could get him dor a reunion. And ask him about Gina T and Stephanie G lol
  5. JFP’s GH was a magnificent production minus several of the storylines and killing off vets. Frank’s GH has been a dud and looks horrible since 2014. Give me JFp GH any day over FV.
  6. Since Kyle, Summer, Lola, Theo, Chelsea, snd Abby are like half the cast YR can bring back safely because of age when production resumes, I would just as soon not watch. Worst, low stakes couples and boring, horribly drawn characters I’ve seen in recent daytime and I sat through GL’s last 5 years. Not to mention every sceene would take place on those flimsy plastic Society and Grand Phoenix sets. No thanks.
  7. I am sure B&B/CBS are taking every precaution but it prob wont be enough. Costs might end up outweighing the benefits. Hoping they can just bank up episodes until everything is on more solid footing.
  8. Loving that some of the classics on CBS All Access include the old school bumpers with the actor stills and old closing credits with the actor shots on the right hand side. The last update from September 1999 (and that lasted through December 24, 1999 when the red satin porn opener debuted) included Eileen Davidson, David Tom, and Ashley Bashioum. Eileen was in one if the bumpers last week or the week before, I want to see their closing credit shots. This was also when CBS switched over to the network closing credits. I hope we get to aee another epi from the late 1999 period
  9. Kim Zimmer and Jane Eliot appear in Nancy Lee Grahn’s new Zoom webseires. Its actially funny
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