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  1. Rinna played Rinna in the beginning to me, but I saw Billie as the show continued on. I wish Chelsea had a mention during the interaction with Ciara. Kristen should have been in the finale revealing Sarah whereabouts to lead to a story for “regular” days ,or a season 2, or maybe even in Nashville or somewhere with a new warehouse with new initials. overall Beyond was better than current days ( aside from wtf going on with Brent Douglas)
  2. I always thought that should have been Allie, instead of her clinging to Nicole. Sydney should have had that relationship with Nicole given the history.
  3. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/eileen-davidson-to-appear-in-beyond-salem/?fbclid=IwAR28j51D-xG_w2GNqNk2Z-uMxRuiquNoAcB08tOLSdxVLm8YuTZMmY2Jl4Y well she’s back!
  4. 227 Amen Sanford The Royal Family Sisters New York Undercover Knots Landing Dynasty/The Colbys Generations Gimme A Break Golden Palace Empty Nest Nurses Maude
  5. I know it’s not a proposed soap but whatever to SoapCity that was to come out around the time SoapNet debuted?
  6. & @Dr Neil Curtis: Belle never went into nursing; she was a Candy Strip She was also in school for nursing around the time when John was hit by the car.
  7. I was around the time John was hit by that car, 2007ish.
  8. Didn’t Belle originally go into nursing?
  9. Is that the one with the staircase?
  10. I hoping this is an annual “Plan to Save Days” with a head writer change! (Hello, Lorraine Broderick/Sherri Anderson, Bye Ron & Ben!)
  11. Though I would have loved to seen Robin Strasser’s Rachel on AW, I can’t see her as Redeemed Rachel
  12. Hey if by chance you run across that clip before I do, share it with me please. I remember that and it was a good scene.
  13. Though it was strange to me with all the crap with Sami, I loved Marlena and Kate’s friendship.
  14. I hope this isn’t to bring Missy ass back as Jennifer.
  15. Right cause Jamie Luner’s Liza did not look like she went to high school with Tad, Angela, and Jessie. that remind me of when Philece Sampler took over the role of Donna Love, who was Rachel Cory’s classmate.
  16. Yes one of my favorite returns!!
  17. Tony DiMera (though it was Andre) return in 2001 at the Penthouse Grille Alexandra Spaulding return in the form of Joan Collins, I enjoyed that stint. I loved Eileen’s return as Kristen, just didn’t like that whole “oh ok, she’s alive.” thing. No shock value from John nor Marlena, only EJ who thought it was his mother in disguise.
  18. Speaking of Delia, that certainly wasn’t her on GH some years back! I remember watching old Ryan’s Hope episodes on Soapnet and she was nothing like that.
  19. I love Denise! I wonder has Days ever tried to get her back as Susan Martin?
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