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  1. Tony DiMera (though it was Andre) return in 2001 at the Penthouse Grille Alexandra Spaulding return in the form of Joan Collins, I enjoyed that stint. I loved Eileen’s return as Kristen, just didn’t like that whole “oh ok, she’s alive.” thing. No shock value from John nor Marlena, only EJ who thought it was his mother in disguise.
  2. Speaking of Delia, that certainly wasn’t her on GH some years back! I remember watching old Ryan’s Hope episodes on Soapnet and she was nothing like that.
  3. I love Denise! I wonder has Days ever tried to get her back as Susan Martin?
  4. To me it felt like she was playing Rebecca Hotchkiss from Passions in some moments.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3533024200144935&id=376294899151230
  6. If Cady wasn’t playing Jennifer I don’t believe we would have gotten those Jennifer/Will scenes.
  7. I would have casted Lauren Koslow as Anjelica Deveraux on Days. I can’t think of a recast for Kate.
  8. https://deadline.com/2020/12/all-my-children-abc-return-pine-valley-primetime-sequel-version-andrew-stearn-kelly-ripa-mark-consuelos-robert-nixon-1234658187/
  9. Days - Zack Brady, Bill Horton (killing him off just to celebrate Bill Hayes’ 50 anniversary was stupid!), Renee DuMonde, David Banning, Neil Curtis (it’s implied that he is dead) and Beauregard. Y&R: Nathan Hastings, Liz Foster, John Abbott AW: Steve Frame, Frankie Frame GL: Maureen Bauer, Ross Marler
  10. Vincent Irizarry could have easily been Stephen Olson instead of Deimos
  11. And no word from Scotty after this? Like who doesn’t want to know their brother?
  12. Days- Melissa Anderson is definitely needed! She was needed when Victor starting seeking interested in Maggie, could have played with the history of Ivy/Pete/Melissa during that story. Now that Hope is gone Melissa needs to be there and Sandy Horton a blank ass slate to work with and tested with Roman. Too bad they killed David Banning and Bill.
  13. But why do they make it seem like he was gone for years... wasn’t he gone like a year and came back as Mark Valley’s Jack?
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