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  1. LMAOOOOOOO So true. The guy is one lazy actor, and no one signals “this script is garbage” like Chandler Massey. Getting him to commit to the material is near impossible, and instead it’s all smirks and near-eye rolls. CM is a nice guy, but I hope he finds a career he enjoys and stays away from acting.
  2. I’ve enjoyed Stafford a lot in the past couple weeks. She’s back to being the conniving and over-involved Phyllis, and I love it. I have no problem with a mother being upset that her daughter is now in EUROPE and not closer to home. The stakes aren’t high? Uh...Tara and Sally effectively ended the relationship and pending marriage of Kyle and Summer, and that’s plenty enough to make Phyllis pissed. I agree that MS has had too little to do since returning, but that’s not her fault. Yes, I liked Gina Tognoni a great deal — but she’s gone. I can’t deny that Michelle Stafford feels like Phyllis to me.
  3. That puckish charm that NB brought to the show wouldn’t work with him as a teen. He looks and acts as if he’s in some Harry Potter spin-off. This new actor work well and fits in with the other actors.
  4. I see people mentioning those two gave looks to each other, but I just didn’t see it. I even watched it a 2nd time on the DVR, and still saw nothing. I think people are tripping.
  5. How many times will Ron use the bride wearing a veil that hides her entire face? We’ve seen this every 5 months or so, haven’t we?
  6. I think the kid playing Spencer has been really good, and has shown different sides of Spencer with his father, with Trina alone, and with Trina, Cam, and Joss. The other teen characters have nothing on him. And while he doesn’t read as a tough alpha full of testosterone, neither does he read as gay. I think the actor could play bi or gay very well, but he plays straight just as well. Regardless, as the show is now written, there’s no sense making him bi or gay anyway.
  7. I like Eric and Nicole together, and while those breakup scenes were good, I hated that they both said “I will love you forever.” What? Then why the frick are you breaking up? It’s a cheap, too easy line that seems romantic but is ridiculous.
  8. — Honestly, I didn’t think that Jack Landron performance was anything great, and certainly unworthy of an Emmy nom. I just want the whole thing over with. This episode wouldn’t be anywhere near a decent ending, but with this offscreen story, we won’t get one anyway. The whole thing is terrible. — And Imani had no idea how to get into her mother’s locked hotel room? Huh? — The Sharon and Adam scenes and flashbacks? Best part of the episode. Their chemistry is fire, and they’re really good together. — Once again, Abby and two others get texts from Mariah and stupidly believe she must be fine. My God.
  9. Those background images and buildings could not look any more fake.
  10. I agree on all of this, Paul. If the overall writing was good, or even better, I would ignore some of these things. It’s not, though, so the talk about wealth that we never see stands out. I hated it when they said Summer would be Creative Director. I mean, come ON. Tara has a shoe line? We’ve never seen even ONE thing that would make that believable. There’s not even a fake portfolio that she carries around. Billy and Lilly’s new place is embarrassingly tight with an efficiency apt. kitchen. The ranch set is too small. I hope they’re done with Adam’s penthouse, because that place is ragged. Nick had a big new place, but we haven’t seen it in forever. Since Ashland is moving in with Billy, will he be happy in her cramped dollhouse? Amanda and Phyllis stay in the hotel from Blandsville. Lauren and Michael have no home and no offices, so they hold all their meetings at Society or in the lobby at the GP. Just UGH to all of it. I hate the Chancellor Park set, where kids apparently play and rough-house a few feet from sidewalks and concrete benches. The Chancellor living room will forever be underwhelming and a reminder of what it used to be. ChanceComm is now a tiny shell of what Dark Horse was. Devon’s workplace? The billionaire has none. Remember his office, or even years ago when he had a recording studio for 5 minutes? And how about Victoria and Ashland streaming their merger — from her office laptop. She had a frickin ring light. Wow. But even though Ashland has a media company, there was NO tech support there — no one for set-up, no one with cue cards, no one for emergencies. So we got a merger of companies worth hundreds of billions streaming sh it like this??? Every episode is another day of multiple examples of this crap.
  11. And I still can’t get past the “Mariah hasn’t texted” crap — as if any sane person would just text and not make phone calls. And yes, I know that today they said they left voicemails, but my point is that they should have been mega-concerned before this.
  12. That last half hour of the show at the pub was so bad, so boring. All those dramatic speeches with about 10 people in the room? And Sami and EJ standing by the door? It was all so obvious and a big letdown.
  13. it is a great set, but I don’t know how it will wear. Does everyone get the same days off? Why don’t you have to have a room at the hotel to use the pool? Will all these extras suddenly disappear? Jason has always been the love of Spinelli’s life. He’d marry Jason if he could.
  14. Honestly, I was angry when I saw that PSA for the suicide hotline. Just horrifically out of place. Disgusting.
  15. Take a look at Billy and Lily’s new place. When they’re in the “living room,” one character sits in the chair — which is so close to the entrance door it’s ridiculous. This is how wealthy people live? That set is a piecemeal dump. Also hilarious? The Chancellor Park set. I’m sure the Abbott back yard is a lot bigger for that kid. You know, Harrison — the one they tell us is so great but that we haven’t seen evidence of.
  16. Michael is the D.A. and does work and holds meetings with Rey at Society? No one has a workplace office on this show, and it’s nuts. The set problem at YR is worse than it is on the other three soaps.
  17. And how about Ava making her way up a hill and trudging through the grass to talk to Trina. Yeah, that was realistic.
  18. Yep, just more annoying RH acting tics. And did you notice he’s wearing a name tag with no last name? Just Austin? GMAFB.
  19. The big box store is never going to happen. It just doesn’t lend itself to this show, and having characters inside it or outside it would look ridiculous.
  20. Price Town sounds like Super Walmart. Who wants to see junk everywhere? I don’t. Besides, the entire project being done undercover by Paulina is absolutely ridiculous. No building ordinances? No votes by council? No involvement by banks? No deals made with HTS stores? And how did Chanel and Allie get a loan when the place is about to be torn down in the middle of the night? The whole thing is just stupid.
  21. Speaking of NLG, after the MB mess, she tweeted and delivered A LOT of shade while praising GH and never directly mentioning Benard.
  22. Thanks for the logical, rational, sensible posts about Muhney and Hunter King. Those on here implying that she has some ace contract because of what (they believe) happened are ridiculous. Once again, the female gets blamed — when she never opened her mouth publicly about anything. I loved Muhney as Adam, but the stories about him are many. Calling him difficult would be an understatement. He didn’t learn anything after losing at Veronica Mars, and he compounded his reputation at Y&R. I have to believe he was warned MULTIPLE times to clean up his act.
  23. MB’s humblebrag at the Emmys was just his repeating what he said on his podcast — that he’s the star of the show, and Frank said so. Then he followed all that with a mess he created on Twitter. The man is OBNOXIOUS. He won a lead actor Emmy and then spent the weekend fighting on Twitter. That’s just nuts, and it’s what happens with an out-of-control ego.
  24. Yep, the whole thing is ridiculous. Could stronger writing save it? Maybe, but as written, no. The idea that all these major criminal families are fighting over PORT FRICKIN CHARLES is just absurd.
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