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  1. I never understood the vitriol directed at Wes Ramsey. Maybe all the Laura Wright haters decided to hate her bf twice as hard. It’s absurd. is Peter a good character? Not really, but WR sure doesn’t deserve the attacks he gets. And if LW is getting it regularly from Ramsey, more power to her.
  2. Well, I’ll again be the voice of disagreement on today’s show. I thought it was really strong— good, different storylines that were paced nicely leading to an emotional tableau close. Hunter King was great with really solid dialogue in her scenes with Kyle, and the Victoria scenes with Billy brought Victor back into Genoa City. The rest was a solid intro for Society, with a lot of extras making it all look real. The last few minutes of the show were powerful. Just really solid moments that were so respectful of KSJ and his legacy as Neil Winters. Classic Y&R.
  3. I CAN have it both ways, because RSW isn’t atrocious, and RSW doesn’t sleepwalk through his scenes, and RSW isn’t grinning and smirking through brain surgery. Thank U, Next!
  4. The Ordway walk through of the Society set made it look good, but I don’t understand the usability of parts of it. How often will that entrance way be used? The area near the bathrooms? The hallways? They look good, but I just don’t get it. Even that little kitchen area is not going to be filmed very often.
  5. I’m ok with propping Ben. RSW is gorgeous. Yeah, I’m shallow.
  6. I don’t get what’s cringy about Sharon and Rey. They’re two great looking people who have sex. Cringy is Sharon with Victor. Dina definitely needs to be rescued. And honestly, when we see young Dina, we should see the manipulative mean cold bit_ch that she was, not some pretty soft version. Josh Griffith needs a co-head writer. I’m glad Mal is gone, but I see warning signs. Today’s show didn’t work for me at all. The restaurant stuff was bad, and the Cane/Lily conversation didn’t resonate, either.
  7. You really need to ditch the cursive font.
  8. I really don’t think Chad Duell has romantic chemistry with anyone.
  9. — Another Genoa City restaurant with tiny tables that could never hold a full course meal for 2 people. — That kitchen area off the main restaurant room: what the hell is that? It’s cramped and ridiculous. Maybe Abby should scream about that instead of yelling at Marco. — Lola opens boxes of food in the dining area? Ok. Meanwhile, Tessa — who’s had 42 jobs in town — tries to calm her. I’m glad Lola’s makeup and lipstick are perfect, though. — Society holds a half dozen tables only, yet the entranceway is long and spacious with a red carpet. Uh...ok. — No food, electrical problems, fire alarms, no crowd, blah blah blah. Haven’t we seen these “everything goes wrong” stories a million times???
  10. Huh? He’s terrible. One of daytime’s worst actors.
  11. As bad as it’s been, th3 show hit a new low with the “Will has brain surgery” scenes. I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. Will’s seizure looked fake, as did the concern from the “brain surgeon” or anyone else. Then they wheeled Will out of the O.R. and it was impossible to tell he was even operated on. Of course, he can go home tomorrow and resume all physical activities. AFTER BRAIN SURGERY. And don’t even ASK if any of Will’s hair had to be cut. This show sucks so bad.
  12. For a minute I was hoping the writers were bringing back Dina to some normalcy in that scene with Jack. Instead it was an excuse for a Jack to AGAIN yell at Dina and reflect on his pathetic life. The scene in Jack’s office where he dreamed of talking with young Dina was just an Emmy bait scene for PB. I think Jack should frickin grow up. A 65 year old man should have long ago stopped asking “Why’d you do me wrong, ma?”
  13. Some of the writing is just awful. — Cane can step down as Chancellor CEO just like that? No transition, no looking for a new leader, no nothing? This show pretends to care about business stories. This is a fail. — Jack’s argument with Dina was RIDICULOUS. For MONTHS she’s been out of it, and in one conversation, Hack is back to SCREAMING at her. Just a pathetic writing decision so Jack could AGAIN reflect on his life. The discussion with Traci was no better. — I didn’t like Tessa’s song. Would I want to hear it again let alone buy it? No. — Mariah closed Crimson Lights early so that Tessa could play her guitar and sing for an audience of one? Yeah, that makes sense. Who cares if a customer shows up and sees the plac3 is closed, out of the blue. P. S. All of a sudden the twins are in favor of a divorce??? Huh???
  14. It is nice to have Victor’s office back, although I did notice that Victoria’s house underwent ANOTHER renovation. Sorry, that place now looks cramped and isn’t worthy of an heiress. Tony Marina has improved the show’s look, but little things get to me — like all the green in the park scenes with Traci and Cane. It’s frickin WISCONSIN, and they’re pushing it. Speaking of Traci and Cane, please tell me those two aren’t going to have a romance. I love Beth Maitland, but that’s just not believable.
  15. Today’s show was awful because of the Jack rally/wedding scenes. The screaming crowd was ridiculous, and Matthew Ashford has been overacting to a pathetic degree. It’s made me hate the character of Jack, and I despise Eve, too. i also feel like we’re getting the same Claire scenes every day.
  16. I know a lot of people cheered when Sally and Kay were fired, but I wasn’t one of them. I loved so much of what Sally brought back to the show, and while I did feel the need for more pop on occasion, that could have been accomplished without canning her. Intead we got Mal, not only as HW, but as EP — too much for one person to do and too much power in one person’s hands. Any good that he did was SURROUNDED by and SUFFOCATED by his mess.
  17. Frank and GH have closed ears when it comes to fans. NO ONE at GH listens or cares. Nina is a hated character. Does Frank care? No. NO ONE at GH thinks Maxie has chemistry with Peter. Does Frank care? No. The same goes for whether Oscar lives or dies, Sonny and Jason saving everyone, and a dozen more things.
  18. I’m seeing things that bother me, too — stuff I didn’t expect from a new writer stepping in. Why was that P.I. that Phyllis hired using the biggest camera ever? Why didn’t anyone else notice it? Why was Summer running all over town looking for Kyle? She eventually tried calling him, but she ran around for a long time before texting or phoning him. Why was Summer going away on a vacation so soon after missing work for her transplant? Didn’t Victor have trouble with her planned honeymoon? Why did Lola leave Kyle’s bed at the GCAC and go to the coffee shop by herself? With Jabot in such disarray, why was Billy in Vegas? Why has Kyle done nothing but arrange transplants and sex meetings with Lola? Why did Jack act like he won some huge business battle with Ashley and smile like a Cheshire cat? Ashley got $4M out of the idiot. Why are we getting a COMPLETELY different explanation for Lola’s virginity? Even if we buy it, why is she so blasé about Summer, who just gave her a frickin organ? What was the point of the montage with shirtless bored Nick with the dad bod? Do better, Josh Griffith.
  19. Bith Chandler and Freddie smirked their way through every scene.
  20. Lots of Twitter speculation that the father is Storm. That would make sense — another storyline no one cares about.
  21. Fakest political rally I’ve ever seen. Horribly directed.
  22. Stafford was bad in those classroom scenes, and she looked bad, too. The whole thing was absurd. No school operates that way. The kid would b3 moved to another classroom or her rich parents would private school the little witch. The principal warning Willow was laughable.
  23. Exactly right. The Hope baby drama is the worst of the soaps right now, compounded by nuThomas worrying about Douglas every damn day. Stultifyingly boring.
  24. Incredibly ridiculous and useless anniversary episode. A tribute to Gail without even one clip? Instead we got a stupid letter mystery and a 10 second shot of Gail’s picture on the wall. A clip with Scotty, Lee, and Gail would have helped so much instead of 20 people standing around the nurses’ station. Is the budget so low so low they can’t even pay someone to research for good flashback clips? Half of the episode had characters who didn’t belong there, and while it was good to see Denise Alexander, they could have avoided the walk down the hospital hall that highlighted how much weight she gained and that she hobbles around. The whole thing was a shi_tshow.
  25. SC, JM, and MST have NOT been phoning it in for years. That is just not true, and I hate it when fans throw that phrase around and hit almost everyone in the cast with it. You our may not like their acting styles, but they’re always prepared and they are always invested.
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