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  1. I kept waiting too. There was that woman who kept VCR's running in her house since the 70's. She had a warehouse full of videotapes when she died a few years back. Her son said he wants to donate them to someone who will preserve and make them available.
  2. I think it was posted late last year (2019) on that forum. I hope the information is true. I know several early 70's episodes of GL, ATWT, and AW thought to of been wiped is listed in the UCLA TV and film database. They are marked as not being playable on archive equipment. There is a guy on youtube called Obsolete Video and he transfers out of date film/videotape formats to digital media. They need to contact him. There is probably some treasures out there that is collecting dust as we speak. I would love to see an episode of GL from about 1968 or 69 in color. I wonder if Mart Hulswit (Ed) or the late Don Stewart (Mike) had copies of old episodes they appeared in ? Maybe Charita Bauer's son has some of his mom's work ?
  3. I was over at one of the game show forums reading a thread about tape wiping and shows thought to be lost. Someone mentioned that the daytime version of To Tell The Truth has turned up along with a couple of other daytime shows. Another person replied that Guiding Light episodes thought to be lost may exist as well. Wouldn't that be incredible ?
  4. Wonder what ever happened to those annoying actors that invaded the show circa 1996 ? Lisa Lawrence who played Sarah Kasnoff has some credits on IMDB prior to 2007, but John Howard who played Paul Ryan for like 5 minutes is not even listed. Aisha Henderson who played (Zoe) only has 3 credits (1996-1999)
  5. I wonder how Janice Lynde would have been in the role of Patti when she left Y&R ? Lynn Loring Janice Lynde
  6. I wonder who played Ruth ? I was also surprised to read that Chris Brooks Foster also lived at the estate when Jill moved the family in. Wonder if Chris discussed the Jill/Kay situation with her parents and sisters ?
  7. They mentioned another maid named Ruth ? around 1975. Liz Foster took a job as the cook and did some of the maid work. It mentioned Katherine was a hard task master with Liz when she started. I wonder if she threw trays and griped about the food being slop etc... ? Little did Kay know when she hired Liz that she would turn out to be one her best friends (even though she hated her daughter Jill).
  8. Was I the only one who cracked up at that Jailbait article telling all the crimes the actors committed ?
  9. Did Janice Lynde ever marry ? I thought Pamela Peters was still married to the much older Herb Solow when he passed, but his obituary had a different wife of many years listed. So that marriage must have ended by the end of the 70's. Peters always reminded me a bit of Judy Strangis. Strangis may have been a good recast after Peters left instead of Patricia Everly. Strangis pretty much left show business at the end of the 80's after a stalking incident.
  10. That interesting about Matthei. James Douglas was probably considered a big deal after his role on the 60's sudser Peyton Place.
  11. All of her other soap roles sucked pretty much. Lynde admitted that Leslie was a fascinating character, but she was young and foolish and left looking for greener pastures. Tom Hallick (Brad Elliot) said NBC lured him away with promises of big roles and money which was a bust. He wished he had stayed on Y&R. Espy has always been an odd ball. I never knew about his orientation. I read an old 1974 interview several years ago and he griped about the grind of Y&R, his lack of a relationship with his cast mates hiding away in his dressing room while not taping, and him not getting along all that well with Trish Stewart (Chris). He also said he played Snapper a bit preoccupied and he felt it worked onscreen. James Houghton said back in the late 90's that Espy always loved golf and finally has his dream job of running a golf course instead of being on a soap.
  12. Y&R: Lorie said she thought she was pregnant. She and Brad slept together ? I always assumed she tried to seduce him, but was unsuccessful. We saw the brief glimpse from Janice Lynde's youtube reel of the young orderly trying to make love to Leslie and being put in a straight jacket. The Gwen Sherman story sounds Zzzzzzz.
  13. In the ATWT thread I mentioned that Baby Boomer men of the 70's and 80's were able to pull off the mustache and make it look good. What soap actors past and present do you think looked/looks good with mustache, beard etc...and the ones who didn't/ don't ? You can also include actors who should give it a try. A few examples that pulled it off: Joel Crothers Tom Selleck John Beck
  14. I agree. I think some guys could make it work if done properly as you said. Another thing that happened was the derogatory term "Pornstache" became a buzzword and if guy has a mustache now days someone will instantly hurl that insult. Comedians will often grow one to use as a cheap comedy gag like Will Ferrell etc... I agree.The mustache suited their face.
  15. The actor who played Brad also was in the first Friday The 13th released in 1980 with Kevin Bacon. Kevin was on Guiding Light at this time. The 70's and 80's was a big time for men to have mustaches. Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I.), John Beck (Flamingo Road & Dallas), Lee Horsley (Matt Houston), Alex Trebek (Jeopardy), John Oates (Hall & Oates), Same Elliott (Movie Star), Burt Reynolds (Movie Star), John Stossel (20/20), Geraldo (Anchor & Talk show Host) etc etc....Baby Boomer guys were able to pull off that look, but younger generations (Gen X, Millennials, and Z) for the most can't make it work.
  16. I think it is in the Y&R 25th Anniversary Book. It's a casual photo of the cast.
  17. I think Mitchell Sherman first appears in synopsis around 1975 or 76. Did William Wintersole play the role that early on ? IMDB lists him starting in 1986, but I saw a Y&R cast photo from 1980 and he is in it.
  18. It's strange in a way to read about and see clips of early Nancy as a cold stern controlling woman. I remember her more as loving "Gram" by the time I came along. I once saw a clip from 1974 where Nancy is in Bob's office and they are discussing Jennifer. Nancy is pretty much shredding her to Bob. Bob tells her Jennifer wants to have a career and have a family. Nancy says' " Oh Bob, whoever heard of that ?"
  19. SoapDope


    Victoria being aged with Heather Tom was a bit jarring, but Joshua Morrow becoming a teenage Nicholas overnight was mind blowing. How old is Nikki supposed to be these days ? Melody Thomas Scott was born in 1956. Dylan was supposedly conceived in a half @$$ed rewrite of history during the cult story of 1980 (Steve Burton was born 1970) Victoria was born in 1982 (Amelia Heinle was born in 1973) Nicholas was born in 1988 (Joshua Morrow as born in 1974) I was born in 1978 and technically older than all these characters, but they are all now older than me.....LOL
  20. What actors do you thing aged rapidly, say within a 5-10 year period ? John Clarke (Mickey on Days) looked like he aged quickly 1965-1970. Brenda Dickson on Y&R looked quite different when she returned in 1983 compared to what she looked like in the 70's. Larry Hagman & Patrick Duffy matured on Dallas 1978-1988. Duffy was going gray and Larry had various shades of rugs. Larry was also was an alcoholic. The women on the show looked great except for some bad hairstyle choices.
  21. OK Thanks. I saw Paul Stevens in the role in the 70's episodes that were posted, but never knew he also played the role.
  22. I wonder what his role was ? He played in a lot of shows. He was a favorite of Jack Webb (So was Susan Hayes) who used him on Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency etc...His son is a voice actor Cam Clarke and his niece Tina Cole played Robbie Douglas's wife Katie on My Three Sons.
  23. In the 1974 episode posted Kay had a maid named Teresa who catered to her drinking habit. By 1975 she has a maid named Ruth. Who played Ruth and how long was she Kay's maid ? Esther arrived in 1982. The synopsis states Liz accepted a job as the cook and Kay was a hard task master. Liz eventually became one of Kay's dearest friends, so it's interesting to see the beginnings of the Liz & Kay's relationship.
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