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  1. LOL......That would have been a good name for it. I remember a lot of the Lorie/Lance/Leslie/Lucas still dragging on, Nikki and Victor hooked up after he and Julia divorced, and the Patty/Jack hook up. I loved Lilibet Stern as Patty Williams and never warmed to Andrea Evans. It's sad that Bell dumped the Brooks/Foster characters, but with constant recasts the audience tired of them. Peggy could have hooked up with Kevin Bancroft after Nikki was done playing with him.
  2. LOL.....It seemed every woman in Genoa City was after Snapper. I saw the Chuckie goodbye and they played The Carpenters " Bless The Beast And Children". Now I'm wanting see those crap early 80's storyline episodes to see what a train wreck they truly were. I was a small kid at the time and only saw bits of the show here and there.
  3. LOL....I hope someone unearths some of this crap for us on youtube. I wonder if that was Bill Bell's revenge on CBS for making him expand to an hour to fill air time ? I hope they also dig up Victor sniffing around pathetic Peggy. I can hear Kelly Harmon in her tic tac commercial voice saying that stupid affair dialogue. Kelly reminds me of Tina Cole who played Robbie's wife on My Three Sons.
  4. I remember years ago someone on the old defunct media domain Y&R board making fun of those horrible Chris & Snapper storylines from the early 80's. It sounds hilarious just reading them. I picture Snapper leaving for work and they have a clawed up moth eaten old sofa, some scratched up end tables, and some cheap K-mart lamps then coming home to queen anne end tables, chippendale sofa, crystal lamps, and a mahogany Governor Winthrop secretary. Snapper: "Chris where did you get all these expensive pieces ? Chris: " I, er, uh found them at a thrift store downtown (she swiped Stuart's master card at the local Ethan Allen)......LOL That storyline where the nurse fell in love with Snapper sounds bad too. I do know the nurse was played by Kelly Harmon (Mark's sister). Kelly was the spokesperson for about 15 years for tic tac. Kelly & Mark's older sister Kris was married to Ricky Nelson and she played herself on the family TV series. How long did that story play out ? 2 weeks max ?
  5. i know that when Liz remarried Bill they came by and gave the couple a trip to Hawaii as a gift for their honeymoon.
  6. I would love to see that episode. I have seen clips, but not the entire thing.
  7. I noticed Bell made sure his dialogue would mention the character's name being spoke to. Like " Chris you're in love with love" Leslie I know your first love is the piano......go back and look at the 1975 episode where all the characters make sure to often speak the name of who they are talking to. I guess Bell wanted a potential new viewer who may stumble upon the show while channel surfing could pick it right up if they started to watch.
  8. It may have been fan fiction.....LOL. I still can't believe Peggy and Victor shared scenes. She seemed to be the last Brooks sister to ever interact with him, let alone him giving her the bedroom eye. It also seemed Peggy was destined to hook up with guys named Jack (Curtis & Abbott). Chris seemed to share a lot of time with early Nikki pre-Victor. I think the only time Kay interacted with The Prentiss was when she attended the 1981 Gala Ball and Lance escorted Leslie. Kay & Vanessa would have been awesome fighting with each other. What if Kay had hooked up with Lucas ? The fur would be flying.
  9. I remember someone posting that there was a scene where Katherine, Jennifer, and Vanessa all wound up in the office of a plastic surgeon at the same time. I wonder if they conversed with one another or if they had them sitting in different parts of the waiting room waiting to be called back ?
  10. I think it was just edits of Lorie scenes someone had uploaded. They had the shooting, Lorie and Lucas at the disco, Lorie confronting Leslie about her pregnancy and going ape crap on her. They also had the scene where Lorie upstage Leslie at the 1981 Gala ball where she walked in with the dress slit up to her crotch.
  11. I read that the Brooks actors complained to Bill Bell that they wanted to interact with The Chancellor's and would write storyline ideas and submit them. Bell would ignore it. Dorothy Green (Jennifer) was really quite vocal about it. She also complained how the older women were written to the soap press. Bell killed off her character in 1977 and she was vocal about that too.
  12. Terri Austin in 1981 Betty Crocker commercial.
  13. That's interesting. I have read several different takes on it. I think Jamie Lyn Bauer even said Tom would complain that he was not under contract. She said he was a married man and had to often hide in her dressing room because all the women at CBS was putting the moves on him.....LOL. Tom started acting in the late 60's , but did not hit pay dirt till 1980 with Magnum P.I. Then he was the biggest thing since sliced bread. He was right in plain sight, but it took that one role to get him noticed. James Garner said he would tell Tom all the time when he was guesting on Rockford Files that he will make it big.
  14. I agree. A week or two worth of episodes would be incredible. I think I read the Forrester home set was the Brooks set redone/recycled. The round window from the Brooks set showed up on The Newman ranch set when Nikki redid the house in the late 80's with Cassandra Rawlings as the interior decorator.
  15. I remember reading that The Henderson family was supposed to play an important long term role on the show. The wife Regina was supposed to be kind of a Katherine Chancellor type, but supposedly after Katherine was brought on, Regina Henderson fizzled rather quickly after she appeared the following year. Kay Alden said if you go back and look at Bell's original bible for Y&R, he specifically had the character of Kay Chancellor down to make her debut in November 1973 and Lorie Brooks in December. Bill Bell said one mistake he made in the 70's was failing to sign Tom Selleck to a long term contract. He said at that time Tom didn't have a leading man type of deep voice that was common on soaps in those days and wrote him out after about 2 years. He said when Magnum P.I. hit big in the early 80's, he was kicking himself and saying " Why did I not sign him" ?
  16. I have the first film transferred from a VHS release (which is pretty good quality) and the second one I bought from someone off the net that was taped off WGN decades ago. Here is a grainy promo for it off youtube. The first film was one of the highest rated ABC movies of the week.
  17. Yes. Several projects. One thing comes to mind is an episode of the 1972 Gary Collins series " The Sixth Sense". Gary is on a flight during a storm and Jess plays a woman who is sick going in out of consciousness. She is having psychic premonitions. Colby Chester plays the pilot and Sharon Gless is the stewardess. Sharon and Colby did a couple of TV movies of the week together " All My Darling Daughter's (1972) and My Darling Daughter's Anniversary (1973). She played one of Robert Young's 4 daughter (ala like the Brooks girls on Y&R). In the first film all 4 daughters get married on the same day. Colby Chester was on of the grooms getting married to Fawne Harriman (later of Somerset). Eve Arden was the exasperated wedding planner.
  18. The interesting thing about Jill's pairing with Michael Crawford was when Jess took over the role in 1987 she was reunited Colby Chester who played Michael. They had been contract players together at Universal Studios in the 70's. Another contract actress at that time was Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey).
  19. I think Dove dish soap was discontinued sometime in the 90's. I know it was around in the 80's because one of my teachers always purchased it for use to wash our hands at school. The set decorator Brock Broughton who did the Y&R sets in the 70's went on to be the set decorator for Dynasty in the 80's.
  20. Thank You for that link and all the information. I will enjoy reading those. I never understood what suppose to be the fascination with Derek Thurston (and actor Joe LaDue). He was built up as some big hot stud with his tight polo shirts and painted on jeans. He comes across as some middle age guy having a midlife crisis trying to appear youthful.
  21. Yes that last scene with the beautiful sad background music as Jennifer was being taken to surgery is high drama. I wish that Katherine could have interacted with the Brooks more and maybe have her stop by and see Jenn with flowers. I wish we could see all these 70's episodes. I saw Jane Curtin in that ad too. I think the little girl in the second Dove dish washing ad is Dana Plato.
  22. Thank you for another treasure from the 1970's.
  23. I would say there are. A lot of ABC & NBC soaps, game shows, and daytime commercials have popped up from those years, so there had to be someone taping Y&R. I would flip to see Nikki and Greg Foster's 1979 wedding in the Brooks house. I have seen bits of it and the reception party.
  24. Donna Mills, Larry Hagman, and David Wayne on the short lived 1971/72 sitcom The Good Life. Tony Orlando and Dawn sing the theme song.
  25. A very grainy 16mm copy of the short lived 1971-72 sitcom The Good Life. Larry Hagman, Donna Mills, and David Wayne star. Tony Orlando and Dawn sing the theme song.
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