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  1. David Abbott looks like he could be one of the Bay City Rollers.......LOL
  2. Yes, it sad how cigarettes have taken so many lives. Bill also told the story when he met Lucille Ball in the 80's and she told him she loved watching the Turner Super Stations. By that time her voice was wrecked with cigarette smoking and she was lighting one up as she was talking to him. He was saddened to see what it had done to her. She was a hoot. Bill Tush said he didn't know the exact reason why Mike Douglas was let go, but speculated maybe Ted Turner and the other's in charge felt he was old hat from the 70's. I say Ted Turner also didn't have to pay Bill as much as Mike and figured a cost cutting measure.
  3. I found a current 2019 article with Bill and he said Jan called him a few months before she died and has her final message on his phone. He said she was a heavy smoker and even when she was dying she would remove her oxygen mask and smoke. He said they always kept in touch throughout their lives and had lunch when they could get together, and exchanged phone calls up till the end. I don't know if still stays in contact with Bonnie & Terry Turner.
  4. Yes that is Bull Tush. Bill filled in for Mike.....but something happened with Mike's contract and he was replaced by Bill. I saw an interview with Bill where he said he was shocked when Ted Turner just called him up and said Mike's out and your in. Then after a year Ted pulled the show without explanation and sent Bill to another show, then finally to New York. Bill said Ted would often do stuff without telling him why. When Bill had his own comedy sketch show "Tush" on Superstation WTBS (1980-81) with Jan Hooks, after a year Ted just said "Shows Over"......Bill said Ted never told him why, but people at the network told him every morning after the Tush show aired, Jerry Falwell would call Ted at his office, so he thinks maybe the pressure from Jerry killed the show. Jan did a regular sketch on the show called " Tammy Jean" as a parody of Tammy Faye Bakker.
  5. Rituals promo at about 30 seconds.
  6. It's hard to believe she is 72 now and Adam (little Nicholas) is now 51. I hope he has straightened his life out. He was a mess for years with dug abuse, breaking into pharmacies, and D.U.I's.
  7. Current photo (2019) of James Van Patten and Eight Is Enough stars Connie Needham (Elizabeth), Diane Kay (Nancy), Laurie Walters (Joanie) and Adam Rich (Nicholas). They were there to support Betty Buckley (Abby) in the play Hello Dolly.
  8. I remember these storylines as a kid. Stephanie the girl on the phone is played by Dana Kimmell. Kimmell was on Texas and did tons of episodic TV. Her biggest claim to fame she had the starring role in Friday The 13th part 3.
  9. Hart To Hart & Chips.......cheesy fun from my childhood. I plan to fire up Eight Is Enough soon.
  10. What was so great about Lance ? Those ladies fought over that man for years. Heck, even their own mother Vanessa preferred Lance over Lucas. I read a lot viewers thought Lucas was the most interesting and attractive of the two. They toyed with a Lucas/Casey pairing, but he was thrust back into that boring Leslie/Lorie/Lance/Lucas quad. I recently was watching an episode of Hart to Hart from 1983 where Jennifer wins a walk on role on a daytime soap. She is then asked to write for the show after she impresses the writers with her storyline ideas. John McCook (Lance) & Peter Brown (Robert Lawrence) starred in the episode. Leann Hunley & Lanna Saunders also appeared. Of course the episode plot is people on the set are getting murdered and Jennifer becomes the killers next target.
  11. LOL......Thanks for the recap. Another character that popped up in 1982 was Brian Forbes as Ashley's love interest. They worked in the lab together and were being built up as a super couple. They were even on the cover of SOD. Then by early 1983 he vanished. Jay Kerr who played the part said in an interview I found online (about a series he did for Disney in the 80's), that his Y&R character Brian went to make a phone call and never came back. He said he hated doing Y&R (and trashed soaps in general as bottom of the barrel) and thought he was totally miscast. He said to this day people will always ask about Y&R and he is shocked they even remember him. He sounds like he wants it dead and buried that he even did daytime.
  12. Melody Thomas Scott talked about how the show was filmed when it was 30 minutes. She said they filmed it like a stage play in acts and it was live to tape with no retakes. They would do a countdown as the commercial break would be ending (they would leave a blank space on the tape for ads to be inserted when it aired) and then back into the scene. The live to tape practice must have ended with the hour expansion in 1980, since Eric Braeden was fascinated by her story and said something like " Really ?"
  13. I always assumed Halsey was the first John too, but saw the episode with Sean Garrison in the role. Garrison's credits stopped after 1981. I think I remember something about him going into the computer business (which in the 1980's was booming). Garrison looked like he could be the father of Lester, even though Garrison was only 13 years older in real life. Garrison and Lester never shared screen time to my knowledge.
  14. Pamela Peters returned to the show in 1980 as Peggy and had that Steve pairing, the cult story, and the Jack fling. After that she just lingered till disappearing in late 1981 after a few dates with Greg. I wonder how Peters felt being an original cast member and being shafted the way she was ? If Cash had not hooked up with Kay, what if Peggy had went to see Cash's show at the Bayou and hooked up with him to Stuart's disapproval ? That would have been funny. Towards the end of the Foster/Brooks era things got kind of incestuous. Chris was married to Snapper, Liz married Stuart, Stuart had married Jill, Peggy became interested in Greg, Greg was secretly in love with Chris etc...not to mention Liz's brother Bruce fathered Lorie with Jennifer Brooks.
  15. Thanks for the memories. I remember Lilibet Stern fondly. I was sad when she left the show and was replaced by Andrea Evans (who was a bust). Bond Gideon's husband posted a couple of 1980 episodes featuring her , Paul & Patty (Tammy Taylor), Leslie, Jonas, Greg, Nikki, Casey, Lorie, Lucas, and Victor. Tammy Taylor posted on the one video of her thanking Bond's husband for finding that. Tammy Taylor played Hope on Days from 1980-81.
  16. Thanks for all the details. Was this the first week of the 1980 1 hour expansion ?
  17. LOL......That would have been a good name for it. I remember a lot of the Lorie/Lance/Leslie/Lucas still dragging on, Nikki and Victor hooked up after he and Julia divorced, and the Patty/Jack hook up. I loved Lilibet Stern as Patty Williams and never warmed to Andrea Evans. It's sad that Bell dumped the Brooks/Foster characters, but with constant recasts the audience tired of them. Peggy could have hooked up with Kevin Bancroft after Nikki was done playing with him.
  18. LOL.....It seemed every woman in Genoa City was after Snapper. I saw the Chuckie goodbye and they played The Carpenters " Bless The Beast And Children". Now I'm wanting see those crap early 80's storyline episodes to see what a train wreck they truly were. I was a small kid at the time and only saw bits of the show here and there.
  19. LOL....I hope someone unearths some of this crap for us on youtube. I wonder if that was Bill Bell's revenge on CBS for making him expand to an hour to fill air time ? I hope they also dig up Victor sniffing around pathetic Peggy. I can hear Kelly Harmon in her tic tac commercial voice saying that stupid affair dialogue. Kelly reminds me of Tina Cole who played Robbie's wife on My Three Sons.
  20. I remember years ago someone on the old defunct media domain Y&R board making fun of those horrible Chris & Snapper storylines from the early 80's. It sounds hilarious just reading them. I picture Snapper leaving for work and they have a clawed up moth eaten old sofa, some scratched up end tables, and some cheap K-mart lamps then coming home to queen anne end tables, chippendale sofa, crystal lamps, and a mahogany Governor Winthrop secretary. Snapper: "Chris where did you get all these expensive pieces ? Chris: " I, er, uh found them at a thrift store downtown (she swiped Stuart's master card at the local Ethan Allen)......LOL That storyline where the nurse fell in love with Snapper sounds bad too. I do know the nurse was played by Kelly Harmon (Mark's sister). Kelly was the spokesperson for about 15 years for tic tac. Kelly & Mark's older sister Kris was married to Ricky Nelson and she played herself on the family TV series. How long did that story play out ? 2 weeks max ?
  21. i know that when Liz remarried Bill they came by and gave the couple a trip to Hawaii as a gift for their honeymoon.
  22. I would love to see that episode. I have seen clips, but not the entire thing.
  23. I noticed Bell made sure his dialogue would mention the character's name being spoke to. Like " Chris you're in love with love" Leslie I know your first love is the piano......go back and look at the 1975 episode where all the characters make sure to often speak the name of who they are talking to. I guess Bell wanted a potential new viewer who may stumble upon the show while channel surfing could pick it right up if they started to watch.
  24. It may have been fan fiction.....LOL. I still can't believe Peggy and Victor shared scenes. She seemed to be the last Brooks sister to ever interact with him, let alone him giving her the bedroom eye. It also seemed Peggy was destined to hook up with guys named Jack (Curtis & Abbott). Chris seemed to share a lot of time with early Nikki pre-Victor. I think the only time Kay interacted with The Prentiss was when she attended the 1981 Gala Ball and Lance escorted Leslie. Kay & Vanessa would have been awesome fighting with each other. What if Kay had hooked up with Lucas ? The fur would be flying.
  25. I remember someone posting that there was a scene where Katherine, Jennifer, and Vanessa all wound up in the office of a plastic surgeon at the same time. I wonder if they conversed with one another or if they had them sitting in different parts of the waiting room waiting to be called back ?
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