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  1. This is the first time I saw a pic of the actress who played Julie after Charla Doherty left role. How long did each actress play the part before SSH took over in 1968 ? Speaking of Julie......I recently bought the Time Life Carol Burnett DVD's and they include episodes from the first 5 years of the show (1967-1971) that have never been rerun since their original airings. In the first season (1967-68), actor Flip Mark who played Julie's brother on Days appeared in several CB episodes as a boyfriend of Vicki Lawrence in the Carol & Sis sketches. Vicki was 18 when the show started.
  2. Yes, Cable and Satellite in the late 70's/80's started to pull viewers away from network TV. I think another problem is people of the young generation (Millennial's and Gen Z) have a shorter attention span and do not have the patience or tolerance for long dragged out storylines. They want action within the first 10 minutes or they move on. TV seasons use to consist of 25-30 episodes a season, now a season is maybe 8 episodes if that.
  3. I would say Tammy Taylor since she was dropped quickly. When Lilibet Stern took over, she and the character of Patty became popular and she was all over magazines.
  4. I always wondered why Guthrie never did another long soap gig ? i know he died in the 90's and people rumored about what was the cause of death. SSF should have been more discreet.That would have been around the time of Anita Bryant.
  5. Those articles are a hoot. Wasn't Richard Guthrie in the closet along with Wesley Eure ? I remember seeing a clip of Susan Hayes accidentally outing Richard on a live 1977 broadcast at an awards show.
  6. The start of the Joan Rivers & Victoria Principal feud. Joan shreds Victoria in a not so subtle way by bringing up her lying about her age and Andy Gibb. VP takes it in stride. A few years later Ken Kercheval was on Joan's late night talk show where Joan called VP up and gave out her home phone number live on air. VP sued Joan and was awarded quite a bundle. The amount was not disclosed, but VP joked it paid for her Picasso.
  7. Thanks for the classic articles. I hope to see more. Y&R was always my favorite and have always been fascinated by the 70's storylines.
  8. Yes. She slept with Ray and Cliff around the time John Ross was conceived, so it was always a possible.
  9. Compared to today it would be tame, but Dallas had some steamy scenes for it's time. Ray Krebbs was the resident Southfork stud who pretty much bedded all the Ewing women with the exception of Miss Ellie. I always wondered if Ray could have been the real father of John Ross.
  10. JFP also did the same when Steve Burton was not clicking with the audience, so they rewrote history and anchored him to Nikki and Paul as their cult love child.
  11. I think soaps rely too much on pregnancy/long lost children/paternity suits. Y&R has become the Ancestry.com show.
  12. Hedison always reminded me of David Birney. Hedison appeared in an episode of Family with Birney's then wife Meredith Baxter as a guy she had an affair with.
  13. That B&B scene was just ridiculous and hilarious. I never saw the scene, but they say back in 1974 on Y&R, they had Tom Selleck and Jamie Lyn Bauer have sex in the shower and you could see their naked bodies presses against the glass shower doors. It was referred to as the most erotic scene on daytime for that time. JLB said she and Tom discussed that in recent years when they saw each other and they both laughed that they could barely remember it now.
  14. I wonder how Strangis would have been in the role when Peggy was recast in 1979 ? I know Patricia Everly briefly assumed the role before Peters returned in 1980. Strangis supposedly left acting in the mid to late 80's because of a stalker. She has done voice work only.
  15. Pamela Peters kind of reminds me of Judy Strangis (remember her) ? Strangis was best known for Room 222 with Karen Valentine and as Dyna Girl with Deidre Hall as Electra Woman. Pamela Peters appeared several times on 222. I have 2 comedy movies of the week All My Darling Daughters (1972) and My Darling Daughters Anniversary (1973) where Robert Young plays widowed Judge Charles Raleigh the father of 4 very different daughters. It reminds me so much of the Brooks family. Strangis played the youngest red headed daughter (ala Peggy Brooks). In the first film all 4 daughter wind up getting married on the same day. Eve Arden is the exasperated wedding planner. The other daughters are played by Sharon Gless (pre Cagney & Lacey), Fawne Harriman (Somerset), and Darlene Carr. Fawne's fiancee is played by Colby Chester (Michael Crawford Y&R). In the second film where the widowed Judge (Robert Young) gets remarried and the girls celebrate their 1 year anniversary, Fawne must have been busy on Somerset and her role was recast with Laura Parker. Ann Lee (GH) appears as the Judge who marries Robert Young and Ruth Hussey.
  16. That write up of Peggy Brooks rape was interesting. It slams Pamela Peters Solow by saying she should not have been asked to stretch beyond the limits of her talent and also mentions " Lets face it, she's no Trish Stewart. OUCH !
  17. Bill Bell also redid stories from when he wrote Days on Y&R. What stories did Irna redo ?
  18. I watch Peggy on BUZZR reruns of To Tell The Truth. I also loved her in the 1961 film Gidget Goes Hawaiian.
  19. Y&R....Katherine/Phillip/Jill drove story for decades. The Leslie/Lorie/Lance/Lucas quad kept storyline going for years. Also the earlier version of Leslie/Brad/Lorie.
  20. I wish we could see more of Somerset, especially some scenes of Sigourney Weaver as Avis Ryan. I re-watched the 1972 episode with Jingles The Clown the other day. I noticed the magazines from back then seemed to try and build Ron Martin into a teen idol/heart throb. I checked his Imdb page and he has little to no acting credits beyond the soap. It also lists him being born in 1940, which clearly has to be wrong and probably is more like 1950, since he appears to be in his early 20 in Somerset photos. What happened to him ?
  21. When I was a really small kid I remember that creepy Edward who was stalking Nikki on Y&R. He talked to his mother's ashes. Victor was nuts back in the day too when he had Michael Scott locked in the basement and played a psychological game of cat and mouse with Julia. Vanessa Prentiss was freaky. Shaun Garrett who buried Lauren alive was another psycho. Bill Bell loved all that Hitchcock type stuff.
  22. I love all the classics on BUZZR. Sale Of The Century is really one of my all time favorites. I wish they would find the entire 1983-1989 run instead of airing certain episodes. I also wish they would run Name That Tune, Tic Tac Dough, Jokers Wild, and Dream House (1983-84). The schedule is filled with too much Match Game.
  23. Greg should have served the go to lawyer role. Michael Crawford played by Colby Chester was also another lawyer that was dumped without explanation for John Silva.
  24. I wonder if Tom Tammi who played Tom Hughes on ATWT 1979-1980 would have worked as recast Greg ? Wings was totally all wrong in the role.
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