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  1. I would love to see full episodes of Merv, Mike Douglas, and Dinah from the 70's and 80's. They had great guests. There are small snips and interviews here and there on youtube, but not too many full shows. John Davidson also had a talk show in the early 80's and clips of that show up from time to time. Speaking of Merv, someone uploaded a bit of a 1981 show where The Carpenters are on promoting their latest album Made In America. They perform " Want You Back In My Life Again". Karen looks so emaciated, and it is so sad to see her in that condition. Olivia Newton John (Karen's best friend) and John Travolta are also guests and they all sit on the couch and chat. Karen tells a funny story of her and Olivia going sailing.
  2. I think Christine was the first wife of Peter Bergman (Jack Y&R). Kevin Conroy (SFT, AW, Dynasty) has been mainly known as the voice of Batman for close to 30 years and his onscreen acting career came to a halt.
  3. Debra Messing and Thomas Haden Church had a short lived Fox sitcom Ned & Stacey.
  4. David Hasselhoff was really serious with Roberta Leighton during their time on Y&R. I remember seeing an article after she left the show in the early 80's, they had this on again, off again type relationship where he brought her to Y&R events and talk of potential marriage. Then out of the blue he is married the Catherine Hickland (when she was on Capitol). Hickland has been married 4 times and is currently married to Todd Fisher (Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher's son and brother to Carrie). Donald May met and married Carla Borelli while they starred on Texas. They are still together.
  5. There was also that talk show spoof Nigh Stand with Dick Dietrich (played by Timothy Stack). He would always accidentally say something off color or that had sexual innuendo and the audience would laugh and he would say " No people No", That's not what I meant.
  6. Another early show I remember. It was like Friends before Friends.
  7. On Knots Landing Ted Shackelford had a relationship with Terri Austin. Did anyone in the Dallas and Dynasty casts hook up ? I think Victoria Principals first husband Chris Skinner played a bit role on the show. She then hooked up with Andy Gibb after her divorce.
  8. Here is a pic of Melody and Carlos. When Melody became pregnant with Carlos daughter, they wrote it into show by having Nikki get pregnant by Victor with Victoria. This started the Victor/Nikki/Kevin storyline.
  9. Y&R Jaime Lynn Bauer met her husband on Y&R. He is a makeup artist Melody Thomas Scott had an affair with her makeup artist Carlos Yeagy and had a daughter. She later married Executive Producer Ed Scott in 1985. Doug Davidson met his wife Cindy Fisher when she acted opposite him. Janice Lynde dated William Gray Espy David Hasselhoff dated Roberta Leighton Eileen Davisdson met her husband Vincent Van Patten when they acted together on the show. Tricia Cast was married to the shows musical director at one time. Jeanne Cooper hooked up with her various co-stars as per her autobiography.
  10. I noticed in later seasons of Seinfeld, Elaine went from being cute, gullible and naive to being a mean, cold, nasty bit*h. It happened around the time she went to work for Peterman, cut her hair shorter, and hooked up with Putty.
  11. I know it was the 70's, but it seemed like the lacy prairie/granny looks in wedding dresses were all the rage. Here is Y&R's Chris Brooks and Snapper Foster getting married in 1974. 5 years later Nikki wore the same dress loaned to her by Chris when Nikki wed Greg Foster in 1979. Greg looks like he may wearing the same suit as Snapper wore in 74 as well. Steve and Alice from AW in 1974. Alice also has the prairie/granny thing going on. Don and Marlena from Days 1977. Doug and Julie Days 1976.
  12. Yes you are right. I think Lorie was the first to discover the affair between Jill and Phillip when she saw them having dinner.
  13. I think the only time Katherine crossed into the Brooks/Prentiss quad stuff was at the 1981 Gala Ball. Lorie enters in a dress slit up to her panties to try and ruin Leslie's moment in the spotlight with Lance. Katherine is in attendance with Stuart and Liz and all in shock at the spectacle that Lorie has made. Everyone gasps as she takes off her cape.
  14. I noticed on some of the other message boards and youtube people are posting hateful comments on Melody's 40th anniversary. They are saying it should have been scrapped to do a tribute episode to Kristoff St. John. I read they plan to do one in April for him to say goodbye.
  15. I think I read she is writing a memoir. I bet that will be one heck of a book. Roberta looks a bit like Brenda Dickson in those pics.
  16. MTS said it in an interview years ago. In recent years when they did the Paley Center thing, they took questions from the audience. Roberta stood up and asked MTS why Nikki never calls her sister and MTS was shocked and happy to see her, so I guess they might have made up. MTS has always said she and Roberta were close during the show and that she loved and missed working with her.
  17. I'm surprised they showed Nikki's first marriage to Greg Foster. For years they kind of glossed over it and it was all about Victor. I noticed they never made reference to Kevin Bancroft (husband # 2). Michael Fairman also never referenced him in his photo/question segment. Melody did speak highly of Wings Hauser. I think that is the first time I really heard her talk about their working relationship.
  18. Ha Ha. Bell was a stickler on what he wanted. They said he and Kay Alden would have their lunch during the show. If he saw something he did not like onscreen, when the show was over he would pick up the phone and call the control booth and eat John Conboy up over it. In the 80's Bell and his family moved to California to be more hands on. He still would watch the show during lunch in his office at CBS.
  19. Y&R was hilarious growing up. I remember Jill was arguing with Katherine and she said something like " Now if you will excuse me, I have a distended bladder I need to attend to"......LOL Y&R was hilarious growing up. I remember Jill was arguing with Katherine and she said something like " Now if you will excuse me, I have a distended bladder I need to attend to"......LOL
  20. It seems like there were more segments, but I could only find two.
  21. There are two episodes of Y&R from 1980 on youtube. Both episodes feature Nikki when she was married to Greg Foster, but I don't think they have cast crawls. These won't embed, so you will have to click the link to take you to youtube. Bond Gideon's husband posted them. She played Jill briefly in 1980 before being replaced with Deborah Adair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j70XblJyb8c&t=8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFeYLLgpqx8&t=44s
  22. That's interesting. I think Charita and Sada looked like they could be sisters. I wonder if they knew each other or ever met ? I have read that about MS being a pill. When she was on Search she complained a lot in interviews about the writing, the other actors etc... I read that Don Stewart (Mike Bauer) could be difficult to work with as well, but he had chemistry with most of his pairings. I have been going back and watching 1979 GL and he and Lezlie Dalton (Elizabeth) were great together. He also had chemistry with Cindy Picket (Jackie) even though the Mike/Jackie pairing was brief.
  23. She also could have played a sister of Bert's.
  24. Discussing the show Family in another thread, I wonder what Sada Thompson would have been like in the role of Trudy or maybe a sister of Bert's ?
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