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  1. Shelley had kind of Cheryl Ladd girl next door kind of beauty. I wonder how she would have been in the role of Chris Brooks after Trish Stewart vacated the role ?
  2. Cathy Lee Crosby Connie Sellecca (even though she was on the primetime Hotel) Latoya Jackson (see her playing a campy/quirky character). Melinda Culea (from A-Team) Pamela Hensley (from Matt Houston) Shelley Smith ( actress and known for her many game show appearances)
  3. I forgot to mention The Facts Of Life will celebrate it's 40th anniversary on August 24th, 2009. Hard to believe it has been that long. She said she did know Lori Loughlin, but not all that well.
  4. Meg Bennett always great hair. She started out with the 70's Cher look and when the 80's came she jumped on the perm bandwagon.
  5. Speaking of Steines, Lisa Whelchel said her son works on the Home & Family show in the interview asking her if she would take over Lori Loughlin's role.
  6. Maybe everyone on this board should join in and write Hallmark. Lisa is also set to host a collectors show on MeTv.
  7. Y&R flirted with a Katherine Chancellor and Joanne Curtis pairing in the 70's and the audience balked. Bell dropped the storyline and Katherine went after Derek Thurston. Joanne was written out. On Days the interracial Valerie/David pairing was met with a lot of hate in the 70's.
  8. I read fans are already bombarding Hallmark to replace Lori with Lisa Whelchel. Lisa said she would consider it if Hallmark came calling.
  9. Tom Ligon's (Lucas) hair improved a few years into the role and when he shaved the beard. Down towards his final months on the show (1982), he grew the beard back. He then shaved it again to do Loving (1983).
  10. Victoria Principal had beautiful hair when Dallas started in 1978. She got a perm in 1979 and it got worse as the series progressed. She went from looking like Jaclyn Smith to looking like Rick James. She was the spokes person for Jhirmack hair care, so I wonder if they were behind some of those awful hairstyles and dye jobs ? Charlene Tilton had great hair too. She and Cheryl Ladd had similar styles. Kin Shriner had a great late 70's and early 80's mop of hair. As he got older he started to bald. Genie Francis had great hair.
  11. Markie Post as a recast Jackie Marler on Guiding Light
  12. It was always kick when Mary would show up and start her meddling. I remember once she brought sour kraut and spare ribs to Paul and Paul confessed that they gave him gas.....LOL. Doug said Carolyn Conwell was hilarious and he loved working with her. I found this 1998/99 photo of Carolyn with Brett Hadley (Carl). This is during the return storyline. Carolyn's facial expression is odd and funny.
  13. I seem to recall Katherine talking to Paul (this was mid 90's) and she asked him how his mother was and she mentioned that they worked together on some charity thing.
  14. Katherine would sometimes ask Paul about his mother.
  15. I picture Larry Wilcox from Chips as Steve Williams on Y&R or maybe a recast Greg Foster.
  16. The full Williams family unit came and went pretty quickly. He wrote Steve out after about a year. Patty was written out after he lost Lilibet in the role and felt Andrea was a bust recast. Carl was dropped to recurring till being phased out. So their span as a main family was 1980-84.
  17. All the crazy rewrites of Bill Bell's history has destroyed any sense of continuity. I remember getting my hopes of Patty's return in the 90's when that scene of Lilibet photos being shown and the let down when nothing came of it. Alex Donnelly came back as Diane at that time too, so I have a feeling they approached Lilibet and things did not work out as planned. They scrapped it and did that lame Carl Williams story instead.
  18. I am a classic TV fan. What actors do you think should have done soaps later in their career ? Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) Larry Wilcox (Chips) Sharon Gless (Cagney and Lacey) Jaclyn Smith (Charlie's Angels) Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels) Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) Melissa Sue Anderson (Little House) Lauren Tewes (Love Boat) Kristy McNichol (Family) Cathy Lee Crosby (That's Incredible) Doug Barr (Fall Guy and Designing Women) Lee Horsley (Matt Houston)
  19. Lilibet stated in recent years she started to feel acting was not her passion and wanted to do something with her life to help people. She then later became a nurse. She said Bill Bell was upset that she chose to leave as he had big plans for her on the show. I know what you mean with the story not having the impact as it would have had with Lilibet in the role. The same thing happened on Guiding Light when Cindy Pickett left the role of Jackie Marler. When it all came out she was Phillips biological mother to Elizabeth, it lost steam and was a disappointment. Back in the mid 90's they toyed with the idea of bringing Patty back.Bug was looking at a photo album with Mary and they showed pictures of Lilibet and they discussed her. Then they had a scene showing the back of a blonde girl making a call in a phone booth the day of Bug and Paul's wedding and everyone was gone as the phone rang in Mary's house. I wonder if Lilibet was being courted to return ?
  20. I can't remember if Lilibet was still in the role when the shooting took place. There was a clip on youtube with Andrea Evans pulling the trigger, but was not sure if they re-filmed it for flashbacks.
  21. Yes. Viewers were led to believe Carl was sill in GC, but off camera till that storyline. They also re-wrote Patty Williams history by having her run off and go psycho.
  22. Here is an interesting photo from 1976 featuring Jeanne Cooper and her soap actress lunch group. The photo includes Rachel Ames (GH), Judy Lewis (GH), Emily McLaughlin (GH), Dorothy Green (Y&R), and Patty Weaver (Days and later Y&R). Yes she was pretty much recurring most of her run. Birn's daughter played Paul's secretary Lynn for years.
  23. Patty Weaver who had been popular on Days was lured to Y&R by Wes Kenney and Bill Bell when she left that show. On Y&R she had very few storylines that amounted to much and then pretty much faded into the background. She was mainly used during scenes at her place saying " Table for two" and letting people stay or have sex in that room upstairs. After they foolishly burned her place to the ground, she soon disappeared from the show. At one point they were toying with a Brock/Gina pairing and later a John/Gina pairing, but that was quickly scrapped.
  24. Tom Hallick who played Brad Elliott said rival networks would scout around and see who was popular on soaps and try to lure them over with the promise of more money, Primetime TV deals etc....He said he left Y&R in 1978 because NBC signed him to an exclusive TV deal which never amounted to anything. He said it was the biggest mistake he had ever made and wished he had stayed on Y&R. He said he was unhappy on Days when they put him on there as a consolation for his crappy contract. He left Days eventually.
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