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  1. I remember Bill Bell said in an interview with SOD back in the 90's, that it pained him to write out his original Foster/Brooks families. He said when David and Jaime decided to leave and knowing the audience was sick of recast (an nobody would accept a recast for JLB), he sat down over lunch and made the decision to phase the families out and move the Abbott's and Williams front burner. He had big plans for the Patty character and was upset when Lilibet Stern left the show in 83.
  2. Y&R....back in the 90's during the Nina/Cole/Victoria/Ryan quad, they all received a mysterious phone call that summoned them all to the Colonade room to work it out. Who was it that called them ? Did Stuart Brooks die or not ? What happened to Peggy when she stopped appearing ? What became of Jack's stepdaughter Mai ?
  3. I have watched soaps all my life. The CBS lineup was on in the house growing up. My Mom started watching ATWT & GL as a child and started Y&R with it's 1973 debut and it became her favorite. I was around when Capitol and B&B premiered and the primetime soap boom of the late 70's and 80's. Soaps have always had male viewers, but back in those days soaps were mainly considered for women. I think shows like Dallas helped make it more accepted that men watch soaps too. It's a shame that the remaining soaps are a joke and a shadow of their former selves. When I was a kid there were 14 daytime soaps and now only 4 remain. Networks want to quickly do them in and fill the air time with reality and talk shows. TV is no longer escapism. We live reality and now have to watch it on TV too.
  4. I agree. Lucy was a second thought character. Her stories were usually stupid or boring. The writers never knew what to do with her. David Jacobs said that the early episodes of Dallas was done as self contained episodes as a way to slowly draw viewers in, then when they got hooked it became more of an ongoing saga. The dream season really hurt the series and Victoria Principal leaving the show in 1987 pretty much killed it. The last 4 seasons coasted on fumes with original cast members leaving and new characters brought in no one cared about.
  5. With the recent passing of Doris Day, I read an article that mentioned in 1984/85, Doris had been offered the lead on Murder She Wrote, but turned it down and went in negotiations to join the cast of Dallas. I wonder what role she was being considered for ? Was it when Barbara Bel Geddes left and before Donna Reed was brought in ? Doris then opted to do her own cable show on CBN "Doris Day's Best Friends". The first episode was surrounded with controversy and media frenzy when her old friend and co-star Rock Hudson appeared as her first guest. He was clearly sick and lost a huge amount of weight and barely able to converse. The media started speculating he was dying and what his illness was. It would eventually be revealed he had AIDS.
  6. Robert Mandan ( ex Sam) in an episode of the 1980's ABC daytime version of The New Love American Style with Florence Henderson.
  7. Rex Smith (ex Darryl) and Melinda Culea (A-Team and Knots Landing) in the 1980's version of The New Love America Style
  8. Coleen Zenk was also a diva at ATWT. Lots of stories there. Any stories of Deidre Hall at Days ? Bill Bell said when she finished at Y&R in 1976 he sent her over to Days for the role of Marlena Evans. He said Dee never thanked him for it and ignored him over the years. Dorothy Green who played Jennifer Brooks on Y&R in the 70's had a chip on her shoulder about how her character and all the other older women were written. When Bill Bell killed her character off in 1977, she was very vocal in the press about it. Terry Lester was pissed about Lauralee Bell taking over the show and was very vocal about it. Jeanne Cooper said he burned a lot of bridges over the years with his attitude. Peter Bergman comes across as a diva. He hated the Vietnam wife/child story and the family was quickly written out. Victoria Rowell.
  9. George Peppard who was cast as the original Blake on Dynasty was a major Diva. John James said when he walked up to introduce himself to Peppard, Peppard blew cigar smoke in his face and walked off. Just about everyone who has ever worked with him has nothing good to say about him. He made his sets his play ground and expected cast and crew to cater to his demands. The A-Team set was a nightmare and he got rid of Melinda Culea by season 2 and by the series end he and Mr. T. used a go between to communicate. There has been rumors of behind the scenes behavior on the Dallas set. They said you scored big if you were on team Larry Hagman. Hagman supposedly gave Donna Reed a hard time because he wanted Barbara Bel Geddes back. Dack Rambo also said Hagman was less than friendly to him for being bi-sexual. Victoria Principal also seems to be kind of an outcast with the main cast. She admitted that they all had a good work relationship, but she was never that close with them off set. She was closest with Jim Davis and Ken Kercheval.
  10. Susan Seaforth Hayes Susan Flannery Tony Geary George Reinholt Jackie Courtney
  11. Eric Braeden Melody Thomas Scott Michelle Stafford Larry Hagman Joan Collins Jane Wyman I want to say maybe Erik Estrada( when he did that Telemundo soap).He has been a Diva since his Chips days. Larry Wilcox was pretty much forced off the show by the last season. Estrada also got rid of several other cast member he felt were a threat to his popularity.
  12. I was just watching Send Me No Flowers last night on DVD and now to find out she has passed is a shock. She was one of those rare celebrities that everyone seemed to love along with Annette Funicello. R.I.P. sweet Doris.
  13. Wings Hauser trashed his time on Y&R and said soap actors are full of crap when they say it's hard work. He said soaps are a hair show. Meredith Baxter kind of poked fun at her time on Y&R in a recent interview, but sad she had respect for actors who spent their lives doing it on a regular basis. Michael Park said he told Meg Ryan he was at her old stomping grounds (ATWT) when he met her. He said she looked like she wanted to run right through him and things got awkward. Rue McClanahan in her Archive interview touched upon her soap stint (AW) and wanted to quickly move past discussing it. Jay Kerr who played on Y&R in the early 80's trashed soaps and his stint. He said out of the things he has done people still remember him on the soap and can't figure out why. He said soaps were the bottom of the barrel and any actor would rather doing anything else than that. The Y&R credit is no longer listed on his IMDB page. He hasn't acted in decades, so how has that worked out for him ?
  14. I remember reading an interview with Leigh J. McCloskey and him saying how he hated how the rape storyline on SB was played out.
  15. Cricket Christine Blair aka Bug has been raped twice on Y&R, not to mention being stalked and harassed on numerous occasions. I guess Bill Bell wanted the audience to know his daughter Lauralee was all that and a bag of chips with all those assaults.
  16. Y&R had both sisters Chris Brooks and Peggy Brooks raped in 1973 and 1976. Nikki was almost raped by her father in 1979 and she killed him. So that is 3 rape/attempted rapes in 6 year period.
  17. 1978 and 1979 seemed to be big years for rape storylines on soaps. All the shows featured characters that were raped or attempted to be raped.
  18. Yes. Ashley was tossed around till she was put with Victor. Elieen said she also loved working with Rod Arrants who played her first husband Dr. Steven Lassiter.
  19. Around that time (1982-83), Ashley was paired with her partner in the lab Brian Forbes (played by Jay Kerr). I have yet to see any scenes/clips of that character. I was a small kid then and I have no memories of him what so ever. I have seen photos, but that's about it. Jay Kerr who played the role trashed his time on it. He said soaps were the bottom of the barrel and that actors would rather do anything else than do soaps. He also said he felt miscast and can't understand why people still remember him from it. He also said his character went to make a phone call and never came back and no one cared. I noticed the Y&R credit has been deleted from his imdb page. It's funny that he trashed soaps when he hasn't acted in years. So how did that work out for him ?
  20. She would have been a good re-cast for Roberta Leighton (Casey Reed).
  21. What if.......Bill Bell had decided to keep the Foster, Brooks, and Prentiss families along with the Abbott's instead of phasing them out in 82 ? What if.......Nikki had never met Victor ? What if.....Capitol had never been cancelled and B&B was added to the line up along with it ? What if.....Prime time soaps Dallas, Knots, Dynasty etc...had never ended and kept on running like daytime shows ? What if......Eric Braeden was shown the door ?
  22. Shelley had kind of Cheryl Ladd girl next door kind of beauty. I wonder how she would have been in the role of Chris Brooks after Trish Stewart vacated the role ?
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