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  1. I recently discovered that Sherilyn Fenn aunt is 70's rocker Suzi Quatro. Quatro is best known to U.S. audiences as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days and her 1979 hit Stumblin In. Quatro was really popular in the UK. Many artist copied her style like Heart and Joan Jett.
  2. Y&R: I felt the 2003 return of Snapper & Greg was a bit off. James Houghton (Greg) came across as sarcastic and catty and William Gray Espy seemed to go through the motions. When Jamie Lynn Bauer returned the first time. They had her getting divorced from a character we did not care about and they de-clawed her. She was whining how she wished she had married Victor years earlier etc...stroking Eric Braeden's ego.
  3. I agree. I also have never understood why the show ha never brought back Brooks Prentiss. Instead we get all this re-written history to usher in new characters.
  4. Janice Lynde (Leslie) and Jaime Lyn Bauer's (Lorie) return on Y&R was awkward as well. Janice barely had any lines.
  5. What characters/ actors that returned years later (sometimes decades) that came across awkward or cringe worthy ? I just saw some uploads of when Karen Lynn Gorney returned in the role of Tara on AMC in the 90's. She seemed a few beats behind her replies and had trouble remembering lines. They also had her made up to look matronly. David Hasselhoff and Wings Hausers return to Y&R was also cringe worthy.
  6. Sean Garrison who played John Abbott in the 1980 episode with Bond Gideon in a Love American Style Episode circa 1970.
  7. Between 1967 - 1984 she has around 30 movie, TV and self guest appearance credits. She stopped acting around 1984. By 1989 she was writing for Guiding Light. I assume she only played Cathy Craig during early 1969, by 1970 the role was recast. I remember seeing her in a rerun of Love American Style. She was hilarious as wife who gets addicted gambling on her wedding night and leaves her husband to play at the craps table.
  8. I was watching my Adam 12 DVD's the other day and saw actress Catherine Burns in an episode. She did a lot of TV in the 70's after a Oscar nomination for the 1969 film "Last Summer". I know she played the first Cathy on OLTL. How long was she in the role ? She was in the 1969 episode that has surfaced on youtube. She later did some writing for Guiding Light in the late 80's. She passed away last year. Adam 12 was a great show. A lot of soap actors appeared on the series. Jed Allen played many times on there as various characters. He was friends with the leads Martin Milner and Kent McCord. They would guest on his show 'Celebrity Bowling". Susan Seaforth Hayes also appeared on Adam-12 (and Dragnet). She was a favorite of producer Jack Webb.
  9. I wish some footage of Ron Becker would surface. He sounds creepy and sad at the same time. Dick DeCoit who played Ron still acts and looks pretty much like he did back then, only a bit older. I think Carolyn Conwell who played Mary Williams also played his mother. The scenes of Jill being propositioned by a handsome young man sound seedy. She even toys with idea of taking him up on his offer about the money and new dress. What if Jill had turned to prostitution after what Kay had done to her ? That would have been interesting. Jill was self destructive in may ways.
  10. Elaine Heilveil looked like she could be the sister to Brianne Leary of CHIPS. Yes a lot of mid season replacement series started out with 5 or 6 shows their first season. Dallas started as 5 episodes in April 1978 before getting picked up for season 2 in the fall. A lot of series back then sometimes would start off as a TV movie like Charlie's Angel, Hart To Hart, Cagney & Lacey etc..before getting picked up. David Jacobs who created Dallas was a writer for Family. I had read that they wanted to do a reunion and that Baxter Birney was the one that killed it. Gary Frank never really got the popularity he had received on Family in his later career. Kristy left acting after leaving Empty Nest in 1992. Most Millennials have no idea who she is. Aaron Spelling considered Cheryl Ladd for Nancy but Baxter Birney won the role. The following year she replaced Farrah Fawcett on Charlie's Angels.
  11. I wish to see it as well, but it would only happen if they opened up their archives to stream online. A few years ago they showed Susan Hayes first appearance as Julie in 1968 and the footage looked well preserved.
  12. Looking at Lupton's IMDB page he appeared in a lot of TV shows and films at Universal. I wonder of he had a studio contract with them ? Universal was one of the last studios that had the system of contract players till 1983. I read in the 80's he got into computers and worked for a tech company and would act occasionally.
  13. He was on and off since 1970, so his other appearances must have been short. Here is a creepy 1967 photo of Tommy Horton (John Lupton) as a prisoner of war. He returns under the alias Dr. Mark Brooks (Bill Bell must have loved the Brooks surname as he would use it on Y&R).
  14. Since we are discussing the 70's. What did Tommy Horton do after the late 60's ? I saw John Lupton in cast photos through out the decade, but what did his character do onscreen ? He last appeared in 1980.
  15. You mean the one at the Bayou or Victor's ?
  16. LOL @ Erica. What I have seen of her, she looks pretty rough. I have seen Patty Minter mention in synopsis, but what was that character all about ? I was watching an old Match Game episode where 70's/ 80's teen queen actress Dawn Jeffory was announced being on Y&R in the opening segment. Who did she play ? In 1979 she played one of Lucy's friends on Dallas that helped her score some drugs when she was squalling around over her break up with Kit. This would have been around the same time she was on Y&R.
  17. Or trailer trash.....LOL She did give Paul VD. I can picture her wearing a tube top, satin short shorts while getting high with Paul out by the school dumpsters and then making it with him in the back of his Van and/or Trans-Am. Hauser was trashing his time on Y&R in the 90's and complained that he went shirtless on the show once, and then was never asked to do so again. He said they show probably did not like what they had seen.....LOL The late 70's and early 80's had some questionable casting choices on soaps. I guess that explains Anthony Geary.
  18. LOL at Playdoh left behind. It was bad even for late 70's standards. It was straight out of Eight Is enough. That karate clip was a surprise. I wish we could have seen the entire segment. I wonder if Greg and Paul got into a confrontation over Nikki ? Wings Hauser was just seedy. They should have re-cast a better Greg than that, especially to pair with Melody's Nikki.
  19. I never knew Kathy Bates was on The Doctors. She appears at the 6:24 mark
  20. Erica Hope looked rough compared to Melody Thomas Scott.
  21. I just Googled Chris Hubbell and did not know he married Monie Ellis who played Gidget in the 1972 TV movie " Gidget Get's Married". I tried looking up what happened to her a while back. Talk about a small world. Monie is the daughter of the late Mona Freeman who was in tons of film and TV shows in the 40's, 50's, 60's.
  22. Ouch !!! That would sting to be dissed like that. David Jacobs (Dallas creator) said the same thing about Charlene Tilton (Lucy) in his Archive Of American Television interview.
  23. Thanks. Who's the guy in the scene ? He looks familiar.
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