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  1. They should do a weddings week. Like Chris & Snapper's wedding from 1974, Leslie & Brad Eliot 1975, Jack Abbott & Patty Williams 1982 etc...they can skip Nikki & Victor's since they have ran that into the ground in recent years.
  2. I would love to see scenes with William Gray Espy's Snapper interacting with Kay Chancellor. Jeanne Cooper met Espy prior to Y&R and they became friends on a film set. When she joined Y&R he was thrilled. Jeanne Cooper said the early Y&R cast was so kind to her and came out to greet her when joined the show 6 months after the debut. I have seen photos of her having lunch with Trish Stewart, Dorothy Green, Juliana McCarthy etc...off set.
  3. I never knew Snapper and Chris also lived at the Chancellor estate.
  4. 24 year old Peter Galman was cast as Tom Hughes in 1969. Eileen Fulton was 12 years older and Don Hastings was 11 years older than him. Barbara Berjer was quickly made a grandmother and great grandmother. Eileen talked about the people in the control booth saying they had to kill her off. After killing Barbara off, Eileen created the grandma clause in her contract.
  5. Joan Collins complained when 37 year old Gordon Thompson was cast as her son Adam Carrington calling him old. He was only 12 years younger than her. Gordon called her a cow. I think Stella Stevens was only 10 or 12 years older than Morgan Fairchild when she played her mother on Flamingo Road.
  6. Inspired by the late in life pregnancy thread. What are some of the ridiculous casting choices where a kid has been aged and the actor(s) is too young in reality to be their parent(s) ?
  7. I was thinking of Joan Van Ark being over 40 when she filmed those episodes. I never took in account for Val's supposed age according to her backstory on Dallas, even though most of that was tossed out the window years later. Linda Evans was over 40 when she played Krystal giving birth to Krystina in 1984. John Forsythe was 66 as the proud AARP Dad.
  8. I think Bill Hayes said Doug was written as being 29 years old in 1970 when he was given the first script and description of the character. He wore mod 70's fashions and touched up his gray when it needed it to appear more youthful.
  9. The Barnes/Ewing feud on Dallas started decades prior to Bobby and Pam getting married in 1978 and continued through the original series and revival. Stephanie & Brooke on B&B. Lisa & Ellen on ATWT stayed catty for decades. Lauren & Sheila Y&R.
  10. I thought Sue Ellen and J.R. on Dallas looked too old to have a child the age of John Ross. Linda Gray and Larry Hagman had teenage children in real life at the time (1978-79). Valene on Knots Landing giving birth to the Baaaaaabies in her 40's.
  11. Wasn't Ashley about 40/45 on Y&R ? Kim & Bob having Chris on ATWT pushed it a bit. How old was Addie on Days when she had Hope ?
  12. Kim & Susan on ATWT started in the 70's. Bob Hughes and John Dixon's rivalry started about 1969.
  13. I read somewhere that Tracey Bregman went to private school with Mindy Cohn. Charlotte Rae discovered Mindy while visiting the school getting information etc... when they were casting Facts Of Life in 1979. Tracey and Lisa Whelchel were both born th same day May 29, 1963.
  14. Looking at the early development Y&R material and what would become the Brooks sisters. In 1972 when Bell was creating Y&R there was a TV movie of the week called " All My Darling Daughters". Robert Young played the father of 4 very different daughters who all wind up getting married on the same day. I wonder if Bell saw that film and a light bulb went off and the Brooks sisters were born ?
  15. Did Kay interact with Peggy Brooks during the story with Joann Curtis ? I would assumed Kay would have known Chris Brooks Foster since she was married to Snapper.
  16. Wasn't there an interview with Bill Bell where he said Ted Corday basically on his death bed asked him to save his show ? Corday died in 1966. Ken talked about the barbaric cancer treatments at the time where they would zap his father with radiation, pack him in ice and bring him back to the house, carry him up the stairs and put him into bed.
  17. I wonder who played Brent too in 1973. It would be cool if it was a soap vet starting out.
  18. I ran across a 1979 interview with Linda Gray. She mentioned the rumors of jealousy between her, Victoria and Charlene. It was implied the tension was because the Sue Ellen character was dominating storyline. She denied the rumors, but mentioned she threw a big party at her ranch and invited the Dallas cast. Victoria and Charlene did not attend, but later phoned apologizing and giving excuses. I assume Charlene was part of the tight knit group of Linda/Larry/Patrick. Larry became kind of a surrogate father to Charlene since she was in and out of foster care most of her life. Victoria is a mystery. Some people have nice things to say about her, but a lot of people describe her as cold, aloof, distant etc...Joan Rivers hated her guts and ripped her apart every chance she got. The Gibb family blamed her for Andy's troubles after he and Victoria broke up. There were also domestic violence stories with her ex husband and the story of her pulling a gun on her maid. Patrick Duffy once did an interview where he told Sheree J. Wilson that Bobby & April were a true love story and that Bobby/Pam was a mess.....LOL I laughed at that John Beck interview. He said he wished he had worked with Linda more and they were both hoping that would happen. He just described Victoria as professional. I don't think Morgan Brittany has ever described her working relationship with VP.
  19. The more I have read in recent years about behind the scenes of Dallas, a lot of people seem to not care much for Victoria Principal. I read an interview with John Beck (Mark Graison) from a few years ago and he came out and said point blank he preferred working with Linda Gray more than Victoria. He had good things to say about most of the cast.
  20. 1978-1980 Sue Ellen had no use for Pam most of the time and would rip her part every chance she got. She would make remarks like " Pam should have good taste after all those years working in department stores".....she called her a gold digger, cheap hussy, that Barnes girl etc...she also would go out of her way to humiliate Pam and exclude her from women's clubs, parties, shopping trips etc... When Sue Ellen went to live with Dusty and fought for custody of John Ross, she and Pam began to develop a friendship. At lunch one day Sue Ellen said " Pam, I have something I have to tell you. When Bobby brought you home....I hated you"......Pam replied " Really ?, I would have never known" and they both burst out laughing.
  21. Thanks for the info. It's interesting that John Beck started in soaps that early on. He appears to be retired now along with Victoria Principal. VP is 70 now and JB is 77.
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