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  1. GH/PC actress returning?

    Hopefully the cost of Kiki and her non-actress.
  2. Youngest killers on soaps.

    While it was determined to be a lie by Alistair, Sheridan thought she killed her aunt Rachel when she was like 5 on Passions.
  3. While I would love for AMC and OLTL to come back, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about ABC getting their hands back on them. They ran these shows into the ground (especially AMC) and then cancelled them. Plus, if ABC wants to do this, they would have to cancel either The View or The Chew (GH is not an option -- could you believe what would happen if ABC cancelled GH for AMC/OLTL?). The Chew is doing well, so I don't see that going away, but The View is going downhill and with Queen Barbara leaving this year........
  4. SOD: Best & Worst of 2013

    Awful, awful list. I agree with everyone's statements about Cassandra's sex trafficking story on AMC being given the title of worst story. Yeah, it was depressing and painful to watch at times, but the storyline used rape as a violent, despicable act against a person that many people go through each day. This is to the contrary of other soaps. I also thought the story was well written and acted (especially for Sal being a newbie). Also, Colby was NOT the worst villain. IMO that belongs to those cartoons Franco or Heather. Colby was a bitch when she showed up and whenever she was around Celia, but as soon as she found out what her best friend Cassandra had been through, she became human for her. Colby was a villain, but she was one of the most complex, multi-dimensional villains we've seen on a soap in a while.
  5. I would be OK with 3 eps a week too. That can help cut down on filler, and not seem overwhelming to watch like others have said. However, the More show cannot count as the third episode. It needs to be 3 eps + More.
  6. I'm not going to assign a grade, but here's what I think: I feel that many of the show's problems were a result of the GH mess like others have stated. The tattoo story was an interesting story, but it started to lose steam when RH and TSJ's airtime started to dwindle. However, they seemed to have set it up to where other characters can take over that story (should've happened earlier though). The younger set is truly enjoyable in my book. They are not perfect Disney princes and princesses anymore. I kind of wished that Matthew/Michelle had been a catfish story, I am looking forward to seeing where they (and the rest of them) go, but they cannot dominate the show. Dani/Arturo was a good idea, but I had to FF through that love scene. I also think the Jack/Kate story is a good idea as well. Cutter/Natalie did feel like a random collection of scenes, however, I agree with others that this story wasn't planned or didn't go the way it was supposed to due to the fact that they couldn't get John back from GH. I wish we had seen more of the Vimal/Rama story. Also wish that The Pellegrino Fund had more time as well. It was really refreshing to see Viki, Clint, and Dorian as ACTUAL characters again, not just talk to's for other characters. Enjoying the new characters as well. I do not mind if Jo, Kate, Michelle, Diego, Dean, Bruce, and Nikki slowly start to integrate themselves into the Llanview canvas. That is how you introduce new characters, not shove them down people's throats like Ford was. The only story that wasn't developed really well in my book was the Who Killed Brianna? story. It would've been nice if we had more than a 5 second scene with Brianna before she died. Hopefully, this can be saved somehow. There were too many slow days. I do not mind some filler/slow days where characters are talking to each other, building relationships with each other, or characters doing things non-storyline related. I think that OLTL season 1 wasn't that bad, given how fast they had to put the show together and then all the issues they've had to face (GH, union dispute, episode reduction). I am looking forward to OLTL season 2, and I hope we'll have it by January.
  7. ^^^This is what I was thinking. Have four 40-episode seasons per year that run for 10 weeks each. Take a 3-week break in between each season. During each week, release 1 episode each day, for a total of 4 episodes per week. This means the show only has to tape 8 episodes per week -- I think that is doable. This also means that the show can tape an entire season in one taping cycle. The "traditional soap" fans will be happy to have shows on daily, while PP hopefully has a model that works. And the folks that get behind can use the 3 week break to catch up.
  8. How could Jesse run for mayor?? He had to resign as COP because HE BROKE THE LAW. What kind of town would elect someone that does that?
  9. I agree with the "pick something and stay with it" crowd. I know PP had their issues with the production and couldn't stay on a 4-5 day a week schedule but at this point, they need to pick something and stick with it before people get too confused and stop watching totally. Even though, I thought the plan was to return to a 4-5 day a week schedule at some point. Like others have said, whether PP wants to admit it or not, these are daytime style serials. The storylines and the casts are designed under the fact that the shows are going to have a lot of episodes. The fact that episodes come out daily is a big draw for many people and I also think that the current weekly releases and the low number of episodes released each week has killed momentmum. You can see it on the boards (not just this one, but others). PP needs to realize that these are not primetime style serials a la Scandal, and never will be unless you drop half the cast and change the way stories are told. Plus, isn't PP trying to get a TV syndication deal. I don't know how this is appealing to TV networks. How I watch now is I alternate AMC/OLTL each day, and then skip a day (I do not watch the More show -- what a waste of time!). If they were to go 20 episode seasons, this would not change for me. I do it this way so at least I have something to watch each day. But, I would rather AMC/OLTL to return to the traditional soap schedule --- new episodes 5 days a week (or at least 3-4). Get rid of the More show as an episode, it can be a bonus show, but it is too much of a timewaster to be considered an "episode". Start a huge advertising campaign to rebuild momentmum. Keep advertising the shows letting people know they exist. Hopefully, this will rebuild the momentmum that was lost in the first few weeks. Also, the binge viewing will always be there. That comes with the territory of your show being made available to watch online anytime.
  10. I am not concerned and here's why: 1. It's OWN. The channel is ratings challenged, and many people do not get OWN due to it being in a pay cable package, not basic cable. I do wish that the show was on a more popular basic cable channel. Bravo would be perfect, and they could promote on Real Housewives. Plus, with the slot they were in, I think a show could be considered a success if there was ANY type of pulse whatsoever. 2. Lack of promotion. This has been something I have been meaning to post here, and maybe this is the wrong thread, but has anyone else noticed the complete lack of promotion PP/Hulu has been giving AMC/OLTL. I mean, ABC promotes GH more than PP promotes AMC/OLTL and that is a serious problem. They promoted the returns, now they have to keep promoting these shows if they want people to continue tuning in. Hopefully, as they continue to line their ducks up in a row, this will be addressed. I had such high hopes with the billboards.... 3. Poor scheduling. Whoever's idea was it to run 2 previous episodes, a "new" episode, and then a rerun of the "new" episode should be fired. I think AMC/OLTL need to run together in a 1-hour block sometime between 4-7pm.
  11. That clip was hilarious. We were supposed to get an F-bomb in the first episode with the Blair/Todd confrontation. I just hope we don't lose good scenes because of a 2-second part of a scene where someone said a swear word. I thought that the swearing was relatively under control on this show, and made sense when used. I think that because these shows were on network for so long where they couldn't use these words, people are not used to hearing them from these characters. I also thought the Pete/Colby "computer" scene on AMC was fine too, considering they didn't really show anything. What bothers me about this whole thing is that the same people complaining are probably the same people who have been watching the long drawn out love scenes, women calling each other bitches, the rapes, and the murders for years on soaps, and did not complain at all. When ATWT had the Slasher storyline (which our own Matthew was a victim of!), no one complained or batted an eye, and those were some very gruesome murder scenes. Not everything is for your kids, or is rainbows and sunshine. Just because it doesn't exist in your world doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the world.
  12. I wondered what was gonna happen to FX Canada due to the cutback. I don't blame them; Daily strip syndication is more attractive to television networks. If PP hopes to get AMC/OLTL onto American television sometime during the 2013-2014 season, they better be back on 4 days + recap schedule by the fall. Stations typically only make changes to their syndication rosters in September unless a new show fails.
  13. If it is because the production schedule is behind, maybe PP shouldn't have tried to rush these to air so fast. When it was first announced that AMC and OLTL were coming back, I thought that we wouldn't see them until sometime in June/July.
  14. Remember guys, the 5 year jump is relative, not absolute. They only did it to age the kids, otherwise we would have a bunch of 5 year olds running around. I'm sure it's 2013 in Pine Valley.