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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I think I've inquired on this board before, but does anyone know what happened to Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, AMC)? She has no credits since leaving the show in early 1998.
  2. I remember WoST just as fondly as the posters that have been speaking to it in this thread. I think i discovered it on an aimless google search actually, and was absolutely in awe of the place the first night I was looking at it. As someone who was always deeply connected with the opening themes of soap operas, it was heaven. I met a lot of great people in the chat room and in the forums. It was a great place.
  3. Thanks, Ron I lurk now and again, but you are right, have not posted in a while. Its nice to see some the regulars still here.
  4. I enjoyed Pratt's first 3-6 months at AMC, but that was not worth the damage he ultimately did before the end of his run, killing Stuart being probably the worst of those atrocities. I haven't watched Y&R closely in recent years, but I see a return to MAB-like gimmickyness. She in the end was very Pratt-like. And I loathed John Smith towards the end of his tenure, but as another poster pointed out, it was still at least Y&R.
  5. AMC: Character Returns

    Blink and miss is perfectly fine with me. For continuity sake, I am glad she will be here briefly.
  6. AMC June Spoilers

    The surprise at Miranda's party I assume will be Kendall?
  7. Y&R: Former actress returning

    Long-lost twin seems more logical...
  8. While upheavel so soon is maybe not good in the short-term, in the long run I think this is a good decision, as far as AMC goes. It never made sense to me why at least one of the Co-HWs had at least some history with the show... Lisa Connor I feel is who they should have went with all along... and I am thrilled to see Joanna Cohen back in the mix. She was the best script writer at AMC those last few years on ABC. I love it how Agnes is taking charge... I have to wonder if it was her who pushed for it?
  9. No mention of Dixie.... the way Cady cheerleads this project you'd think they would have her front and centre.... All I can say is they better have Dixie and Billy Clyde having some major interaction.
  10. Before the advent of social media, a nobody.
  11. The first episode had a longer runtime than most of the others.
  12.   No, Jamie needs to make her way to Connecticut and come back to AMC!!!