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  1. Adam

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I think I've inquired on this board before, but does anyone know what happened to Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, AMC)? She has no credits since leaving the show in early 1998.
  2. I remember WoST just as fondly as the posters that have been speaking to it in this thread. I think i discovered it on an aimless google search actually, and was absolutely in awe of the place the first night I was looking at it. As someone who was always deeply connected with the opening themes of soap operas, it was heaven. I met a lot of great people in the chat room and in the forums. It was a great place.
  3. Thanks, Ron I lurk now and again, but you are right, have not posted in a while. Its nice to see some the regulars still here.
  4. I enjoyed Pratt's first 3-6 months at AMC, but that was not worth the damage he ultimately did before the end of his run, killing Stuart being probably the worst of those atrocities. I haven't watched Y&R closely in recent years, but I see a return to MAB-like gimmickyness. She in the end was very Pratt-like. And I loathed John Smith towards the end of his tenure, but as another poster pointed out, it was still at least Y&R.
  5. Cady needs to calm down. I know she has always been a social media promoter and definitely a tireless advocate of all things PP, but she is taking things way to seriously.
  6. I saw the preview video, and I must say I am very intrigued. Just by that 3 minute video I felt more warmth coming from the show than I did probably the majority of its last 7 or 8 years on the air. I would have preferred the old theme, or an update on it.... but as long as the old, original book is back in the game, that will make up for it! Very excited to start watching this. Can't believe in a lot of ways that it is actually happening.
  7. Natalie Hall had some good bitchy chemistry with Melissa Claire Egan, that's the only time I really had any use for her. Annie vs. Colby was kind of fun. I acknowledge that 90% of that was all MCE though.
  8. The story mentioned in the article that was retrieved from the audition script sounds suspiciously like a plot of "The Writer"....... Also sounds like an SVU episode.
  9. Also, as much as I would have preferred CBL be approached, Eden being there for the beginning does serve a good purpose, again given Erica is MIA. Eden though will never commit long term, so I feel it may no more of a disservice in the long run...
  10. Very excited to see that contract cast list revealed. I am so glad Julia Barr and David Canary signed on to help anchor the show, especially considering Susan is MIA (for now). I wonder if they will just say Erica went to Hollywood OR if she was the one that was shot and is in a coma.
  11. Adam

    Destiny's Child Thread

    Poor Michelle... I do wonder what kind of royalty arrangement there is.... Probably Beyonce gets 50, kelly gets 40, and Michelle gets 10 lol.
  12. Adam

    Destiny's Child Thread

    OMG all this Michelle shade is absolutely hilarious! I loved their reunion though, even though it was Beyonce with some glorified back-up dancers.I loved DC back in the day.