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  1. I’ve been watching January 1991 on YouTube and how amazing is to see still at this time Palmer was a front burner character. He is currently being poisoned and having memory lapses. I must say though, most of the airtime has been devoted to the Jeremy/Ceara/David Rampal stuff and it is so boring. I tell you, they were really hell bent on making Ceara work. Genie Francis must have had one hell of a high episode guarantee.
  2. Well I guess to sell a house you have to “sell a narrative” so acting comes in handy. I had no idea that is what Chrishelle and Colin were up to.
  3. Me too, I am glad they provided a photo or otherwise I would question whether it was him.
  4. Haha! Thank you! It has been a long time. Ive been watching old AMC episodes on YouTube and got nostalgic for this place nice to see there is still the core group here keeping it going. Well I think her dismissal had more to do with creative differences than ratings if I recall. I’ve always heard Susan Lucci had a part in that. The mistake was they hired her back, twice. I think her legacy wouldn’t be viewed with such hatred if she didn’t get a second and third chance. Her 1992-1995 stint overall was quite good, that’s what happens when you have a strong EP in FMB and Agnes Nixon still very much in a position of creative control.
  5. A star behind the scenes, but Julie Hanan Carruthers, ex-EP of AMC and PC is now a luxury property real estate agent. https://www.compass.com/agents/la/julie-carruthers/
  6. Thank you for this Jason! I remember in 1995 AMC lost quite a bit of ground to DAYS overall, but didn’t realize how strong AMC was in 18-49. AMC was #1 in demos for most of the year.
  7. Among GL fans, is Megan McTaviah as despised as she is among AMC fans? When i I think of Marian Crane/Brent, it was offensive in 1995, let alone today.
  8. I was googling AMC actors and came across this article from last summer. He was okay, but Ray MacDonnell (ex Joe, AMC) accidentally drove his car into a pharmacy. He will be 91 later this month. https://www.theexaminernews.com/car-crashes-into-pleasantville-pharmacy/
  9. Been away from this place for a long time. Good to see some familiar faces still posting here! I am 50/50 on a reboot. It would almost be better to leave its legacy in the past, perhaps stream classic episodes as opposed to a new production. YouTube now has most episodes (with some gaps) from the 1990s, the heyday where I fell in love with this show. I am watching 1991 episodes leading up to Natalie in the well. This is is how I want to remember AMC by. Every character with a richness and humanity to them. However, Ceara was such an air hog at this time even though the story of her history with her father is heart breaking.
  10. I think I've inquired on this board before, but does anyone know what happened to Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, AMC)? She has no credits since leaving the show in early 1998.
  11. Wow, I mean I was a kid so I don't remember the details... but I remember thinking Hayley got around.... I guess not. She was certainly involved with a lot of men before she finally "did it". Maybe he was served with a cease and desist order lol.
  12. I am listening to it right now, and pleased to see they have interviewed quite a few AMC actors. She is such a treat.... I could talk to her for hours I think about her time as Natalie/Janet on AMC.
  13. She's a "free spirit" that is for sure....
  14. I need to find that interview! Is it posted on their website?
  15. Had they buried it prior to her return in 2005? Because I was always under the impression she said she'd only return if James was not involved and that's why we ended up with Trevor( tacky tie and all) in the freezer....
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