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  1. I’ve been watching January 1991 on YouTube and how amazing is to see still at this time Palmer was a front burner character. He is currently being poisoned and having memory lapses. I must say though, most of the airtime has been devoted to the Jeremy/Ceara/David Rampal stuff and it is so boring. I tell you, they were really hell bent on making Ceara work. Genie Francis must have had one hell of a high episode guarantee.
  2. Well I guess to sell a house you have to “sell a narrative” so acting comes in handy. I had no idea that is what Chrishelle and Colin were up to.
  3. Me too, I am glad they provided a photo or otherwise I would question whether it was him.
  4. Haha! Thank you! It has been a long time. Ive been watching old AMC episodes on YouTube and got nostalgic for this place nice to see there is still the core group here keeping it going. Well I think her dismissal had more to do with creative differences than ratings if I recall. I’ve always heard Susan Lucci had a part in that. The mistake was they hired her back, twice. I think her legacy wouldn’t be viewed with such hatred if she didn’t get a second and third chance. Her 1992-1995 stint overall was quite good, that’s what happens when you have a strong EP in FMB and Agnes Nixon still very much in a position of creative control.
  5. A star behind the scenes, but Julie Hanan Carruthers, ex-EP of AMC and PC is now a luxury property real estate agent. https://www.compass.com/agents/la/julie-carruthers/
  6. Thank you for this Jason! I remember in 1995 AMC lost quite a bit of ground to DAYS overall, but didn’t realize how strong AMC was in 18-49. AMC was #1 in demos for most of the year.
  7. Among GL fans, is Megan McTaviah as despised as she is among AMC fans? When i I think of Marian Crane/Brent, it was offensive in 1995, let alone today.
  8. I was googling AMC actors and came across this article from last summer. He was okay, but Ray MacDonnell (ex Joe, AMC) accidentally drove his car into a pharmacy. He will be 91 later this month. https://www.theexaminernews.com/car-crashes-into-pleasantville-pharmacy/
  9. Been away from this place for a long time. Good to see some familiar faces still posting here! I am 50/50 on a reboot. It would almost be better to leave its legacy in the past, perhaps stream classic episodes as opposed to a new production. YouTube now has most episodes (with some gaps) from the 1990s, the heyday where I fell in love with this show. I am watching 1991 episodes leading up to Natalie in the well. This is is how I want to remember AMC by. Every character with a richness and humanity to them. However, Ceara was such an air hog at this time even though the story of her history with her father is heart breaking.
  10. I think I've inquired on this board before, but does anyone know what happened to Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, AMC)? She has no credits since leaving the show in early 1998.
  11. Wow, I mean I was a kid so I don't remember the details... but I remember thinking Hayley got around.... I guess not. She was certainly involved with a lot of men before she finally "did it". Maybe he was served with a cease and desist order lol.
  12. I am listening to it right now, and pleased to see they have interviewed quite a few AMC actors. She is such a treat.... I could talk to her for hours I think about her time as Natalie/Janet on AMC.
  13. She's a "free spirit" that is for sure....
  14. I need to find that interview! Is it posted on their website?
  15. Had they buried it prior to her return in 2005? Because I was always under the impression she said she'd only return if James was not involved and that's why we ended up with Trevor( tacky tie and all) in the freezer....
  16. I loved that scene with Phoebe Sidenote, I forgot how annoying Corvina was lol.
  17. Yeah, no if Kate was willing to stay, James should have been the one let go since they couldn't get along. It still shocks me to this day the amount of fanmail he got. I never found Trevor all that interesting or appealing as a character. He was quite obnoxious most of the time. I always rooted for Janet against him. Natalie at that point had many more ties to the canvas and Kate is such a wonderful actress. Natalie should have been a permanent fixture.
  18. Or never brought her back in the first place.
  19. So, network interference... it was ABC that brought Rosa Nevin back? Why were they so hot to get her back? Were Nico and Cecily even that much of a draw? Wasn't AMC kind of on a downward trend in the ratings while they were on lol?
  20. Go Phoebe! She wouldn't let any woman under her roof not have a backbone. I had forgotten about that.
  21. I forget, what brought Cecily back to town in the first place? The Martin housewarming? I remember first seeing her then.
  22. Oh what could have been.... Zach and Maria also had a lot of potential, if Eva had have stayed. I thought Thorsten and Eva had amazing chemistry. Thorsten and Alicia had great chemistry too, early on, but I grew to have such disdain for both characters any working chemistry the actors may have shared was snuffed out. For me, anyway.
  23. Always thought Erica and Zach should have had an affair, not Ryan and Erica. Cam and Susan had wonderful chemistry, but Zach and Erica would have been hot.... and it could put Kendall and her at odds again.
  24. Ok, thanks for the info. Yeah, Kelli Taylor's Taylor was very unlikable. I remember hating her so much and being glad when she was finally gone. Although, I must say, I really enjoyed Taylor and Vivian scenes during that era. Loved Vivian!
  25. I have a question regarding the character of Taylor Roxburry-Cannon. I am watching some episodes on youtube from early 1994, and one of the stories going on at that time was Terrence and Julia with Taylor interfering. It was interesting to see the Taylor and Julia feud beginning with Ingrid Rogers in the role, but Rogers couldn't play bitch that well, at least in my opinion. Is this the main reason they made the casting change in 1995 and brought in Kelli Taylor? Or did Ingrid leave on her own? Because I am trying to envision Ingrid playing unhinged Taylor, and I can't.
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