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  1. About the real-life pregancies of actress Susan Lucci: The first time that she was having a baby, it was written into the script. She was married to Philip Brent, and he had bought her a house (which was later purchased from her by Myrtil, who turned it into a boarding house). Erica lost the baby, but she would not accept that she had miscarried. She had Phil to bring her bed into the living room of the house and kept talking about when the baby arrives. Eventually (when Ms. Lucci actually took a maternity leave), it was decided that she was too deluginal and would have to be placed in a sanitertarium for mental patients. When she was released, it was feared by so many that Philip (who had tried to be a good faithful husband to her during her time of not knowing that the baby was not coming) would hurt her by telling her that the marriage was over and she would relapse. On the second time that she was taking a maternity leave, Erica moved to Hollywood, where she was sure that she would be in demand as an actress and movie star. She eventually returned to Pine Valley as a very disinchanted person. She said that everyone out there only wanted her to remove her clothes or to sleep to get a role.
  2. All three (Ms. Widdos, Ms. Dwyar, Mr. Prince) were to later appear on Another World. Ms. Dwyer and Mr. Prince in the premiere cast.
  3. The show (Peyton Place) had originally been envisioned as an anthology series about the various citizens of the town. Irna Phillips thought that it should have been a serial and persuaded Paul Monash as much. Robert J. Shaw, the co-writer of Our Private World, was a frequent writer of Peyton Place episodes (particularly during the first season).
  4. I looked at the list above, and I was suprised to learn that I had previously had no idea that some of these were on the show. (Mike Hammitt, William Prince, Bernard Barrow, David Spielberg, Jean Stapleton, Roy Poole). Interstingly, when Ms. Labine and Mr. Mayer created Ryan's Hope, they nearly cast Roy Poole as Johnny Ryan before Bernard Barrow introduced the character. John Gort, the original organist, had previously been the music director of Love of Life. Maybe he was playing for both shows at the time.
  5. It was Mario who was killed, but it was not Talbot who killed him. I cannot remember who it was who killed Mario. Marco then posed for a while as Mario (who was actually Mario).
  6. I remember the episode. During that period, she also was often a guest star on many prime time series.
  7. Three of the writers mentioned above had previosly for daytime serials on NBC. Robert Cenadella had written both Another World and Somerset. Ian Martin had written Somerset (with headwriter Henry Slesar). Rick Edelstein had produced and written for The Doctors (as well as producing The Edge of Night on CBS).
  8. I am so thankful that the theory of Michael Malone's usuage of the 13 Bourbon Street storylines on another show. I had never heard that before. I have had the feeling that is what Lee Sheldon did on The Edge of Night. He had previously produced and written the CBS show Tucker's Witch, and that show was cancelled at midseason. I beleve that when he was hired to replace Henry Slesar on Edge of Night that he used the plots that had been planned on Tucker's Witch. The husband played by Tim Mathison was assumed by Schyler Whitney (the late Larkin Malloy), the witch's/wife's role (played by Catherine Hicks) was assumed by Raven ... (played by Sharon Gabet), the mother-in-law's role (played by BArbara Barrie) was assumed by Geraldine Whitney Saxon (played by the late Lois Kibbee). There was even a parrot on Tucker's Witch, and Raven and Schyler suddenly had a pet, also. Back to Michael Malone, his second headwriting tenure on One Life to Live was just awful, and I hated to even watch the show when he was writing it the second time. I also recall that his inital scenes on One Life to Live were terrible, also. However, the network hired another writer as co-headwriter, and the storylines were simply wonderful. Linda Gottlieb was one of the best executive producers in television history.
  9. I think that Trisha Pursley-Hawkins (or, as she was usually billed, Trisha Pursley) would have been a good Jill Grant Farmer on Somerset (the role played by Susan MacDonald). Furthermore, she would have been good in the role of Jinx Avery Mallory on The Edge of Night (another role assumed by Ms. MacDonald upon the departure of the actress who had created the role). Another actress who I think would have been good in another role is this (and I would welcome comments agreeing or disagreeing): Kristen Meadows (Mimi King on One Life to Live) as Dr. Faith Coleridge on Ryan's Hope.
  10. I agree that Lara Parker (Dark Shadows) would probably been a good Iris on Another World. I also think that she would have been a good replacement for Eileen Fulton as Lisa on As the World Turns.
  11. Maybe one reason for the poor ratings of For Richer/For Pooer, It inherited a time slot from Somerset and then Lovers and Friends. Perhaps the competition of The Edge of Night on ABC was too much to make the show have the desired ratings that it needed to succeed.
  12. On the pictures of the actresses, I only recognize Rosemary Prinz (Penny #1 from As the World Turns) and Teal Ames (Sarah Lane Karr from The Edge of Night). On the subject of Ian, I have questions which I shall ask. But first, I will remind those here that he had a sister who was rather devilish. She and Spencer (the butler for the Whitney family) fell in love. These two roles were played extremely well by Mary Layne and Richard Borg. I was actually more interested in them than I was Ian, Raven, and Schylar. I do want to ask about Nora's "ratting out Gavin." I remember that he did not like her, and that he had been walking outside the studio when she was murdered. Was it Gavin who initially found the body? I will add one more thing. Nora's real name had been Roxanne Walker.
  13. It is generally agreed that Taylor Miller (Nina #1) was the best of the three. I enjoyed Heather Sanford (Nina #2), but she was not nearly as good in the role as the first Nina. Barbara Kearns (Nina #3) was said by Peter Bergman to be a good actress who probably would have been accepted on Al My Children had she been cast in some other role. The idea of a red-headed Nina sounds hideous to me to this day. I did not care for Ms. Kearns' voice, but her acting was not inferior. That was on All My Children
  14. Karen Adams was later the name of a character on As the World Turns, also written by Irna Phillips. Karen was a nurse who was in love with Michael Shea. She thought that he was going to ask her to marry him, but when he asked her to be the nurse for her son Chuckie, she was crushed.
  15. I had known that Ms. Zink was on One Life to Live? I do not remember her role.
  16. That obituary above does not mention that her husband Ralph Ellis wrote briefly for Dark Shadows.
  17. Paul Rauch not only ended the contracts of Ellen Holly and Lillian Hayman, but he had a habit of dismissing African-American performers and young performers. Around the same time that Ellen Holly's contract was not renewed, Guy Davis (Dr. Josh Hall) and Lisa Baron (Lisa Carrington) were also dismissed. Eriq LaSalle and Lloyd Hollar also left the show, but they did not have contracts. Shortly later, Al Freeman, Jr. departed the show, but I have heard that this was by his own choice. (I am not sure.) There was a storyline in which Dr. Ivan Kipling (assisted by Jon Hensley as Brody Price) was going to rid a house that was occupied by young people from Llanview. In the house were Danny Woleck (a returning Timothe Owen Waldrip), Annie Barnes (Rebecca Schaffer), Bo's ward Guiliana, Cassie (Ava Hadad), and Rob (Rob Marcoux). The storyline was dropped, and the contracts of Rebecca Schaffer and Timothy Waldrip were ended. Jon Hensley was also dropped from the cast (although he was not under contract either).
  18. I think that actor Anthony Geary (Bright Promise, General Hospital) could easily have played Tony Lord on One Life to Live. (He may have been too old, though, to play opposite Jacqueline Courtney.)
  19. I only remember the organ accompaniment, but I did not watch the initial episodes. As you probably remember (being an Oakdale lover), As the World Turns switched to orchestrated music, but then suddenly switched to piano music. Later, the orchestra returned.
  20. Michael Brockman, who worked on Dark Shadows during its first year, later became the president of ABC Daytime. Another person who worked on the show, Gloria Banta, became a producer in Hollywood. I think that she worked on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The character on Taxi, Tony Banta, is said to have been named for her.
  21. Mr. Geiger has a long list of writing for numerous shows. He wrote for radio in 1945. He directed a television program in 1949. He wrote at least twenty-three primetime series or anthology programs.
  22. I learned recently that this show was directed at times by the late Joseph Behar, alternating with the one director that I had known, Hal Cooper.
  23. Joanne Dorian was replaced by the show. Erika Slezak was in the office of the agent who was representing both actresses and was present when the show informed the agent that Ms. Dorian was to be replaced. Ms. Slezak auditioned for a role on All My Children (Mary Kinnecott Martin, R. N.) and then was offed the role of Victoria.
  24. No, I had thought that the question about the recasts was about Where the Heart Is. I hope that no one was TOO confused.
  25. The original cast included such greats as James Mitchell, Diana van der Vlis, Louise Shaffer, Bernard Kates, Bernard Barrow, David Bailey, Rex Robbins, Terry O'Connor, Stephen Joyce. and Bibi Osterwald. I really do not remember Bernard Kates on this show, but I had not cared for him when he played Ben Scott on The Guiding Light. I was thinking that his replacement was Ed Moore, I believe. (I adored Mr. Moore when he was on Loving.) However, IMDb has Charles Ciofi and Joseph Mascolo as replacements. Delphi Herrington did replace Terry O'Connor. I remember her on the show, and she was great! Also, Rex Robbins was replaced, but I do not know who his replacement was.
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