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  1. It's not so much what was shown but the set up the scene that was out there. On B&B when Deacon let Bridget's family hear him in bed with her it was a pretty out there seen. You didn't see anything but the moaning was definitely audible. Not sure how the writers thought that one up.
  2. The older and more traditional soaps clearly followed older standards where people commonly had upwards of 5 children.
  3. It is 11, I forgot Tony (Andre and Tony being played by the same actor always makes me forget one of those characters). It was surprising to me too that Erica didn't have more children.
  4. It's not surprising that the workers aren't being paid enough. The strong organization that he has built up couldn't possibly be sustainable without underpaying staffers. He's really not as pro-people as he portrays.
  5. Stefano DiMera's had 8 so that has to be the record. Plus he had two adoptive child to round it out to 10.
  6. Some of this anti-vaccine people are crazy and scary. Melania Trump's immigration as well as that of her parents is quite sketchy. A proper investigation would turn up some deceitful tricks and maneuvers that Trump pulled to get them here.
  7. A lot of these progressives are going to hurt Ocasio-Cortez more than help her. She might hurt herself by constantly going for sound bites and being involved in primary challenges if she isn't focusing enough on her district. From the start it seemed as if she would be a one termer and I think that might still be in the cards.
  8. There are so many filthy people out there. I was using the restroom earlier at the community center where my Democratic club meets and this tall guy was looking over the stall at me. Disgusting.

  9. Since the soaps aren't on the ball, then some SON drama can keep on us entertained. Although nothing will ever top that person who created that whole persona as being an old insider or something like that.
  10. If a network or other entity wanted to produce new content, but minimize how much writers had to do this could probably work. Reusing old ideas and concepts is the in thing to do now. With that said I think the Edge of Night would succeed like this because crime and mystery drama is popular to an extent.
  11. There was just a 6.6 earthquake here in California. The epicenter was thankfully in a low population area with few buildings near Death Valley and I don't think anyone is hurt. If it had have been in a higher population area it would have be a disaster.

    1. Vee


      The floor wiggled while I was on the phone with my mom!

  12. Jeb Bush out here trying to sneaky lay curses. Not a fan of Trump at all, but this is just disturbing and inappropriate.
  13. Jill Bennett on Knots Landing is another one.
  14. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1145818575049023488 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1145818575049023488 /status/1145818575049023488 Someone has a crush Be sittin' up in my room Back here thinkin' bout you I must confess,I'm a mess for you Be sittin' up in my room Back here thinkin' bout you Im just a mess with a thang for you
  15. Another one that was scary was Allison Perkins on OLTL. Barbara Garrick nailed that cult follower persona and just watching the character as creepy.
  16. Less of a character, but more a story line, but the Salem Stalker was scary due to some of the methods used. When Marlena was revealed it was creepy how she admitted to it under the truth serum and just didn't care. Of course the rest of the story line was absolutely ridiculous.
  17. One Life to Live - Between Heaven and Hell
  18. It's like that show was almost prophetic in a way, because Julia did once call Donald Trump on the phone and gave him a piece of her mind. Then there was how Julia ran for office against a right-wing extremist. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is one of the people if not the main person that Trump is concerned about running against. Someone so corrupt isn't going to do well in debates against a prosecutor who is used to cutting down absurd arguments. One of the stations in Los Angeles had a panel of undecided voters watch the debate and their opinion was that Biden came off as overconfident, too comfortable and like he had already won the nomination.
  19. Marianne Williamson is in the race to sell books. Being an author who was featured by Oprah is a far more comfortable life than being President, but running will boost your sales and in turn keep your bank account full. With that said her answer about race was on the mark, because people truly do not want to acknowledge race issues in the US.
  20. There won't be any debates. He has one challenger in former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, but that's a low key challenge that won't go anywhere.
  21. Busing was what showed how much racism or at minimum prejudice existed in cities. In the San Fernando Valley an anti-busing conservative managed to win a congressional seat back in 1980 even though it as a mostly Democratic district (granted Reagan's huge win helped). The displays of opposition to busing were quite ugly and were bipartisan.
  22. Harris did what she needed to do in order to stand out and be a real contender. Mentioning that Biden was against busing and that she was bused was a critical moment that can get her the attention of black voters.
  23. I think Eric Trump made up a story about being spat on. The restaurant says that they didn't see the incident and there are no witnesses saying that it occurs. The Secret Service detained someone, but they could have done that based just on caution because he claimed someone spat on him. If it is truly I think he provoked the incident by trying to touch the woman or making an inappropriate comment. He isn't pressing charges which is surprising for someone from such a vindictive family.
  24. Good. Dana Loesch is a really evil person.
  25. Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr. is a real slut. He makes B&B look like Touched By An Angel.

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