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  1. Kimberlin Brown is apparently running for Congress.

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    2. MissLlanviewPA


      Doesn't she primarily live in central CA? That's a FAR more Republican area than most of Southern CA (outside of a few places like Orange County), so she might actually have a chance. 

    3. ReddFoxx


      She's running in the Palm Springs based district that Sonny Bono and then his widow, Mary occupied. It's less Democratic than California as a whole, but still voted for Hillary by 10%.

    4. Hunk Chandler Massey

      Hunk Chandler Massey

      And this can be her campaign ads on tv to get those votes out!



  2. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    They weren't in that one and I'm not sure if Jeff did one, but Schae did do one.
  3. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    It was quite awhile after B&B was on the air.
  4. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    Katherine Kelly Lang did one of those Cinemax late night softcore movies and was topless.
  5. That's a tough one. Probably the scene where Dru Winters told off her mother and another one where she went at it with the woman that Olivia's husband cheated with. There was also a scene where Jill and Mamie argued about John, which was stellar.
  6. "Family Matters" cast reunion photo(s)

    Yes. Once a fourth Urkel alter ego was brought on it the last straw for her. Plus she wanted to
  7. "Family Matters" cast reunion photo(s)

    I'm honestly surprised that anyone besides Jaleel White would want a revival. The show completely marginalized the rest of the cast and became a total circus in the last few seasons with Urkel and all of his double roles.
  8. Ted Cruz liked porn on his Twitter account. :lol:

    1. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Not surprised. He seems like a perv. 

  9. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    That scene was so idiotic. It was hard to tell who was more messed up; Deacon for wanting them to hear that or those fools listening to it instead of hanging up.
  10. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    DOOL: Marlena falling dozens of stories from the penthouse and landing on top of Sami. Y&R: Laughable CGI when Drucilla and Sharon fell off a cliff.
  11. The Politics Thread

    David Duke has been saying that Trump is the best for white supremacy since the campaign and that says a lot since the white supremacists usually do not see any Republican as being sympathetic enough to their cause. With that said, Trump's weak condemnation of these protests has made Duke angry, because he tweeted out what essentially was that white supremacists put Trump in office and he owes them. If Trump loses them, he's vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2020.
  12. The Politics Thread

    He's not even being charged with terrorism, yet this same sort of attack is called terrorism when it happens in Europe. This is yet another case of white supremacy turning into terrorism, but the media will tell a different story.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Here comes the troll again. It doesn't matter if he supported Sanders, he's still a Republican and attacked a group of people protesting racists. Sanders drew in a number of fringe people who ended up supporting Trump.
  14. The Politics Thread

    The driver of the car is registered Republican.
  15. The Politics Thread

    It's not him, he's just someone the alt-right chose to blame. Stop lying.