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  1. They should have been arrested by Capitol Police for that stunt.
  2. It's really too late for anyone else to get into the race. Besides, it's really hard to see Hillary Clinton even considering running for President again.
  3. Didn't see this posted, but if it was sorry about that. Trump made a very quick reference to Obama being killed. At 0:09 he says "they could have killed him" He hates Obama and what he was thinking slipped out.
  4. He followed me on Twitter and sent me a DM once. I hadn't followed him or even talked about his character so I guess he's just one of those actors who randomly follows people.
  5. More proof that Tulsi Gabbard is not progressive or liberal or even moderate.
  6. I've wanted to see a clip of one of the temporary recasts of Viki. Seems like she did try to add a little bit of the slight Transatlantic accent that Slezak sometimes had.
  7. Stop spamming the board. I haven't said anything up until now but it's clear that more people need to chime in and ask the moderators to put a stop to this.
  8. Hillary was the head of the state department, so maybe she knows some facts about Gabbard other than mere speculation. They probably will back away. She doesn't have a chance at the presidency and she might not retain her house seat. Her primary challenger is getting much attention early on.
  9. I feel like Yang's support is based mostly on his proposal of giving everyone $1000 a month. With soaps in the state that they are it's not surprising that a soap actor would support someone who could give them some income.
  10. That leaves only 6 out 15 of Trump's original cabinet members left in the administration. Most presidents see little turnover until their second term, yet Trump has lost more than half of his cabinet in less than three years.
  11. With Russia lurking about there is going to be much thrown at the nominee no matter who it is. Democrats could nominate Betty Crocker and Russia would say she slipped drugs into the cake mixes to get people hooked. The first vote in the primary is three months out so a lot can change and a front runner who no one expected could emerge (that happened in 2008 on the Republican side).
  12. The only candidate out of the top tier that I could see losing is Sanders and that is for a variety of reasons. Issues do matter a lot, but the general election is going to come down to rationality, temperament and pragmatism none of which Trump has. The ticket will end up being balanced out ideologically.
  13. It's going to be very, very hard for Trump to be re-elected. To be re-elected he would have needed to have started keeping a lower profile two years ago and started being more level headed. His biggest obstacle is that people are sick of hearing about him and will turn out to vote just to get him out of office. He's turned a lot of apathetic voters into guaranteed voters. That aside, the Ukraine phone has done irreparable harm to him. That pretty much backed up the Mueller Report and pushed any people who were skeptical about it into the impeachment camp. The call to Ukraine was made the day after Mueller testified, so it's almost like Trump became so overconfident that he was cleared (he really wasn't) that he committed a crime that he couldn't get out of. Having been elected with a plurality across three states that were quite unfriendly to Republicans in the midterms, it's hard to see Trump being re-elected.
  14. At this point it wouldn't be surprising if Trump beat himself up and said Pelosi did it. I'm only partially being silly because we no longer live in a normal world and should expect anything to happen.
  15. I wish somebody would leak his health records because not only is it clear that he has mental problems, it's clear that he has physical issues. Listen to how labored his breathing seemed. He sounded like someone about to faint.
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